Tarantino's Troopers

"Forget that Buro crap - I can make you a STAR if you work for me" - Q. Tarantino

Soldiers, Bombs, Brawls, Stuntmen, Special Effects & Power to Burn [Arc] [Dra] [Tec]

Tarantino's Troopers

Feng Shui Sites - 20
[Una] 5 Blessed Orchard
[Una] 5 Perpetual Motion Machine
[Una] 5 Cave Network
[Una] 5 Grove of Willows
Sites - 6
[Arc] 1 Arcanotower 2056
[Una] 5 Trade Center
Edges - 0
Events - 39
[Arc] 5 Imprisoned
[Arc] 5 Nerve Gas
[Arc] 4 Abysmal Horde
[Arc] 4 Neutron Bomb
[Dra] 5 Final Brawl
[Dra] 5 Surprise Surprise
[Dra] 5 Golden Comeback
[Dra] 5 Kii-YAAAH!
[Tec] 1 Satellite Intelligence
States - 5
[Arc] 5 Helix Rethread
Characters - 30
[Arc] 5 BuroMil Grunt
[Arc] 5 Plasma Troopers
[Dra] 5 Hacker
[Dra] 5 Stunt Man
[Dra] 5 Bronze Sentinel
[Dra] 5 Netherworld Vet
Total - 100
In future tuning, replace:
All Architects with Jammer cards that support the Bronze Sentinel concept
(Our factions are supposed to be Jammer, Lotus and Hand)
Stuntmen with Redeemed Gunmen


This deck began as an attempt to try out a bunch of Netherworld commons that were was outside of our normal factions and to put all the denial in the world into one deck It was much more successful than I expected, especially in 2-player where it took 3rd at Pacificon 1996 and gave the Fu-Monster a run for its money. It remains strong in multiplayer, but suffers a little from the reputation it earned in its heyday.

The killer combination that came out of this deck is Trade Center/Bronze Sentinel. Get yourself one or two trade centers and 1 feng shui site, burn a site every turn and generate an extra power. The key to breaking it is to destroy the trade centers or swarm it on turn 2-3 where it is vulnerable. The Abysmal Hordes are entirely to defend against Fox Outfoxed, the bane of Trade Centers.

Because of the large number of events, the foundation characters have to double as hitters. The sites are optimized for power generation, except for the Perpetual Motion machines, which help a lot when the deck gets odd draws. The golden comebacks are in the deck to provide 10 Bronze Sentinels instead of 5, and are sometimes useful on the odd Plasma Trooper or Netherworld Vet.

Protect your sites with Final Brawls early, use Bronze Sentinels to clean up wounded, weak sites in the middle game and make a wall of trade centers. Deny attempts to win or hurt you, then clear the board and go for the win. Ki-Yaaah's and Helix Rethreads provide some resilience if the site structure is destroyed, and the cheap hitting power of the Sentinels makes comebacks not too difficult.

The deck is fun to play because no matter how much you suck, you can participate in the game and if they mess with you, you can hope to Surprise Surprise the Neutron Bomb. In case you are wondering, the Bronze Sentinels count as Special Effects.

Note: this deck created by: Brad Solberg in the late Netherworld period and was dismantled in the early Flashpoint period mainly because it had no Jammers, Hand or Lotus in it. It is still a pretty good deck, although the effect of expensive resource providers on the sentinels needs a closer look. See also Mallrats

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