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Many of us are mudding fiends, the other major faction beside and overlapping the Techers. Pretty much all of us on this list spend some time on TooMUSH, the social mud of choice (in multiple incarnations) for the last, oh seven years or so. Amber-themed roleplay, on the unsurprisingly-named AmberMUSH, was once extremely popular, but that seems to now have faded. A subset of the Amber players were once involved with Haven.

Fully documenting the mudlife of everyone in the horde is probably beyond what can fit into a paragraph or two, and the original links featured here have gone the way of the dodo, so here are the only two working URLs from my bookmarks on mudding: a source for tf, a favorite mud client of many in the horde, and Zark's Guide to MUSHing or How Not to Make an Ass of Yourself which is generally applicable. There, that was random.

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