Storybit: Great-Grandma Visits

This is an attempt at a storybit, but Tanith doesn't really lend herself to an objective style such as is found in Sarah's Storybits, but rather a first-person narrative style.

Okay, so my Great-Grandmama wanted to show Kevin what it was like to make rain, so Kevin took me (we're really very proud of him, he's so strong at his age), and we were flying over the Bay and it was really a very neat storm. And then this joker shows up, tights and all, but his costume was kind of riding up so it was obvious that he hadn't been doing this for very long, and he says something corny like "Halt! Miscreant!" Like we couldn't use a little rain, and it wasn't a huge storm or anything, and then he babbles something about Black Lightning stopping foul and evil monsters, which is a pretty rude thing to say about my great grandmother and he basically zaps her with this humongous bolt of lightning.

Did I mention that she was in dragon form? But really, she's not a scary dragon.

And then lots of things happen at once. Kevin panics and drops me, which is perfectly understandable because even I forget I can't airwalk every now and then, but luckily there was this handy cape dangling from this handy flying bozo who'd just shot my great grandmother and it was just in reach and jeez, anyone who wears a cape who can't handle it getting grabbed deserves what's coming to him. And Great-Grandmama, who doesn't even understand English, definitely gets the fact that this guy is a real pest, and she yells something like, "You think that's lightning? I'll show you lightning!" And she's pretty frail and old, so I was really worried about her. But BOOM there's this huge flash and the Black Lightning bozo, who was kind of distracted by the fact that I was choking him with his own cape, is no longer flying.

You know, falling's really keen, but it's maybe too exciting when you can't get off before you hit the ground. Well, or the water.

Anyway, Kevin noticed that I was going to go splat before we hit, and was nice enough to grab me (so who says little brothers have to be rotten?), and I still had the bozo by the cape, so we all made it back to shore and Great-Grandmama looked like she was going to have a fit, but she was beginning to feel better and there weren't any fatalities even after she started feeling better and was considering starting in on this Black Lightning guy again.

And there was SAT, waiting for us. So I was up half the night explaining to them that no, she was not a supernatural terrorist, and that we were the ones who'd been assaulted and were only defending ourselves, and trying to keep them from deporting her for of all things making it rain. Anyway, she's going home in a few days, so they decided to let it slide. I'm sorry I'm late!

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