"I heard there was a sale at the Pinball Hall! Lets go Shopping!"

Swarms of Shoppers, who get Big when the plot demands it and keep coming back [Dra] [Han] [Jam] [Tec]


Feng Shui Sites - 20
[Una] 3 Night Market - Where Mallrats go when the Mall closes
[Una] 2 Perpetual Motion Machine - OK, not in theme
[Una] 5 Festival Circle - Mall Stage
[Una] 5 Grove of Willows - Parking Lot
[Una] 5 Family Home - Source of the Consumers
Sites - 6
[Una] 1 Secret Headquarters - Because you can't put 6 trade centers in a deck
[Una] 5 Trade Center - The Mall!
Edges - 5
[Jam] 5 Entropy is Your Friend - Just look at any Teenager's Room
Events - 28
[Dra] 2 Fighting Spirit - Related to Bao Cho
[Dra] 5 Ting Ting's Gambit - Teenagers are Independent
[Dra] 5 Back for Seconds - Can't buy just one!
[Dra] 5 Golden Comeback - Good Kids don't die.
[Dra] 2 Kiii-YAAAH! - A little shoplifting
[Dra] 5 Who's the Big Man Now - Movie Teenagers can beat anything.
[Dra] 2 Lets Book - Teenagers sometimes know when to run
[Tec] 2 Satellite Intelligence - stolen by the Hackers
States - 1
[Una] 1 Elevator to the Netherworld - the source of the plot
Characters - 40
[Dra] 5 Friends of the Dragon - Young Shoppers
[Dra] 5 Reedeemed Gunman - Young Punks trying to go straignt.
[Dra] 5 Hacker - Geeks who hang out at the Software store
[Dra] 5 Bronze Sentinel - Prof's Security Robots
[Dra] 1 The Prof - Friendly Adult Scientist
[Dra] 1 Bao Chou - Ghost of Past Consumers
[Han] 3 Righteous Fist - The "Good" Kid
[Jam] 5 Edge Warrior - Teenage Tough Girls
[Jam] 5 Just Another Consumer - Older customer
[Jam] 3 Jamal Hopkins - Friendly Mall Janitor
[Jam] 2 Battlechimp Potemkin - Mall Security
Total - 100
In future tuning, replace:
I shift the proportions of characters and events around as the mood takes me.
A Jammer power card (rumored in Throne War) may change the whole theme of the deck.


This deck grew out of Tarantino's Troopers, and an early Flashpoint Jammer deck called 12 Monkeys. The deck uses Who's the Big Man Now, Back For Seconds and Bronze Sentinels to grab a bunch of sites, which makes the Entropy Is Your Friend big. It usually finishes with a swarm of small characters, each of whom can take a site by itself. When it wins, it burns about 8 sites for victory.

Killing the horde makes it easier to pump the Sentinels. Targeted events are often stopped by Festival Circles, which are then toasted later before they are taken. Mostly, you attack the most unpopular person and have enough tricky stuff to get past his denial. You are always in a position to tear someone down because your "Big Man" cards put you far enough behind that you are not a threat.

The deck also benefits from the Trade Center/Bronze Sentinel combo, where you generate 4 power by having 1 site, 1 trade center, toast the site and play another. You will often generate way more power than the deck needs. Save it for when everyone retaliates and takes the Trade Centers away. Keep playing characters. Save events until you can use them to take sites. Yes, Lets Book/Ting Ting's Gambit/ Back for Seconds is a hard combo to get to work, but when it does you tend to win. In a pinch you can use Satellite Intelligence and Who's the Big Man Now for denial, but that is not the way the deck wants to play.

The Final Brawls are a new tune, for a little extra denial and quick killing of the Horde if you want to power the Bronze Sentinel or Bao Chou.

This deck was created in the late Flashpoint period and is still under constant revision. It is one of the more effective decks on thest pages.

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