Tanith, Lady Protector of Haven

Tanith's hair is intensely blue, eyebrows and lashes matching. Its almost boyish shortness accentuates her elfin features, her shadowed violet eyes. She's tall, leggy, thin but muscled like a dancer, with ghostly grace. A fine silver chain disappears down the front of her blue slip dress, all black buttons down the front, blue matching her hair. She remains still, generally, moving only with careful deliberation. A dark blue metal bracelet, clasping foggy white gems, covers her right hand.

Six months passed, and then Constantine won free of wherever he was, a place that was never made public by Constantine or Tanith. Somewhat later, Tanith returned, as well, but she was changed drastically, her life saved and somewhat transformed by Simon Jesby.

Her violet eyes were now slitted, as if in throwback to her father or some more ancient sidhe, perhaps even more extreme than her own sidhe ancestors. While many of her fey race possessed unusual hair colors, her Prussian blue hair, one of Simon's favorite shades, marked the intervention he had made to save her life. She was later to be very bitter with him, over his slaughter of Shadows, but she never dyed her hair.

Incredibly weak at first, she spent a great deal of time recuperating in Arcadia. It was apparent that there were other changes, as well; that she was now remote from her fey heritage, and changed to something with far more strictures and limitations, although perhaps with more potential power. One of the more notable changes was a near inability to deal with iron or even steel, the touch of which could hurt her terribly.

Constantine, disowned by House Aspnes, became Lord Protector of Haven, a Shadow on the Hall of Mirrors, and named Tanith Lady Protector at his side, defiant of an undercurrent of fear and hatred against faerie in Haven, a land protected from the influences of nearby Arcadia by by the magic-nullifying Hearthstone under the castle.

When Kenjiro found out about Tanith and Constantine's engagement, he insisted on contesting the engagement, and this time Tanith's parents backed his claim for her hand, considering him the lesser of two evils. Constantine dueled Kenjiro to keep Tanith from repudiating her family, and he won, although he was seriously wounded by Kenjiro.

Variously crippled, Constantine from his wounds and Tanith from her general weak condition, they attended an engagement party thrown by Morlys, each quite evidently happy with the other despite their poor health.

However, quite soon after, the engagement was publically broken, although the reasons for this were never made public.

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