Return of the King

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh" (The Thunder Knight Battle Cry has only one syllable)

Thunder Knights, Thunder Knights, Thunder Knights and the King [Mon]

Return of the King

Feng Shui Sites - 10
[Una] 5 Inner Sanctum
[Una] 2 Cave Network
[Una] 3 Proving Ground
Sites - 4
[Mon] 1 Thunder Pagoda
[Una] 3 Trade Center
Edges - 0
Events - 2
[Mon] 2 Avenging Thunder
States - 4
[Mon] 1 Thunder Sword
[Una] 3 Netherworld Passageway
Characters - 30
[Mon] 21 Thunder Knight
[Mon] 3 King of the Thunder Pagoda
[Mon] 5 Thunder Squire
[Mon] 1 Lord Shi
Total - 50
In future tuning, replace:
Swap some Thunder Knights for Butterfly Knights
Mix in more Thunder Kings and/or Thunder Champions
Consider either Whirlpools or a strong site for Cave Networks


This deck was created to show that Thunder Knights have a cool power. It has a certain brutal charm, and comes out fairly fast, but does not have enough comeback capability to survive Two-Player competition.

This deck can win by getting overwhelming force (The King and helpers), by grabbing a weak site after someone else failed (you will never fail to have a character in your hand) or by swarming past defenders to get the last site.

Get out enough sites to generate 4-6 power. Play as many characters as possible. Attack every turn. The Thunder Knights are vulnerable to Final Brawl and the King is vulnerable to character removal events. If you don't use the characters on your turn they will not be around later to use. Burn for Victory. Try not to keep power in your pool unless you need it to bring out the King. If you feel you need denial, play a Netherworld Passageway, so your characters can intercept everyone else after they are done attacking.

The Avenging Thunders are mostly to protect the Trade Centers and Thunder Pagoda, but sometimes someone will slip and seize or burn for victory a Feng Shui site. Bring out the King and stomp them.

The deck does not have Butterfly Knights because it began as a Macho themed deck, and the pansy poetry on the Butterfly Knight flavor text did not fit in. Also Butterfly Knights do not combine well with the Thunder Pagoda. This deck was retired Pre-Flashpoint, with a higher multiplayer win-rate than it probably deserved. It was retired mainly because half of the cards belonged to a friend - we pooled resources to get enough Thunder Knights and Thunder Kings.

Note: this deck created by: Brad Solberg. in the early Netherworld period. It could be used as an inspiration for a similar deck, but needs some work to be viable today.

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