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Sidebar: Invisibility

"If my forcefield has a visible special effect, can I use it and invisibility at the same time and remain unseen, or must I buy 'invisible power effect' on my forcefield?"

LightLady has control over light, and becomes invisible by redirecting light appropriately. One day, TokenAlien gives her a copy of his MeteorDefenseBelt that turns kinetic energy into light (causing a glow from air molecules at all times). She can slurp up the light, so her invisiblity dominates the FF.

GlassLad has control over his physical properties, including refractive index. Unfortunately he becomes a little fragile, and has been going to pieces in combat. TeamLeader gets a splinter one day, and insists that GlassLad also gets a MDB from TokenAlien. GlassLad is stuck wearing a very visible (and ugly - alien fashion sense makes COM -10 while wearing belt) belt and glowing in the dark. This solves TeamLeader's problem - GlassLad now isn't tempted to try anything other than going steel in combat, and TeamLeader's +10 PRE, if 'most attractive' in near vicinity functions at full force (GlassLad having had a heroic physique and tear-away costuming gave TeamLeader's Armani bulletproofing some competition...).

Why is it always easier to come up with characters at 4 am?


LightLady's Invisibility, usable against others, still affects Glass...uh SteelLad. TokenAlien has moral problems with invisibility, and he has the disadvantage 'draws fire, especially from local police' and so we won't explore the issues of disguising the forcefield by using the Invisibility only against it...

"I'll conceal myself as this commonly found radioactive household item."

"We're not visiting your homeworld. Never. Not in a million years."

"Did you know we had two glowing household items?"

"It's an invasion! We must root it out at the source..."

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