Role Playing Games

Role playing games are games where the players take on characters and describe or act out their behavior when presented with plots or situations. Although there are many RPG MUDs, that's a large enough subject in its own right to warrant its own area.

Most of the material we currently have was produced by the ECNG, or Evil Caltech Net Gamers. Most of that is from various Champions campaigns. Chrisber has preserved a posting on designing campaign backgrounds for superheroes.

Not superheroic, but pertaining to the Hero system, is Trip's writeup of Netrunning in Hero.

By far, most of the information is writeups and associated information about campaign worlds, including houserules such as Brad's Feng Shui rules and analysis.

There is also a vanishingly small page of RPG reviews, which -- given the frequency with which we write them -- will likely stay small.

We've recently started playing a fair bit of Legends of the Five Rings, yet another RPG based on a collectible card game. As is our wont, we have created our own house rules; we may also have logs of past sessions eventually.

There's a Champions Webring, which has plenty of good information about the HERO system.

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