The Evil Magian Fire Worshipers

Why? Because we're eeeeevil!

A smallish zap-tuned deck, with big thugs on the side. [Lot] [Mon] [Mag]

The Evil Magian Fire Worshipers

Feng Shui Sites - 12
[Una] 5 Inner Sanctums
[Una] 2 Wall of a Thousand Eyes
[Una] 3 Proving Grounds
[Una] 2 House of Mirrors
Sites - 4
[Mag] 4 Alchemist's Lairs
Edges - 3
[Lot] 1 Imperial Boon
[Mag] 1 Soul Maze
[Mag] 1 Spirit Frenzy
Events - 13
[Lot] 2 Tortured Memories
[Lot] 1 Shifting Loyalties
[Mag] 5 Shattering Fires
[Mag] 3 Discerning Fires
[Mag] 1 Larcenous Mist
[Mag] 1 Scroll of Incantation
States - 4
[Mag] 4 Amulets of the Turtle
Characters - 24
[Lot] 5 Sinister Priests
[Lot] 5 Eunuch Underlings
[Lot] 5 White Disciples
[Lot] 1 Abysmal Horror
[Lot] 1 Evil Twin
[Lot] 2 Abysmal Princes
[Lot] 1 Jueding Shelun
[Lot] 2 Gao Zhang
[Mon] 1 King of the Thunder Pagoda
[Mon] 1 Queen of the Ice Pagoda
Total - 60
In future tuning, replace:
Imperial Boon with Soul Maze
Abysmal Horror with Evil Twin
King of the Thunder Pagoda with Evil Twin
Queen of the Ice Pagoda with Evil Twin or Jueding Bao-Fue


The base concept for this deck is very simple, and has remained the same through all of its permutations in characters and sites: zap things, with the use of the most egregiously huge Shattering Fires possible, and with as many White Disciples as I could fit into the deck. A very simple concept, and the natural extension of it was to add Amulets of the Turtle, to take advantage of the amount of magic resources the deck so easily provides.

This is actually my oldest deck, and my favorite, which explains why it has no Fire Monarch cards despite its name, and why it has such a high percentage of rares. It's fairly constantly evolving; the King and Queen are actually very new to it, and are really mostly in there as magic providers and interesting thugs for the Evil Twin to duplicate.

I previously had Stone Gardens in place of the Proving Grounds; I anticipate that the power lubrication will be a great help with all of the expensive characters I need to play. I'd like to tune in more Evil Twins or perhaps a Kan Li for the Abysmal Horror and the King and Queen, or possibly break down and go into a real Monarch faction. However, I want to play it some more first in its current tune; I haven't properly playtested the effects of the Spirit Frenzy, for instance, though it's obviously within the proper 'zap everything' feel of the deck. I'd probably be interested in switching the Imperial Boon for another Soul Maze, with the current additional lubrication.

Although the various events can be used as victory denial, this deck is probably more fun if they're saved for victory assurance, to zap anyone or anything that gets in the way. The White Disciples are excellent for channelling opponent attention, and can often be used in mutually assured destruction displays for long enough that you can play one of the big characters. This is fairly necessary, as the deck is light on Lotus providers, though it has Alchemist's Lairs for magic, and can survive adequately on magic alone.

The Amulets can go on White Disciples, to extend their lifetime, or on any large character you happen to bring out, or in a pinch on a small cheap character to get a poor man's Mother of Corruption. The Scroll of Incantation is best saved for dire straits, or that time when you really want to take control of all Pledged and Mercenary cards with Shifting Loyalties. It's not a good deck for discarding heavily unless you don't have what you need; however, most of the backbone events are common enough that you can cycle them with a fair chance of getting another one at need.

This deck has been retired, though it lasted longer than all but one deck to date, and was until it included the proving grounds a fine deck to hand to beginners - it was straightforward and there weren't any truly strange card combinations. Perhaps it was a little too slow and lacked power generation, a problem when the rather explosive new Flashpoint cards came out, but I think the real reason I retired it was because I was tired of it. Even some effective decks get rather old to play, and don't do anything new or interesting any more. White Disciples remain one of my favorite cards, however, primarily because of the reaction they get.

This deck was designed pre-Netherworld and was retired just before Flashpoint came out. There is nothing wrong with the concept that a few Glimpse of the Abysses would not cure - so a slightly modified version may still be viable.

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