Chi-Burning Funny Cars

Storm says, "SUNDAY! SUNDAY! MonsteRRRRR trucks! SEE the Tower of POWER! See the CARNAGE! Taste the BLOOD! See the DEATH! TASTE the excitement, and the TIRES! Watch the flames rise and fall! SEE the G.L.O.W. wrestlers fight 'OMICRON' the 50 foot Semi-Truck that turns into a Fred-Flintstone ROOOOBBOOOOTTTT!! And if you're not there you better be DEAD! We'll sell you the whole seat, but you'll only need the EDGE edge EDGE! Additional treat: TEN Thousand DEAD babies run over BY by... BIG FOOOOOOOOOOTTTTT!!!!!"

Plenty o' vehicles, plenty o' apes, and some obnoxious Jammer-Hand combos. [Jam] [Han] [Tec] [Chi]

Chi-Burning Funny Cars

Feng Shui Sites - 14
[Una] 3 Field of Tentacles
[Una] 1 Jagged Cliffs
[Una] 4 Rust Gardens
[Una] 2 Monkey Houses
[Una] 1 Sacred Heart Hospital
[Una] 1 Stone Garden
[Una] 2 Whirlpools of Blood
Sites - 5
[Jam] 4 Chimp Shacks
[Chi] 1 Ancient Grove
Edges - 2
[Han] 1 Shield of Pure Soul
[Jam] 1 Burn, Baby, Burn!
Events - 7
[Han] 4 Rigorous Discipline
[Jam] 3 Death-O-Rama
States - 17
[Chi] 3 The Fox Outfoxed
[Tec] 2 Fusion Rifles
[Tec] 2 IKTV Rebroadcast Links
[Tec] 4 Combat Aircars
[Tec] 2 Fusion Tanks
[Tec] 1 Floating Fortress
[Una] 3 Explosives
Characters - 25
[Han] 3 Golden Candle Societies
[Han] 2 Instruments of the Hand
[Jam] 5 Dump Warriors
[Jam] 4 Resistance Squads
[Jam] 4 Grenade Posses
[Jam] 3 $10,000 Men
[Jam] 2 Battlechimp Potemkin
[Jam] 1 Furious George
[Jam] 1 Orango Tank
Total - 70
In future tuning, replace:
Stone Garden with Jagged Cliffs, Rust Garden or Garden of Bronze


When I put this deck up, the Battlechimp endless loop crock was still possible -- you could Rigorous Discipline the Battlechimp's power onto a smaller character and use it to unturn itself and other smaller characters endlessly unless someone Final Brawl'ed a lot or something. I wanted to see if I could get it going, and I actually did get it going one and a half times, the half being where I got nerve-gassed halfway through. It's a tricky combo to get together, but fun to get out.

The new rulings (that a card can only be unturned by a specific other card once), have made this combination far far less frightening, and a new generation of deck design has outstripped the capabilities of this deck, but it was an interesting point of evolution, and did other things beside merely going for The Combo. For one thing, this is the deck where I discovered just how keen it could be to put tanks on weenie characters, or use mobility for denial. The Hand was mostly in for flavoring, but the Rigorous Disciplines and Fox Outfoxeds made a good combination with all of the useful powers the Jammers had -- and Fox Outfoxed goes very well indeed on an IKTV Rebroadcast Link. In a large game, it'll pay for itself pretty well, or give you a lot of mileage with the useful turning sites.

Maybe someday I'll try to get IKTV Rebroadcast Links together with Yellow Senshi Chambers and other useful Hand sites of that type...

An early version of this deck had Orange Monks in it, which worked... less well. I have yet to make Orange Monks pay, which may be a play style thing. I have made some pretty strong attempts at it, but they're such a target and so expensive that it's usually easier to just get out a single big thug. I had a deck built around Orange Monks and the other superleapers, and an earlier version built around Orange Monks and Gnarled Marauders and Explosives and Grenade Launchers, and it was just a little too fragile and expensive.

This deck was designed when Netherworld first came out and was retired pre-Flashpoint. It can be considered obsolete.

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