Photo Album

  1. Dad and Mom

    A candid shot of a young Japanese man fussing over a Weber in a carefully manicured backyard. He wears a red and white apron, a silly chef's hat, and a faintly bemused expression. His dark eyes are lightened by bright sunlight, his pupils slitted like a cat's.

    A violet-eyed Japanese woman, perhaps in her early twenties, smiles for the camera with a three year old girl in her arms. They're posing by a waving Goofy, the woman dressed in a straw hat and a pretty print dress, the child in a pink jumper and Mickey Mouse ears. The resemblance between mother and child is distinct.

  2. Visit to Tiajuana with Fay

    Slightly overexposed and obviously taken with a cheap camera, the first picture is of a tall young woman with blue-gray hair, wearing a yellow and black bikini top, purple and black shorts, and a huge sun hat. She's in dusty sunlight, haggling with a wizened old woman over some bright bauble. A thumb-pink blotch blurs the edge of the frame. The woman has a blue-gray fox's tail.

    The same woman, long-legged on a barstool; she's leaning back with an arm around the ten year old blackhaired girl sitting on the bar and grinning. The girl's eyes are covered with white-rimmed sunglasses, and she wears a white jumper. They're ghostly pale in the gloom and the flash, reflecting off the bottles and glasses on the bar, with dark men all around.

  3. Great Grandma

    Frail, almost translucent; in form she's not old, but she carries the feeling of great age. She's regal, her long black hair pinned up with combs; she stands at the center of an arching bridge, leaning on a carved walking stick. Her eyes are amber, set like gems in her thin face.

    A sinuous silver dragon curves against the clouds, flying wingless. Its mouth is open, as if to roar, or perhaps to sing, and its jewelled eyes flash like lightning. Rain is beginning to sheet down from the sky, a veil.

  4. Sailing Trip

    Taken with a telephoto, a nice shot of a catamaran on a lake, a glimpse of pine-filled mountains behind. The catamaran is tipping, the crew, decked out in orange lifevests and swimsuits, flying or falling off with various expressions of chagrin. All three are pre-teen girls, the one with black hair already regaining her footing on the surface of the lake, one with light brown hair still flying, and the blonde mostly still surprised by the boat.

    The next shows the black-haired one standing on air above the sail, pulling it up out of the water, the girl with brown hair leaning on one pontoon, water streaming in a bright sheet as the boat is tipped back upright. The blonde girl stands on the water to one side, either supervising or examining her nails.

  5. Jessica; Carrie and Hypatia

    A short girl with skinned knees, she's tanned dark brown. She's shading light eyes against the sun, and squinting besides, floating in a swimming pool on a bright yellow inflatable raft. White wave shadows cross on the bottom of the pool, the photographer's shadow stretching long.

    A medium-sized Chinese girl with braces and an evil grin, she's carefully applying a splotch of black paint to the beautiful blonde girl working next to her, instead of to the scenery they're working on. The blonde is turning, just noticing, and beginning to raise her own brush for revenge.

  6. Kevin's First Birthday

    A single candle glows from a large birthday cake; a happy Japanese boy holds up a frosting-smeared hand, his ruddy gold eyes wide with the utter astonishment of babies. His fluffy black hair is striped with gray. Behind him are a Japanese man, unlined face calm with maturity, an energetic Japanese woman with violet eyes and long hair, and a redhaired woman, taller than both, with blue eyes. The flash reflects various golds and greens from everyone's eyes, revealing the cat-slitted pupils of the man and the redhead.

  7. Megan and Morgan; Fay and Gottfried

    Two small kids in a double stroller. They wear identical blue-and-white checked sunhats, with only a few golden curls sticking out. One of the twins is looking straight at the camera with a manic grin, the other is engrossed in something on the pavement. The girls have green eyes.

    A couple, obviously in love, set against the background of a German Bierstub. The woman rests her head on the man's shoulder, her blue-grey locks obscuring much of her face beyond a blissful smile on her wide mouth. The man, who vaguely resembles a dark-haired David Bowie, looks down on her with obvious contentment, his arm about her shoulders.

  8. The Violet Angels

    Six fair-skinned, violet-eyed teenagers are posed against a pale swirled backdrop, dark letters spelling out 'The Violet Angels' in elegant script. The only boy is dark-haired, in leathers, seated on a motorcycle. He's a shade young for the tough look he's attempting, and discomfited by both the sultry look from the distressingly beautiful blonde poised against his handlebars and the merely gorgeous girl with purple hair perched behind, arms definitely possessive about him. The girls are wearing skimpy battle-bikinis in, respectively, lapis and hyacinth. Behind, and a bit above, apparently seated on nothing, are a tall, bouncily cute Japanese girl in a rose bikini and a waiflike, pretty girl with nut-brown hair, in amethyst. Their poses are perfectly mirrored. Sitting against the bike in front is a cute black-haired teen wearing indigo, chatting animatedly over her shoulder at one of the other girls. Her rollerblades are subtly ominous.

  9. Michael and Rebecca's Wedding

    The picture has a professional quality, taken against a night sky. The backdrop is the graceful arc of a suspension bridge overhead, a dark bay set to glittering by the touch of the moon, and a jewelled city across the water. In the foreground are a man and woman, arms around each other; she is in the full formality of an elaborate white wedding dress. Her veil is flipped back over black hair, showing the happiness in her dark eyes. She is lithe, though not small. Her husband makes her look so; he is broad-shouldered and hugely elegant in a tuxedo with red cummerbund. His red hair has been carefully combed, and his expression is open and easy, full of joy.

  10. Trieste and Marat; Arawn

    A polaroid, taken in a bar, the colors swimming almost falsely bright under the surface. A man and a woman, both darkhaired, embrace. Their kiss appears posed, joking, though there's warmth and happiness between them; the amusement is directed mostly outwards.

    Another polaroid, same bar, a young man with blue eyes and long fingers, his hair rising in an extravagant cockatoo crest. He holds himself like a showman, aware of observation. He's resplendent in clashing orange, blue, and green, and there are bells on the curled toes of his shoes.

  11. Waking Up Constantine

    His form is only slightly blurred, captured while hooded brown eyes peer half-open up at the camera. He's swathed in grey sheets, propped up on the futon on one elbow, a sleepy smile obscured by a yawn that's fading to startled alarm. The tail-ends of the sheets are the most blurred, as if he were in the process of throwing them off. Down off the foot of the futon, in the glare of the flash, Zodi's yawn is an involuntary mirror of Constantine's own.

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