Lady Tanith ti'Lane ar'Constantine

Iera says "I'm sure the Serpent will be with you, Diony."
Iera says "As sure as I am that Kahl is green."

Diony grins. "Is it?"

Iera gestures to the slim green snake curled about her throat.

Thomas was still in a coma since he had been rescued from Mab; it became clear that he would not wake unless his dreams were reclaimed from the Unseelie Queen, preferably by Iera.

Mab's power was mostly broken; it became further broken as power struggles within Arcadia claimed her attention, and Robyn's reign was no longer challenged.

Tanith was adopted as a sister by Iera Lane, the wife of Thomas Lane, Lord of a Petty House of Chaos. She took full Chaos citizenship. (Her full name at that time was: Tanith n's'Potter n'ti'Miramoto d'Mieko v'Hiroshi s'Fay ti'Lane ar'Constantine. If you're interested in what that means, check out the Aspnes Chaos nomenclature.)

Iera is the daughter of Constantine's ex-wife Ilanna. She is also the adopted daughter and adopted granddaughter (through Ilanna) of Constantine's mother Liebe Aspnes, as well as distant kin by blood through Constantine's father Iello: Iello's older brother was Ilanna's distant ancestor. Quentin Jesamine also made a serious bid for adopting Iera. Thomas Lane was an android built by House Aspnes, and as such was de facto the son of Lerone, Liebe's brother. [Included mostly to demonstrate just how complex Chaosian relationships can get.]

Tanith's hair is intensely blue, eyebrows and lashes matching. It's pulled up in an intricate knot secured with a painted black scarf, leaving a vivid length to fall past her waist. Her eyes are vivid violet, slit-pupilled, hardly human. Taller than many men and smoothly muscled, she moves with exuberant grace, slim in an airy white sundress, painted with impressionistic flowers. Thrust into her yellow sash is a black dagger for demons, almost a short sword for her. A choker runs like mercury around her neck, scattered with rainbow copper glittering like mica, a rivulet of silver trickling across her collarbone into her dress. Across the palm of her right hand is a narrow scar; on the other hand is a silver bracelet.

Arcadia was becoming a bone of contention between Amber and Chaos, with Mab giving concessions to Amber in order to help secure her place, unacceptible to Chaos with Arcadia's proximity to the Black Zone. Perhaps through the earlier machinations of Piper, one of the wild fae in Arcadia, Tanith had gained a land in Arcadia which she named Sur, which tied her to Arcadia perhaps too close for her comfort. Chaos in the form of King Jenner threatened to destroy Arcadia rather than allow it to fall into Amber's hands, although Robyn, the Seelie Queen, was attempting to prevent that eventuality.

Then Constantine simply vanished; it was never made clear what happened to him. That Tanith, still healing from the damage caused her by the kidnappers, was publically and nearly suicidally heartbroken over this was clear; Stewart, Stefan, and Sebastian, among others, cared for her during this time.

Before Constantine had vanished, he had ordered the Council in Haven to give her Eulen for judgment, if she wished. After she had somewhat regained her balance, though perhaps before she had regained her heart, she took him from his cell in Haven.

Shortly thereafter, Eulen took service with Rand, in New London.

Constantine was still missing, and his cousin Diony attempted to to take steps to find him. Tanith disagreed somehow with her methods, and there was an altercation that ended with Arawn imprisoning her briefly in a Shadow she could not escape. Then Diony took Tanith's form in order to get some information from a friend of Tanith's. Tanith, freed by then, came upon them in the World's End Bar and fought Diony.

Constantine was revived through unknown means, and the two found some more common ground, reuiniting.

Diony, also known as Dancer at this time, was trapped in Tanith's shape for some time thereafter, as she was not a skilled enough shifter to take another's form without taking on too much of it. After some effort, she was able to regain her normal coloration with, although still sharing Tanith's body, and much later was to reclaim her true shape.

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