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Here are some ideas for plots. Some of these come from a list of "Instant Adventures" and may be unsuitable for email, but that's up to the GM.

Destabilize a govenment
Prior to "our" city-state taking over another, they want to destabilize the other's government. If this were a previously conquered city-state, all that might need to be done is to convince enough of the "civil-service" types to not be loyal to their foreign overlords in small ways, whereupon the bureaucracy collapses.

Horse theft
Someone is awakened by noises. Milady has killed an intruder, but several of the demon-desert horses are missing.

Stop bandits preying on caravans, either by finding the bandits or by running a "Q" decoy caravan.

The ruler of "our" city-state decides that someone is a threat to him/his rule, and wants us to either discredit him, or simply do him in.

The ruler of "our" city-state has had to imprison someone to pacify some other noble families. However, he would be very happy if said prisoner were to get away somehow, either from prison or while being transported to wherever he is being exiled to, and happens to mention this to Turtle....

Someone in the hierarchy of "our" city-state is sending secrets to the enemy. We don't know who, or how.
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