Legend of the Five Rings RPG


It has been quite a while since I've played L5R (July of 1997), so you're better off looking at Alderac's L5R site. Feedback and ideas for what would be useful to have here can be sent to the comments address. Recently I've used L5R mechanics with Shadowrun, which works pretty nicely, and I'm currently mulling over using them with Storyteller (Vampire).

Lessons Learned

Note that the bonuses that the Rank 1 School gives Crabs and Unicorns are points, NOT dice. A Unicorn with Horsemanship 4 using a skill from horseback gets +4 on the roll, not 4 additional dice. Yes, I know that the official errata say it is dice, but that's just crazed.

House Rules

Having run L5RPG a few times (and really liking it!) we've adjusted a few rules to suit our local tastes. We know these aren't what the official rules say, but like our version better, at least to experiment with. You're welcome to adopt these in your campaign, or ignore them too.



Rokugan is heavily influenced by Japanese history with several periods mixed together and a heavy dose of fantasy added up top. Certain elements of the culture can be adjusted to taste. Here is the approach we prefer in our games.


The following materials can be useful for an L5R GM:


Links to useful L5R sites. Most of these so far concern the L5R CCG but contain useful information for the RPG as well, and many further links to other L5R CCG sites. If you know of any other L5R RPG sites, please email me and I'll add them here.


A placeholder to provide links to any L5R campaigns with web pages.


A placeholder for eventual writeups of L5R sessions to provide inspiration and enlightenment to others.


This section will eventually include various example PCs and NPCs. For now it merely contains a few notes. All of these assume 10 points of disadvantages, so having 35 points to spend (plus sometimes 2 points for selling honor down 1 point)

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