Haven Kidnapping

Darkened alley
The stone walls of the alley here slant toward each other, touching at the top of their second storeys. No light reaches in, and the old doors here look long disused if operable at all.
You feel the prescence of the walls closing in about you.
Obvious exits:
Winding Alley Narrow alley

Tanith is wandering through, munching on a breadroll with meat baked inside.

A street urchin dressed in raggedly clothing approaches cautiously. "Ma'am?"

Tanith smiles, her eyes glinting a little in the darkness. "Yah?"

He looks hesitant. "For the Lord Protector. There's a message. A man. A tuppence, he said, for the one who found you."

Tanith blinks. "Oh! What's the message?"

"I don't know, ma'am. I'll take you to him, iff'n it pleases you."

Tanith says "Sure."

The urchin bobs his head and shuffles off, finding his way through the winding alleys easily, occasionally looking back to check that Tanith is still following.

Tanith follows close, but not too close for nervousness; she nibbles at her food when there's time.

Eventually, he comes to a darkened alley. The shadowy form of a man with a medium build waits there, peering into the dark. "Is that you?" he says, voice barely above a whisper.

The urchin touches his forelock and bobs his head again. "I brought her like you asked, sir."

Tanith wipes her hands and smiles, a little bemused. "It's Tanith."

There is a dry chuckle. "Good lad. And good to meet you, lady Tanith."

Tanith laughs a little. "Not a lady, but that's okay. There's a message?"

The boy moves forward to meet the man, who presses something into his hand and says something to him softly. The urchin turns and scurries off.
The man watches him go. "Oh, yes. Yes, most definitely."

Tanith says "For Constantine? What is it?"

One of the doors near Tanith opens silently, revealing a light from a shuttered lantern carried by a man with brown hair and intense blue eyes. He plays the light over Tanith, a harsh smile. "No sudden moves, please."

Tanith says confusedly, "Okay. Why are you afraid?"
Tanith's eyes catch the light from the lantern, briefly, pupils reflecting green-gold and slitting more sharply.

There is a twang, a whistle of air, and a crossbow bolt strikes the ground by Tanith's feet. "We can see you quite well," the man bearing the lantern says. He nods to the other visible person.

Tanith freezes, her eyes snapping towards where the bolt came from, looking around alertly.

Tanith says to the man, still standing very still, "Why the threats? I've done you no harm, and Constantine hasn't either."

There is a rattle of chain as the other man moves forward. The one with the lantern continues to speak. "We have both sides covered. Don't force us to shoot."

Tanith says softly, almost calmly, "Don't force me to fight. I don't want to hurt anyone." Her weight shifts, her head turns slightly, as the other man approaches.
Tanith says, more intensely, "What are you doing?"

The man approaching Tanith appears to be carrying something like a crude set of cuffs, iron, of course, and a bag. "If things go well, no one will be hurt."
"Please hold out your hands."

Tanith says levelly, "You're not putting those things on me." She shifts again, her feet wider apart.

The man carrying the cuffs pauses. He watches Tanith, as the other man says, "We'd rather not shoot you. Please hold out your hands."

Tanith flinches, restrained, and her hands form fists.
Tanith hesitates for a long moment, looking fully at the face of the man with the lantern.

"We'll count three. One..."

Tanith holds up her hands, her face set.

"Thank you." The man bearing the cuffs steps toward Tanith. The one with the lantern watches.

Tanith tenses even more as he nears, her hands shaking a little.

The man with the cuffs holds them out at arm's length, open, as if inviting Tanith to place her hands within them.

Tanith takes a tiny step forward, reluctant, then pauses.

"Put your hands in the chains, please."
The man with the lantern asks, "Must we count again?"

Tanith moves her hands forward and over the cuffs, then snaps them down, to grab the man's wrists. Her leg hooks out to sweep his out from under him, and she falls beneath him.

Tanith's opponent makes a startled noise as he is hurled down the alley. The sound of the chains clattering to the ground is near-simultaneous with the sound of crossbows releasing.

Tanith twists as she falls, making an involuntary cry when the chains brush her. She lands with a hand under her, and her feet, ready to spring up again.

The thrown man is hit in the chest and the arm.

Tanith is struck deeply in the shoulder; she starts to rise, trying to put her back to the wall, and collapses in a faint before she fully stands.

The man thrown by Tanith does not get up, though his labored breathing can be heard, the only sound in the alley.

Tanith does not move at all; her blood is paler red than a human's, but still bright in the light from the lantern.

The man with the lantern eyes Tanith, then his fallen comrade.
He nods once in the direction of the first bolt. A figure dressed in dark clothes detaches itself from the wall and makes its way over to him, stepping over the injured man.

They hold a short interchange in whispers, then the new man sets down his crossbow, and steps over to the chains. He picks them up, and approaches Tanith warily.

Tanith is still bleeding, heavily.

He prods Tanith with a boot, wary, then kneels to apply the cuffs.

Tanith is barely breathing, and doesn't move when the cuffs touch her.

The man closes them and they lock with a faint click, then he goes back for the leg cuffs.
After those are applied, he looks up to the man with the lantern, who nods back. "Alright," he says. "I think we have her."

The alleyway becomes a bustle of hurried activity as Tanith and the injured man are seen to. Tanith is gagged, blindfolded, and placed in a sack, for good measure.

Tanith br'nej -- the section of history this log takes place in.

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