Passive Aggressive Militant Buddhists

"I am entrusting you with our finest sites fortified with the Yellow principle. All you have to do is raise the army and allow Chin Ken to train it. Do not fail me, Shi Ho Quai."

Redirection, Plenty of Chi, and Tomorrows Immortals lead by Guiding Hand Masters [Han] [Chi]

Passive Aggressive Militant Buddhists

Feng Shui Sites - 15
[Una] 5 Inner Sanctum
[Una] 1 Mourning Tree
[Una] 2 Birdhouse Cafe
[Una] 1 Sacred Heart Hospital
[Una] 3 Stone Garden
[Una] 1 Turtle Beach
[Una] 1 Fox Pass
[Una] 1 Kinoshita House
Sites - 8
[Han] 4 Shaolin Sanctuary
[Han] 1 Green Senshi Chamber
[Han] 1 White Senshi Chamber
[Han] 2 Yellow Senshi Chamber
Edges - 4
[Han] 4 Shield of the Pure Soul
Events - 17
[Han] 2 Iron and Silk
[Han] 3 Rigorous Discipline
[Han] 2 Confucian Stability
[Han] 2 Into the Light
[Han] 4 Robust Feng Shui
[Han] 2 Wind on the Mountain
[Chi] 2 Healing Earth
States - 4
[Chi] 2 The Fox Outfoxed
[Chi] 1 Fortuitous Chi
[Chi] 1 Shadowfist
Characters - 27
[Han] 5 Golden Candle Society
[Han] 5 Instrument of the Hand
[Han] 4 Gardener
[Han] 2 Shaolin Warrior
[Han] 3 Elderly Monk
[Han] 1 Tranquil Persuader
[Han] 3 Shih Ho Kuai
[Han] 3 Chin Ken
[Han] 1 Quan Lo
Total - 75
In future tuning, replace:
Throne War may cause some changes. Otherwise it is good as is.


This is our (Gretchen & Brad) second oldest deck design and the basic concept has survived Netherworld and Flashpoint. Get out a lot of Chi characters, some strong and nasty sites and finish with Shi Ho Quai or Quan Lo.

This deck can keep sites alive in multiplayer unless every other deck is designed to take or remove sites. This is a lot of the reason why it is still viable. It has all of our annoying rare sites, plus strong sites to defend them, Shield of the Pure Soul and all of the Robust Feng Shui's we could muster.

In a slow game, lay down some sites and bring out weenie characters. It is usually better to play Chin Ken before Shi Ho Quai because he provides 2 Chi. When you are ready to go for the win, send out a monster Shi Ho Qai or have everyone leap with Quan Lo. Use events to protect your own sites and to deny the win, but for nothing else. If you lose sites, use the Shields to select cool one of a kinds like Quan Lo or Shadowfist to prepare for the win. Sometimes a site like Fox Pass is worth shuffling to the top.

In a faster game, bring out more characters and try hard to get Shi Ho Quai. It is sometimes a good tactic to put out a site where it can be taken just to allow you to search through your deck. Make more use of Fox Outfoxed and try to keep your site structure to one or two columns through burning for victory. If it is safe to burn for power, do it only to bring out big guns like Chin Ken or Quan Lo, or expensive states like Shadowfist or Fortuitous Chi. In a game like this, strong sites are better than nasty sites.

Robust Feng Shui can be used offensively in combination with Turtle Beach. Defensively it is better in a fast game (with small site structure) or in a game withoud Dragons, because Ki-YAAAHHH can strip you of the power to use it without any way to retaliate.

This deck is suitable for beginners, as it does lots of interesting things but is pretty forgiving of mistakes. It is slow, but is best if used a little aggressively, and big characters should only be used for attacking, not for turtling.

The rare concentration is high because this deck was our only mono-hand deck for a very long time.

This deck was designed well before Netherworld, and remains competitive, much to our continuing surprise. The win rate lately is very high because its quiet style is very different from my usual violent, no defense decks like Mallrats.

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