The Evil Caltech Net Gamers

The Evil Caltech Net Gamers are the nexus for a great deal of gaming, and have their own attribute in the horde.

There's a large repository of notes by members of the group, both related to game mechanic design and notes more specific to various campaign worlds. The process of putting these on the web is ongoing; if the original author isn't listed it is not safe to assume that it's me -- it's more likely to be Chrisber or Earl. I'm attempting to do attribution where I can; if you know who the author is and it's not listed or listed wrong, please let me know.

The most notable world is probably the Before Breakfast universe, a paranormal universe that grew around a Champions campaign. Although the game mechanics are pretty close, they're not quite stock Hero system rules; we've compiled the alterations that make up our houserules.

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