Tanith seems unbound by gravity, her motions transforming angles to curves, bones to clean grace. She is taller than many men but boyishly skinny, enough to seem awkward -- if she ever came to true rest. Her eyes are slanting, slitted catwise and a violet more brilliant than the vivid blue of her hair, electric against her fair ivory skin and her crimson dress of cisele velvet. The dress is tailored long and narrow, nearly backless but with a straight neck; across the neckline is a loose spill of star rubies netted with frail twists of gold. The vee of the back is crossed with thin lacings, and the skirt has a slit in back for free movement. At her side is an ephemeral sword, the hilt wrapped with a painted silk scarf, and on her left hand is a silver wedding ring alongside a gold seal: a cream sea-bird on crimson.

Tanith is possibly my oldest still-played character; she's certainly the character I've played most extensively, if you count both face to face in the Before Breakfast universe and online on AmberMUSH, mostly in House Uoknor.

This is a pretty scattered account; there's years of play history here and little of it was recorded, so much of this might be a little fuzzy, viewed through a flawed lens of memory.

There's a longish history of Tanith, dating from her entry on the database many years ago, with the logs embedded at the appropriate points. There's also an overview below of the logs, and a text-only rendition of a "photo" album from the previous database on AmberMUSH.


This is the short form of a longer series of documents outlining Tanith's personal history with logs embedded at appropriate points.

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