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Sorted very roughly by faction.

Are the dinky little icons confusing? Never fear, there's a key.


[Bay Area]
Bay Area - San Francisco Bay Area, California
[Formerly Bay Area]
Formerly Bay Area - San Francisco Bay Area, California
[Southern California]
Southern California - Los Angeles and Pasadena, California
[Temple Square]
Temple Square - An apartment complex in the Bay Area
[Formerly Temple Square]
Formerly Temple Square
Techer - California Institute of Technology
Sun - Sun Microsystems, Inc.
[Formerly Sun]
Formerly Sun
Taos - Taos Mountain Software
[Formerly Taos]
Formerly Taos
Netcom - NETCOM Online Communications
[Netcom Escapee]
Netcom Escapee
Roleplaying Circles
ECNG - Evil Caltech Net Gamers
Mudder - Multi User Domains
Haven - Former play circle on AmberMUSH
[Martial Arts]
Martial Arts
Saturn - Infectious Automobiles
Pilot - Infectious Pocket Organizers
Anti-Pilot - People who recognize that Pilots are evil.
Birthday - Listed Birthdays


The horde is possessed of a number of ways of babbling at each other. Many of us lurk on a certain social MUSH; we also have a fine mailing list. Recently, we added a Web-based BBS system. A garrulous bunch, we are.


Although the horde originally centered on Pasadena, the home of Caltech, it has by now migrated northwards to the California Bay Area, with a rough epicenter in Mountain View. This is mostly due to the preponderance of good jobs in the Bay Area. The Techers have significant crosslinks with the Bay Area gaming and mudding crowds, both of which naturally have crosslinks with each other.

All of the Horde members could probably be characterized as enjoying playing games of some sort or another, but so I hope can all members of Homo sapiens. Most of us could probably be defined as geeks, in the positive sense.

To Horde Members:

This is unavoidably a subjective list, but I'd like to make it less so. It's entirely likely that I've left tons of deserving people off. Who's deserving? Well, if you're already on the list, you can probably make that call. If you need a little help, it's not just people I know, though obviously I started from there. It's not just people who live in the Bay Area, although the bias that way is also obvious. They should probably fit as part of the "social circle", whatever that means, for oh say at least three or four people on the list, at least in wishful thinking. This socialization should probably have some physical and at least past periodic properties, for the simple reason that allowing mud-only horde members would probably make the list unusably huge.

Other Fine Points: New horde members should probably be interested in being on a horde email list for events, announcements, and light discussion, though this is by no means necessary. They should want to be listed (so ask 'em first if you don't know, or have 'em send me the email). They should be interested in toys of some sort. (But who isn't?) They should be the kind of folks you might want to include on blanket invites to watch comets, go to the Exploratorium, or go out to eat at really large and tolerant restaurants, and who might be interested in going if they had time or were in the area. If I'm leaving anyone off, it's due to lack of memory or knowledge, not a deliberate omission, and you should help me correct it!

New Attributes:

Are there any new attributes that you'd like to see? Here's some rules of thumb around that: my drawing tools and skills are, as you can see, rather limited, so providing me with an icon means that your spiffy shared attribute gets up faster. Providing me with a cute description also helps, or you can trust me to be snide all on my own. You should share this attribute with at least two other people, and it shouldn't overlap very hard with current attributes. This is pretty arbitrary; people very proud of a certain attribute can probably get it included if they are very nice and give me backrubs and provide me with an icon... and share it with at least one other person. Locational attributes can get in with one without bribes (though with icons unless I'm feeling very inspired), since location is Important -- or maybe I'll do an Other location subset.

Icons should be 14x14 pixel gifs of no more than 8 colors. If you want to update any of my current icons, feel free, though I'll make arbitrary judgments. If any of you notice your colormaps being shot by the current color combination, let me know and I'll attempt to compress the general palette amongst the icons; it's currently very haphazard.

In Process:

I need a "gun" icon for all the shooters; the overlap with martial arts is high but not complete. I need a better "martial arts" icon, as the Guiding Hand one just does not do. I need a better ECNG icon (a little teensy tiny evil genius?).

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