Yellow Brick Road

"Just apply a little oil and he'll be as good as new." "There's No Place Like Home." "I'm MELTING!"

Tin Men, Flying Monkeys, Witches, Wizards and no foundation characters. [Mon] [Jam] [Tec] [Mag]

Yellow Brick Road

Feng Shui Sites - 10
[Una] 5 City Park (Emerald City)
[Una] 5 Grove of Willows
Sites - 7
[Jam] 2 Chimp Shack
[Tec] 5 Secret Laboratory
Edges - 0
Events - 15
[Mon] 1 Avenging Thunder
[Mon] 4 Netherworld Return
[Jam] 5 In Your Face Again
[Mag] 5 Pocket Demon
States - 0
Characters - 18
[Mon] 1 King of the Thunder Pagoda (The Wizard of Oz)
[Mon] 2 Queen of the Ice Pagoda (Glinda the Good)
[Jam] 5 $10,000 Man (Tin Woodsman)
[Jam] 1 Rah Rah Rasputine (Dorothy)
[Jam] 5 Gorilla Warrior (Flying Monkeys)
[Jam] 2 Furious George (Cowardly Lion)
[Mag] 2 Eugene Fo (The Scarecrow)
Total - 50
In future tuning, replace:
Swap a Eugene Fo for another Monarch (preferably the King)
Replace Chimp Shacks with more Rah Rah Rasputine's
Possible replace some or all Grove of Willows with Ring of Gates
Possibly remove Furious Georges and replace with character destruction events.
Mix in rumored Throne War "Power" card Scavanging


This deck was an attempt to make the Netherworld Return and In Your Face Again cards not random. The smallest character has 6 fighting, and the deck has no traditional foundation characters. On turn 4, the deck will produce either a 11-13 strength Monarch or a 6 strength 1 Toughness 10,000 Man. In the worst case it will produce Eugene Fo, whose healing ability does not suck in the early game when everyone else has 1-2 strength characters.

Don't play more than two sites until you are ready to play your first character - power stealing really hurts in the early stages and a Kiyahh can kill the deck. Discard heavily until you have either the Jammer combination (Secret Lab and 10K Man) or a Monarch. Play Eugene if you have to, to power pocket demons and allow easier flow of the deck when you fix the resource problem.

Once the deck gets rolling, it will have a window of opportunity while everyone else scrambles to deal with the thugs you are putting on the board. When you have a couple of thugs on the board and in the smoke pile, bring them all out with the In Your Face Again or Netherworld Return and go for the win.

This deck is very strong in low denial environments or in 3 player under any circumstances. It starts a little too slow for 2 player, but it can be used as a surprise against someone with a slower two player deck. In 4 player or more it will sometimes beat itself senseless against denial. For example, in one game I launched a 29 strength attack for the win. 1 point got through. I followed up with a 17 strength attack the same turn and failed. Having shot my wad, I never got another opportunity to win. In areas where less people turtle and more go for fast decks, this deck will win if no one else wins first - when it is ready to go, it will not be stopped.

This deck works best if swapped in on occasion. It is about twice as effective if no one at the table knows what it does. People who know the deck will treat every character like it was the Destroyer, trying to keep the characters wounded without killing them. Lots of Confucian Stability's hurt the deck as well.

The deck can work with just magic or just Jammer resources, with Magic being slightly harder to play. Always discard anything that requires a resource you do not have.

Imprison and Blade Palm hurt the deck. Swapping Ring of Gates for the Grove of Willows might have helped its win percentage. I did get a fair amount of power from the Groves, though, so you should experiment. The weak sites are intended to be burned so the City Parks can come out - people might keep a Ring of Gates, where they will never keep a Grove of Willows.

In its final night of play, it won 3 of 4 three player games, 1 of 4 4 player games in a high denial environment and lost a 5 player game. In all but two of the games it terrified the table with its raw power, but was stopped some of the time.

The deck was broken up because it consisted of almost entirely of components that belonged to two other, more reliable decks. It was a lot of fun, and I recommend giving a deck like this a try.

This deck was created by Brad Solberg and The Other Gretchen in the early Flashpoint period and was dismantled a few months later. It remains a very strong surprise deck, but is fairly easy to counter - power stealing hurts a lot and denial more.

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