Tanith Ichiko Miramoto

Tanith possesses preternatural grace; she balances on improbable projections like other people walk. She bubbles with energy and gets into everything, acting much like the hyper teenager she is. She has slanting violet eyes, cropped black hair, and pale ivory skin. She's wearing a white tank top, blue jeans, and kung fu slippers.

Tanith was born in Berkeley, California, the daughter of two naturalized fey from Japan. One day, she and Fay, her godmother, wandered into a bar that was supposedly in San Francisco but was actually somewhere stranger than the paranormal-ridden universe they were from: the World's End Bar.

Tanith hired on with Dirque as his somewhat deluded bodyguard, nearly quitting when she discovered that he killed people for a living. He promised not to kill people anymore, a promise which he kept -- to her knowledge though not in actuality. She worked for him until he was killed by, among other people, Darkwing, a cyborg with magical enhancements. Although she no longer had a very good resume as a bodyguard, she had made a good many friends on the other side of the mirror, and continued visiting even after she started school at Georgetown University. She spent a good deal of her time attempting to enforce moderation on the other patrons of the World's End Bar, resorting to violence if it was necessary to stop a killing, with mixed success.

After a contretemps involving an ex-fiance named Kenjiro Yamaguchi (an arranged marriage that her parents had run out on before she was born), she fell in love with Rand, and started seeing him on a regular basis -- this was around the same time that Tiffany was living under her bed. Later, she and Constantine fell in love by accident (honest!), causing huge problems for everyone involved.

Tanith's hair is cut fuzzy-short on the sides and back, left long on top and permed into a spill of black ringlets that sweeps generally forward, shadowing her slanting violet eyes, her pale triangular face. Her heavy black leather jacket is copper-studded, zipped all the way up to her throat. Painted on the back is a defiant angel in a rose-colored dress, violet wings half-furled. A many-tiered skirt, all lace edges and light apricot cloth, contrasts with the jacket. It's long, but even so a good five inches of calf show. She's wearing keds, no socks.

While she didn't tend to show them off, Tanith had the typical fey abilities: airwalking, invisibility, nearly supernatural speed and grace; while she was by no means a match for most Amberites, she was certainly in the 'monster out of Shadow' category. The fey subculture from her Shadow considered these powers very much the norm; an accident causing the loss of all or most of them was looked on by many as sadly crippling.

Tanith and Constantine, somewhat settled down although destabilized by Tanith's friendship with Bleys, moved into an apartment in Berkeley together, a little while after Tanith's 19th birthday. In helping their friend Tiffany regain her health (her initial summoning was breaking down and needed to be strengthened), they accidentally helped summon Tiffany's 'brother' Yatashi, a Mouth of Tiffany's Daddy. Yatashi had many of his own ideas on what to do with his newfound freedom...

And then, quite suddenly, they vanished, presumed dead. They were gone for six months, longer than that in most Shadows, and most of their friends gave them up for dead.

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