Was That Supposed to Hurt or Something?

"You don't think that little gun will stop *ME* do you?"

Tough Guys and things to make them tougher. [Dra] [Han] [Chi]

Was That Supposed to Hurt or Something?

Feng Shui Sites - 20
[Una] 5 Inner Sanctum
[Una] 3 Hidden Sanctuary
[Una] 5 Cave Network
[Una] 5 Ring of Gates
[Una] 2 Ancestral Sanctuary
Sites - 11
[Dra] 3 Kar Fai's Crib
[Dra] 4 House on the Hill
[Han] 4 Shaolin Sanctuary
Edges - 2
[Una] 2 Art of War
Events - 29
[Dra] 2 Fighting Spirit
[Dra] 5 Final Brawl
[Dra] 5 Last Outpost
[Dra] 4 Golden Comeback
[Dra] 4 Kiii-YAAAH!
[Dra] 4 Now You've Made Us Mad
[Han] 5 Rigorous Discipline
States - 12
[Dra] 4 Charmed Life
[Dra] 4 Claw of the Dragon
[Chi] 4 Flying Windmill Kick
Characters - 26
[Dra] 5 Average Joe
[Dra] 5 Stunt Man
[Dra] 5 Big Bruiser
[Dra] 1 Joey Paz
[Han] 5 Righteous Fist
[Han] 5 Green Monk
Total - 100
In future tuning, replace:
A tune could be done with $10,000 Men & Jammers instead of Green Monks & Hand


This deck started as a concept deck just before Flashpoint came out. It contained all of the medium thugs with toughness and events which made them tougher. It also had enough Kiii-YAAH! and Now You've Made Us Mad cards to power the expensive cards. It was starting to show its age when Flashpoint came out and gave it a shot in the arm. Stuntmen, Flying Windmill Kicks and Claws of the Dragon made the deck much stronger. Weirdly the 100 card tune flowed the best, all attempts to trim it down caused a lower win percentage.

This deck starts by placing lots of sights, and maybe one expensive resource provider. If possible, use the Cave Networks to get one out for free. The Final Brawls can often keep people away until you get four or so sites. Bring out characters slowly and keep them alive. This deck will not make the first attack, but when it moves it is hard to stop. Usually it makes the first real bid to win, and succeeds some of the time - the characters often get as high as toughness 3, with guts on the biggest hitters. Charmed Life protects from smoking events, Ring of Gates from Blade Palm and Imprison. Righteous Fists are to remove Shadowy Mentor's

If the attack fails, the deck gets beat up. It shows surprising resilience, bringing back hitters with Golden Comeback, gaining power with Kiii-YAAHHH! and Now You've Made Us Mad and playing Non-Feng shui sites while everyone else is feeding on poorly defended Feng Shuis. It usually starts coming back right when everyone else wears out, and once it gets going a second time it can be irresistable.

This deck is better in 3 player, but wins its share of 4 player even though it is quite conventional in design and is light on rare cards and denial. It was retired in late May 1997 because it was getting stale, not because it was no longer working.

This deck was created by Brad Solberg and The Other Gretchen.

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