Heaven's Fire

A Fantasy Campaign Background

"One chariot carries three mailed officers; seventy-two foot troops accompany it. Additionally, there are ten cooks and servants, five men to take care of uniforms, five grooms in charge of fodder, and five men to collect firewood and draw water. Seventy-five men to one light chariot, twenty-five to one baggage wagon, so that taking the two together one hundred men compose a company."

-- Tu Mu's comments on Sun Tzu's Art of War

Heaven's Fire is a fantasy campaign background for Yet Another Abortive Campaign. The feel is heavily influenced by Glen Cook, particularly his Black Company series: the PCs were members of a small mercenary company on the move.

The background was designed by Chris Bertani, Brad Solberg, Trevor Placker, Adam Janin, and Earl Hubbell, with the Other Gretchen, Jeremy Gollub, and Dave Flowers, also designing PCs. Chris Bertani wrote up most of the notes that were later turned into these pages.

The documentation on the background is not complete, but there's certainly enough here to use as a base for any number of interesting things.

(The Heaven's Fire game is not set on Earth, but for ease of recognition much was stolen from Earth cultures. Hence Chineseoid, Slavoid, etc.)

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