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Role playing is one of my greatest loves, whether it takes place on MUDs or face to face. While most relevant information will go in the main collection here at, stories, backgrounds, and miscellanea related to my characters will go here.

Currently most of my face to face role playing has been with Feng Shui, generally run by Carl Rigney and Brad Solberg. I also play some Shadowrun, Amber Diceless, and Champions, as well as assorted pick-up games.

I'm not a great one for taking notes or writing coherent stories or game logs, but luckily some others are; Carl Rigney wrote an epilogue to a Shadowrun game he ran with my character Meadhbh, "Old Friends and New". The other sessions in that line were an out-of-continuity two-party crossover, which echoed into his universe as something similar that caused a war between Aztechnology and Tir Tairngire, and "Hard Shoes and Soft Choices", a followup to that where the elves tasked everyone who'd particularly pissed them off lately with selecting a new Graceful Presence in the West for the City of Tears.

Although I prefer fairly clean, abstract systems to the complex, I greatly enjoy character design in Champions. One of the more interesting (though less useful) writeups I've done was Fugue, a character caught in a time loop. Most of my Champions play was with the ECNG, in their Before Breakfast universe, and I am currently playing an ice creator, Rime, in Carl Rigney's UN-PEACE campaign.

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