[You grasp Stefan's hand and he pulls you through.]

Stefan is in the hallway outside. "Would you like me to come with you?"

Tanith frowns slightly. "Computer said one more thing, as I was leaving.... dunno what."

Stefan says "Hope it wasn't important."

Tanith says "And yes. Definitely."

Stefan says "Alright. This way, then."

Tanith says "What... who is in there?"
Tanith hangs back a bit.

Stefan looks back over his shoulder. "Eulen, the man who appeared to be responsible for planning your kidnapping. He's by himself."

TamLin enters from the hall.
TamLin wanders in casually.

Tanith nods, and says quietly, "Okay."

Tanith says "Hi, Thomas. That was.. oh."

Stefan and Tanith are in a dungeon corridor, heading toward a cell.

TamLin catches up, then

Tanith wrinkles her nose. Dungeons.

Stefan looks over to Thomas. "Hello."

TamLin says "Hello, Stefan."
TamLin says "Tanith."

Tanith says quietly, "S'just him."

Tanith looks back to Stefan. "Better sooner."

Stefan continues on his way. The trio eventually finds themselves standing in front of a cell for a single prisoner. The prisoner is a man with intense blue eyes, who looks up upon seeing that he has company.

TamLin steps back slightly away from the cell to remain slightly outside of the man's attention.

Tanith stares intently at the man for a long time, no expression on her face.

Eulen looks back. His eyes narrow somewhat, but he makes no move to address the group either.

Stefan glances from Tanith to Eulen, and back again.

Tanith just waits motionless, eyes on his.

TamLin stands in military at-ease, perfectly still.

Eulen leans back against the wall. He folds his arms in front of himself.

Tanith nods a little bit to herself and says, quietly, "Have anything to say for yourself, Eulen?"

Eulen's shoulders rise and fall. He doesn't say anything.

Tanith turns her head a little towards Stefan. "Open the door?"

TamLin lets his hands hang by his side, instead of held behind his back.

Stefan looks to Tanith. "You sure?" he mouths.

Tanith takes her staff in her left hand, and dips her head in a nod. Her eyes are back on Eulen.

Stefan says "Back in a minute," and walks off to get a guard.

Tanith waits quietly, staring at Eulen.

Eulen looks back at Tanith, frowning. His arms are still crossed.

Stefan returns with the guard, who unlocks the door and stands aside, waiting.

Eulen does not make any move to react.

TamLin keeps his eyes locked on Eulen.

Tanith steps deliberately into the cell, moving with offhand grace. She circles, it seems unconsciously, just enough so that Tam has clear view of him.

The guard looks to Stefan for instruction concerning the door.

Stefan makes a slight motion to the guard indicating that he should leave it open.

Eulen watches Tanith approach him. He frowns but remains silent.

Tanith touches Eulen's hair, just a brush. Tonelessly, she says, "The least you owe me is an explanation."

Eulen looks up at Tanith. "Explanation for what?" His voice is slightly hoarse, as if he has not been using it much recently.

Tanith says "What do you think?"

Eulen shrugs. "You know what we wanted."

Tanith says "So talk to me about ends and means, Eulen."
Tanith says "Talk to me about justifications. They gave you to me, so this is about as serious as it gets."

Eulen says "We did what we thought we had to." He shrugs. "It didn't work."

Tanith says "Try again."
Tanith says "Not a good answer."

Eulen says "If you don't understand, I don't think you ever will."

Tanith says, very gently, "You never explained it to me with words, Eulen."

Eulen looks away from Tanith, a sullen expression on his face.

Tanith says "Why don't you give it a try?"

Eulen looks back. "Why should I?"

Tanith says "Are you human, if you don't have empathy?"

Eulen says "What do you mean?"

Tanith says "What makes humans human, Eulen?"

Eulen looks up at Tanith, then shrugs.

Tanith says "I've never done you harm, nor anyone in Haven. What gave you the right to torture me?"
Tanith says "Never done, Eulen. Not future tense. Better answer."

Eulen appears uninterested in answering the question.

Tanith touches fingertips to his cheek. "Time's running out."

Eulen stares at Tanith steadily, wordlessly.

Tanith says "My lord willed you dead, for what you have done to me. Dead people don't learn. Can you learn, Eulen?"

Eulen says "What do you think I should learn?"

Tanith says "Empathy."

Eulen says "What do you mean by that?"

Tanith says "The ability to see things from someone's perspective besides your own, or a small, tight group of people like you."

Tanith says "It's not what you did, it's how you did it."

Eulen says "And how am I supposed to learn?"

Tanith says "Why don't you try justifying your actions, to start?"

Eulen says "I don't need to justify myself to you."

Tanith says, very patiently, "I don't think you get it. It's not just life and death here, Eulen, and I'm giving you a chance. Better start justifying."

Eulen says "If you're going to kill me, you might as well get it over with."

Tanith says "Eulen, I'm sidhe." She drops her voice. "Use your imagination."

TamLin's upper lip twitches slightly.

Eulen looks away.

Tanith says, still watching Eulen, "Lessons, Thomas?"

TamLin steps forward. "Sure. Anything you have in mind?"

Tanith says, sadly, "Something appropriate. Do you mind taking him to Sur?"

TamLin says "Oh, you don't want to hurt him."
TamLin says "Sure, we can go there."

Tanith says, bits of anger, "Yes. I want to hurt him. But I want him to learn from it, or it's not so much as hitting a dog."

TamLin says "Ah.."

Tanith steps back, tossing hair out of her eyes. "Do bigots learn?"

Eulen just sits there, quiet.

Stefan says "Sometimes."

TamLin says "We'll find out of this one can."
TamLin says, to Eulen, "Up."

Eulen doesn't move. He doesn't look at Thomas, either.

Tanith takes another step back, flanking Thomas, and produces some cards. She glances towards Stefan.

TamLin shrugs and reaches out to grab one of Eulen's arms.

Stefan says "Go ahead."

Tanith says to Stefan, quiet, "Do you want to come? I don't know what the cost is going to be."

Stefan glances at Eulen, then asks Tanith, "Do you know what you're going to do?"

Tanith shakes her head. "Lessons. Something appropriate."

TamLin grabs Eulen's arm and twists, which will either break his arm or get him to his feet.

Eulen stands, wincing as his arm is twisted.

TamLin mutters to Eulen, "If I say jump, you better move. Understand?" He doesn't wait for a reply and turns to Tanith, "We're ready."

Stefan considers, then says, "All right."

Tanith steps around the other side of Thomas, laying her free hand on his shoulder. She nods to Stefan.

Stefan speaks with the guard briefly about where he is going, then dismisses him and walks over to Tanith.

[As you stare at the image before you, it slowly becomes more real.]

Grassy Rise
A gentle rise slopes to the foggy forest, grass all tawny, purple-tinged, edges feathered pale with green. Near the crest a young ash grows straight, leaves spring-soft and new; a spring bubbles up near its foot, filling a rock-lined pool green with algae and duckweed. A creek trickles from the pool, cutting a shallow gully, a lusher line: sedge, horsetail, soapweed, and fuzzy mint, a quiet chuckle of running water. Live oaks fan out, widely spaced, from the spring, bent boughs reaching up to hold the sky. Boulders scatter the hillside.
The grass has been combed flat by the wind's fingers, and is sodden with water. One or two forlorn orange poppies, windtorn, are all that remain in the ring. Twigs and leaves from the trees litter the field. The clouds are almost black, pressing low overhead.

Tanith tucks her Trumps away, and looks up at the sky.

TamLin's face gains a large frown, but he retains control of Eulen.

Eulen looks directly ahead, ignoring his surroundings.

Tanith says quietly, "Sorry, Thomas. Don't stay, if you don't want to."

TamLin says "Where do you want him, Tanith?"

Tanith picks one of the oaks, nearish the young ash tree. "There."

TamLin says "Tied to it?"

Tanith shakes her head.

Stefan glances up at the clouds.

TamLin walks Eulen over there.

Eulen walks as directed.

Tanith follows, bending to brush her fingers along the top of a clump of grass.

TamLin shifts hands, pulls Eulen's arm down and puts him in a different control that forces him to his knees (or breaks his wrist)

Stefan walks after Tanith, glancing around.

Tanith lifts her wet hand to her mouth and tastes.

Eulen goes to his knees.

Tanith tosses her staff aside. "Let me tell you about power."

Eulen grimaces as he shifts his weight.

Tanith says "It takes lots of forms, lots of ways, lots of places. How he's holding you, that's power. How you held me, that too."

Tanith says "Here it's emotion, too. I can't do a thing to you, that I don't feel. Can't give you anything, really, that you haven't already given me."

Tanith says "A mirror, Eulen. And listen close; this is your last chance to see Haven. Maybe it's your last bit of life."

Eulen looks up at Tanith, expression sour, but he appears to be paying attention.

Tanith comes to a new certainty. She stoops, and pulls up a clump of grass.
Tanith says, shaking wet dirt from the roots, "I could kill you with my will, because of the debt you owe me. You've set up... an imbalance, a steep slope, with rocks on top, set to tumble down."
Tanith says "Could kill you with my hands, too, of course. Tell me what you're thinking."

Eulen says "Why don't you?"

Tanith says "Mercy. Second chances. Empathy. It's what I'm trying to teach you. Think you can learn?"

Eulen starts to shrug, then winces instead.
Eulen says "How am I supposed to know?"

Tanith twists clusters of grass stems between her hands. "Willing to try?"

Eulen says "Do I have a choice?"

Tanith says "No, but it helps you after."

Eulen says "After what?"

Tanith kneels on the sodden grass, looping twists of grass around Eulen's feet. She takes his free hand, by the wrist. "After this."

Eulen watches sullenly.

Tanith winds grass around his wrist, and places it against the tree. She reaches to take the held hand from Thomas.

TamLin releases the hand and steps away.

Tanith binds it, and stands, moving to the creek. She dips up some water in one hand, plucks a leaf of yerba buena.

Tanith moves back, kneels, holds the leaf to Eulen's mouth. "Eat."

Eulen looks at the leaf. He doesn't open his mouth.

TamLin coughs politely.

Tanith says, very calm, "Hold his nose, Thomas?"

TamLin says "I know a better way."

Tanith looks up. "Don't want him to die of thirst. What is it?"

TamLin says ""
TamLin steps in and applies two fingers to each side of the back of his jaw, under his ears.

Tanith feeds Eulen leaf and water, and puts her hand over his mouth.

Eulen looks at Tanith and doesn't chew or swallow.

Tanith keeps the one hand cupped over his mouth, sealing it, and pinches his nose shut. "Want to live? Dying of thirst hurts, I hear."

Eulen stubbornly refuses to swallow, even when he begins to gag.

Tanith waits, forcing his head back a little farther. "Feel like I'm giving medicine to a cat."

TamLin says "Rub his throat? Works for cats."
TamLin says "Or maybe take a stick and shove the whole thing down."

Eulen gags again. Some of the water appears to have gone down his windpipe.

Tanith shifts her hand so she's holding mouth and nose, and holds his throat with the other. "He'll want to breathe soon. Strongest reflex, I think."

TamLin says "Or maybe I can cut his stomach open and put in that way.."
TamLin waits patiently.

Eulen's throat constricts involuntarily as he starts to inhale.

Tanith says, icy cold, "Eulen, Swallow It."

Eulen doesn't appear to be paying Tanith any more attention than he has to.
Eulen stiffens and swallows.

TamLin smiles and steps back.

Tanith lifts her hands. "That sustains you."

Tanith says "Now."

Tanith says "Every pain I felt. Every fear, every humiliation, I suffered at the hands of you and your people, you are going to feel."

Eulen coughs, sputtering water.

Tanith says "Doubt, and the hate directed at me by you, and the heedlessness. Listen close, Eulen."
Tanith says "Bound not moving, seeing darkness and lamplight, for as long as I was with you. The agony of the wound you inflicted, the burning of the chains."

Tanith says "I'm not giving you the touch of my friends, though, so you get this instead. On me, it scarred. Hurt my body. You just feel it."
Tanith says "And it's not going to drive you insane, because I didn't go. And you're not going to die of it, because I didn't."

Eulen looks up at Tanith, still coughing a little. He grimaces.

Tanith reaches forward, and touches Eulen's face with splayed fingers. "One last thing I'm giving you. I never knew if I'd live or die, so you get that, too. This might be the last thing you know, what you did to me. Think about what I felt, and think about your reasons.
Tanith says, "And pray that you learn, because if you don't, you're not done when the week is through. Sleep now." And she brushes his eyes closed with her fingers.

Eulen spasms abruptly, then slumps.

Tanith stands, her face very closed.

Tanith goes to another tree and finds a tarp, wrapped around two blankets. She unrolls it, and wraps the lot around Eulen.

TamLin helps

Tanith retrieves her staff, moving as if she's aching. She looks back at Thomas, with an unvoiced question.

TamLin says "What?"

Tanith says "Was...."
Tanith looks away, lost.

TamLin says "Go on."

Tanith finishes, almost in a whisper, "Was it the right thing to do?"

Stefan says "Mm," and produces a card from his belt.

TamLin says "I think so."

Tanith says "Think I need to go home now."

Stefan studies Eulen thoughtfully from where he stands.

TamLin says "The sooner I get out of here, the better. Will he remain asleep until his time is up?"

Tanith nods.
Tanith says "I'll... I'll g-give him more water if he didn't get enough."

TamLin says "Good. Get me when he's to wake up?"

Tanith nods, barely, and looks back at the still form.

TamLin says "Did he feed you? Give you water?"

Tanith nods.

TamLin nods.."Good."
TamLin says "Let's go."

Tanith says "Didn't want to h-have to keep, but I can give him more, that not enough."
Tanith nods and steps shakily over to TamLin, offering him her hand. She looks over at Stefan.

TamLin takes Tanith's hand and squeeze reassuringly.

Tanith relaxes, all at once.

Stefan looks over to Tanith. "You're heading back now?"

Tanith nods. "See you out. Don't know..." She looks up at the sky.
Tanith finishes, lamely, "If it's going to rain."

TamLin says "Come on, you're rambling."

Stefan says quietly, "Alright." Then, a little louder, "I'm going back to Haven. Be careful with yourself, Tanith."

Tanith nods, leaning into Thomas.

Stefan lifts his card to study it.

Tanith says, quiet, "Take care, Stefan."

Stefan says "I'll try..."
Stefan stares at a card in his hand.
Stefan moves forward and vanishes in a rainbow sparkle.

TamLin says "Home?"

Tanith says "Please."
Tanith says "Can you get us there?"

TamLin nods and picks you up.

Lady Tanith ti'Lane ar'Constantine -- the section of history this log takes place in.

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