Campaign Worlds

A brief history of the universe(s)...

Almost any campaign takes place in a different world than our own, be it one very much like ours with a few subtle differences, or one radically and sometimes nearly unrecognizably different. Sometimes much of the adventure is finding out the parameters of the world; sometimes it is in finding out how the introduced changes affect it. Sometimes it's just going out and beating some bad guy booty.

HERO System

The Before Breakfast Universe
The oldest universe played by the group; it's a polyglot four-color paranormal universe which was apparently much like our own... until a titan wandered out of the bay in Los Angeles, and a team of costumed paranormals came out of seemingly nowhere in order stop it. It featured a great many different campaigns, centered around different groups of characters and run by rotating GMs.
Seven Swords
Another 'paranormals emergent' campaign, this one had a more tightly controlled special effect for paranormals, and a more recent point of emergence. Featured among others was Chrisber's telepathic cop known as "Invisible Black".
Champs on the Run
The players were told to write up college student characters and given no other information. They then woke up with strange powers -- that they knew nothing about. Half the fun was the experimentation! Oh, yes, and aliens were trying to take over Earth.
Heaven's Fire
There was never more than one mini-session played in this campaign, but a lot of design effort went into it. It was built around a mercenary company in a world something like that in Glen Cook's Black Company books.
World of the 400
The World of the 400 has hosted two or three campaigns, depending on how you count. It's a low paranormal incidence coherent four-color campaign. Superhumans often wear costumes, form teams, fight for justice, and take code names -- but not always. UN PEACE is the adventures of the UN's "symbolic" teenage superhero team, and Force Ten is the adventures of a quasi-official US teen team, formerly known as the Franklin Academy for Exceptional Youth. Several players and characters changed between the Academy and Force Ten campaigns.

Feng Shui

Three transformed dragon siblings attempt to change the world from within. Uses Brad's Feng Shui houserules.
Center Counter
The Marines suspect that the Armed Forces have been taken over by hostile forces, and they've sent in an agent to investigate....
Pawns of the Wheel
The Ascended decided to hire some Dragons for their dirty work. It succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, and failed miserably.


Team From Hommlet
Brad's AD&D 1e "by the book"" run of Temple of Elemental Evil.
Ritual Dance (Note: Web site under construction!)
Ritual Dance chronicles the story of three Kindred in the Twin Cities. The mood is tense and political; things (particularly the characters) are not what they seem. The system is Vampire Revised, with some house rules.
Honor Against the Wall
This campaign died after a couple of sessions, although the sessions were fairly successful. Chalk it up to our waning interest in L5R. The characters were stuck fighting oni and goblins on the Kaiu Wall.

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