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Now about the residents
Of the Puppet Motel
They're more than a little spooky
And most of them are mean.
They're runnin' the numbers
They're playin' cops and robbers
Down in the dungeons
Inside their machines.

Laurie Anderson, "The Puppet Motel", Bright Red


I've been TinyMUDding since not too long after it was invented (as near as I can guess, I started in November, 1989.) In brief recitation, I've spent way too much time on TinyMUD, Islandia, and TinyHELL, TinyHELL2, Chaos, DreamScape, Asylum, SpaceMadness, DeepSeas, with side trips to places like Brigadoon, DragonMUD, Evil!MUD, FurryMUCK, and even a (very) brief stint on PernMUSH.

X sings, "Would ya like to swing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar."
Random says "And be better off than you are"
Random says "Or would you rather be a Flit?"
Random says "A Flit is an animal, with red curly hair, she sometimes wears purple underwear"
Random says "Her smile is cheery and her face is bright, she sometimes works well into the night"
Random says "But if you don't mind Sun even a bit"
Random says "you could grow up to be a Flit"
Random bows

My current social mud of choice is TooMUSH, where I alternate idling with ranting as my persona-of-choice, Flitterby. I have been known to actually burble every now and then, too -- fossilization has not entirely set in.

Nowadays I do most of my "serious" mudding, if it can be described as such, on AmberMUSH, a wacky yet lovable roleplaying mud based on Zelazny's Amber universe. My primary character there is Tanith, originally a solely Before Breakfast character in a face to face Champions campaign.

I used to never log at all, but now I actually catch something interesting every now and then. Most of the mud-related information at can be found in the general MUD reference area, but I'll put information pertaining more to my own characters here.

Here's what's been moved out of my personal area now that I've gotten my own site:

I have a prodigious amount of data to convert to HTML -- in my copious spare time.

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