Tanith br'nej

Tanith says "She's part from Arcadia, I think. She's young, a lot of ways."

Iera says "Well, Arcadia. That explains it all."
Iera says "She should be shot."

Although they were still drawn together, they did not resume their engagement for some time; their relationship was halting and stormy, prone to squalls and lapses. Arcadia was a major point of contention between them, due to Tanith's greater and growing links to the land, and her far more uncontrolled use of magic, which upset Constantine, who had been trained to loathe magic from birth. Likewise, his undercurrent of violence disturbed the more pacifistic Tanith.

She spent a great deal of her time apart from Constantine, living in Eagle's Reach or in the care of gr'joH'kam Stryll, Kragalldwir. Kragalldwir gave her back one of a pair of knives she'd given to him as a wedding gift, and taught her Dhemonh'ka.

Tanith's hair is intensely blue, eyebrows and lashes matching. It's short and shaggy, accentuating her elfin features, her elegantly slanting eyes of chilly violet. The tension of forces poised, matched opposing at a pivot, shows in her taut grace, in every precise motion, in the slide and play of her dancer's muscles. She's rangy, leggy, taller than many men. Clumps of fused star sapphires, blue bright white, blaze and cluster at her throat, over a fine silver chain that vanishes into her clothes. Her shirt is soft, deep violet petal-velvet shot through with the light-shifting black-green of a mallard drake's headdress, worn over snug breeches the deep gloaming of a pine forest at evening, figured with copper. Thrust into her belt is a dagger for demons, almost a short sword for her, smooth hilt and sheath eating up the light.

The balance of power had tilted radically off-kilter in Arcadia due to Satha's death; a dark queen called Mab rose to power, imposing her will on many of the outsiders who came to Arcadia. Thomas Lane was especially interesting to the unseelie; Mab had previously captured him, and she claimed him again, necessitating a rescue.

During these problems with Arcadia, xenophobix elements in Haven objected to Constantine's presence, and the presence of the elves and other strange folk he often consorted with; they kidnapped Tanith, the most visible symbol of strangeness, in order to force him to leave.

She was held for approximately a week; wounded and chained for the duration in cold iron, which behaved somewhat as hot brands would for her, she lost most of the ground she had gained in her previous recuperation, and nearly all of her will. However, she was able to trickle enough information to Constantine over Trump contact to help him somewhat in rescuing her, until her captors deduced this and drugged her.

After she was rescued, she was in a state of near total collapse, burned and poisoned from the iron, and in shock from the treatment of her kidnappers. Every visit with Constantine ended in bitter arguments, tears, or worse, on both sides, and both of them were stretched to the breaking point, unable to find reconciliation or balance, and unable to give it up. She found shelter in House Lane, which helped for a time.

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