The Rush

"The Rush from Negative Chi is better than power, glory or sex. Join the Dark Side, feel the Burn."

Site destruction deck with nasty recursive power generation. [Lot] [Mon] [Mag]

The Rush

Feng Shui Sites - 11
[Una] 2 Ancestral Sanctuary
[Una] 4 Family Restaurant
[Una] 5 Lily Pond
Sites - 1
[Mag] 1 Alchemist Lair
Edges - 4
[Mag] 4 The Hungry
Events - 10
[Mag] 5 Pocket Demon
[Mag] 5 Killing Rain
States - 4
[Mag] 4 Alabaster Javelin
Characters - 25
[Lot] 5 Sinister Priest
[Lot] 5 White Disciple
[Lot] 5 Kun Kan
[Mon] 5 Darkness Priestess
[Una] 5 Dark Traveler
Total - 55
In future tuning, replace:
Vengeance - add Family Restaurant, Ancestral Sanctuary, 2 Avenging Thunders, 5 Fire Warriors, 1 Monarch
Denial - add Family Restaurant, 2 Discerning Fires, 2 Tortured Memories
Hitters - add Family Restaurant and 4 Monarchs, preferably Ice or Thunder


This deck is the only successful Killing Rain deck I ever made. It relies as much on blowing its own sites up as taking other people's sites. All sites are very weak, and can be killed with any two of Killing Rain, White Disciple or Alabaster Javelin.

The strategy is to get 2 magic resources, get a few sites in the smoked pile and as many Hungry's in play as possible. Take the first site with a pumped up Dark Traveler, then use the power from the Hungry to bring out Kun Kans or Dark Travelers. Denial is mostly in the form of the Disciples, Javelins and Killing Rains. It has no event defense, but if you take the first site, you may have already drawn all of the denial. With the Hungry, you can pretty much empty your hand once it gets going. It will sometimes bring out an army without any sites, playing the last site only when going for the win.

This deck is pretty good in 3-4 player, and it deals with high denial environments by destroying weak, annoying sites and reducing the number of sites that everyone is using for power generation.

The only thing that really hurts this deck is burning its sites for victory. That is why there is a variant that feeds on sites burned for victory. This deck is best when brought in as a surprise than when played constantly. I have never had the guts to play it in two player, but it might do OK against some decks.

This deck was dismantled because it absolutely requires Pocket Demons, and we only have enough for one deck. If we get more I might put it back together.

Note: this deck created by: Brad Solberg in the late Netherworld period. It was retired shortly after Flashpoint came out, only for lack of Pocket Demons. It is still a good deck, if somewhat specialized.

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