Collectible card games are crack for gamers, and Shadowfist seems to be no exception. It's the only CCG I've ever played, and I must admit that despite my moral objections to the entire cash cow concept and odd economies of that style of game, I found it to have a clean design, to be extremely playable, and to be extremely funny as well.

In addition, Daedalus Entertainment, Inc. appears to be more committed to role playing games than the average CCG company, as is evidenced by their highly entertaining RPG, _Feng Shui_. These people write about the genre like true fans, and definitely deserve applause for that.

Anyway, I like to either do fun theme decks or develop a concept or two, or both; there's enough variety of cards that it's possible to simulate all sorts of odd things perhaps not obviously related to Hong Kong movies in genre, or the specific Shadowfist subgenre.

Bryant Durrell's Shadowfist Page is tons more informative than mine, which I'm using mainly for deck listings, incorporating notes on tuning and strategy, and perhaps a cards wishlist.


These are predominantly by Brad at this point. All comments current until Throne War comes out.

Oh, and I still owe Bryant sushi at Emi's. This is actually related to Shadowfist.

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June 9, 1997: Still owe Bryant sushi.

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