Okay, credit where credit is due. I can't remember all of the pages I looked at to get some vague inkling of theory, but there are many where I got images or software or other useful things. To be tidy, I'm putting all of the credits on a single page; it should be noted in the footer of a given page if someone deserves credit for it.

[Pixelsight] Pixelsight has amazing text and graphics manglers. Although many of the actual icons and background images here were constructed by hand, any font-based header text is courtesy of a Pixelsight mangler. Perfect for all of us too poor to afford real font-munging software.

DiP pixelware. This site rotates its available background images, and provides interesting notes on how they were created. Some of them may be lightened. If you don't like them lightened, blame me and not their creator; the images there are universally wonderful. Background Image: Copyright © 1997 DiP - Thomas Lindström

Mercedes drew the De'alundian Rose, which is the base of a background for Tanith's pages. Also, her AmberMUSH Family Tree was the inspiration in many ways for the Uoknor Family Tree.

[AccessWatch] AccessWatch is a useful shareware statistics utility for daily statistics.

RENT-A-GURU® produced a freeware program named http-analyze, which gives great long-term statistics.

Benjamin "Snowhare" Franz wrote a nifty script named BrowserCounter, which prints out statistics on the browsers visitors have been using.

[Powered By Apache] Apache absolutely deserves notice, as an excellent web server. For obvious reasons I'm going to forgo mentioning it on every single page, which may be unfair, as it's serving them....

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