Frequently Asked Questions

Is the domain for sale?


Will you link to me?

Sure, if you're not obnoxious.

Why don't you ever update this site?

Because we aspire to be like the mola.

No, really. You guys never update your webpages?

The Internet consists of more than the WWW. We provide a variety of Internet services to our users, who happen to not care very much about creating webpages because they are mainly dinosaurs who remember the Time Before Spam.

You haven't touched the FAQ for (however long it's been since the last time.) Are you still alive?


I'm not one of your users and I'd like to contact you.

We're usually slow about dealing with general email, as we prioritize users and problems. Sorry about that, but do not expect a timely reply. Cleverly worded and amusing queries are more likely to receive swift response. Nugatory missives will be used to help train our spam filters.

Can you put me in touch with Kate Monk, or help me research a name?

We are no longer hosting a mirror of the Onomastikon. If its creator wished to be available, she would be.

Would you like to buy my product?

Would you like to pay us $10 for each piece of spam you send?

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