The Before Breakfast Universe

There's a good deal of general background data describing the creation and some of the fine points of the Before Breakfast universe, as well as the more specific data contained here: this is all specific to individual campaigns. There's even more specific data contained in the Before Breakfast Files, which are still primarily contained in offline sources; those will be moved here as time permits.

A great many campaigns have taken place within this universe, some of which are very long-running indeed. At a 1:1 gametime to realtime rate, this means that the older characters have grown quite a bit since they were first created.

Before Breakfast
The original campaign; a group of Los Angeles paranormals discovered that they could make a huge profit from their powers and incorporated.
Featuring: Molly, D'arctangent, the Moonraven, the Living Weapon, Hydro
The Avant Guard
The Before Breakfast crew puts on masks so they can do pro bono work without anyone knowing about it.
Featuring: The same as above, only in disguise.
Berkeley Mob
A loose collection of whatever paranormals happen to be in and around Berkeley, California; usually students at Cal. They tend to be messy.
Featuring: Fay, Bonecrusher, Mistress Napalm, Mei Ling, a cast of thousands
The Vanguard
The Before Breakfast "B" Team.
Featuring: Captain Justice, Raptor, Blaze, Hodgepodge, Eighth
The Wardsmen
They fell through a portal from the future while the Avant Guard was in Faerie.
Featuring: Clank 4, Ares, Shapeshifter, Magess(1), Spellsinger(1)
Thunder Over Water
The official Los Angeles superteam, they lived in a base floating over LA Harbor.
Featuring: Shadowcat, Baby Phoenix, Magess(2), Spellsinger(2)
"The Vampire Game"
Played both email and live, this was set in Los Angeles. Power struggles within the local coven of vampires were becoming apparent to the rest of society.
Featuring: Flint, Bonecrusher, Spirit Guide, Sardonyx
"Eurochamps", AKA "The Taken Incident"
An email game set in Europe. Deathstroke's plan to gain immortality intersected with the Faceless Man's plan to summon back "She Who Walks", a terrifying goddess whose death ended the last Age of Heroes.
Featuring: Peace Warrior, Stor Dansken, the Fool, Threnody, Mosaic, Desperado
BASH - Bay Area Super Heroes
An email game set in San Francisco; an attempt to form an official super team for the Bay Area to amend some of the bad reputation the Berkeley Mob had been giving it -- their first assignment was to find out who was abducting local fey.
Featuring: American Eagle, Nova, Banglethwaite, Andry, Epsilon, Flint, Knight Sabre
The Violet Angels
A group of mostly-fey teenagers formed by Tanith; you had to have violet eyes or a good facsimile in order to be a member; they hired out for bodyguard and detective work. Set mostly in Berkeley and Washington, DC.
Featuring: Ivory Rose, Siren, Tiffany, Deirdre, Jeremy, Tane'
High Contrast
The St. Louis street-level superheroes who died when they went up against the mob.
Featuring: Caerbhallain, Lynx, Arabesque, Mr. Harmony, , ,
East Coast superteam.
The Legion
30th century heroes, strongly reminiscent of the popular comic book of the same name. There was, naturally, a crossover between the Legion and 20th century Earth.
Shanghai Boxing Heroes
19th century Shanghai martial artists. Was somewhat outdated by the onset of Feng Shui.

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