Changes to the pages of individual denizens are not recorded here.

April 20, 1999

Modified: Flick Inc Home Page, adding link to and taglines for both linked sites. Yes, this page can still use some work. Eventually, there will be copious spare time.

September 3, 1998

Added: Ars Magica pages, linking in the whole Amnis mirabilis campaign.

June 9, 1997

Modified: Shadowfist pages, adding 3 decks and updating comments and pointers on older decks.

May 20, 1997

Added: Sidebar on invisibility and how it relates to visible power effects.
Changed: BB houserules, adding pointers to the sidebar on invisibility and how it relates to visible power effects.

April 24, 1997 - May 15, 1997

Changed: Many pages: mostly additions and fixes to the horde list; also fixed the Heaven's Fire pages.

April 23, 1997

Changed: Many pages: changed from logical style to physical on text markup unless the logical style fit well.

April 15, 1997

Changed: Flick Inc Home Page, Credits, minor tweaks on various other pages. It's been a while since I've made changes. Not mentioned previously are some of the updates I've been making to the horde pages. Have not yet converted over my automatic horde page generator, so I've been editing them by hand.

March 6, 1997

Added: Credits, to give credit to sites like Pixelsight.
Changed: Many of the top-level pages, adding headers from Pixelsight.

February 7, 1997

Added: The Toybox, a description of this server.
Changed: The Horde, moving things around.

January 13, 1997 - January 31, 1997:

Lots of infrastructure spoo. This is the Great Site Move(tm), so I'm not going to micromanage it. In short, all information that was in user directories but was general has been moved to the general source tree of documents. Personal information has been left in user directories.



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