Lady Tanith ti'Uoknor at'Constantine

Arawn says "I do rather like your shirt."

Tanith ghosts a smile.
Tanith says "Thank you."

Arawn says "And your collarbones. Diony had them for a long time."
Arawn says "Although they were really yours to start with, whenever I see them, I think more of her."

Constantine returned, and reconcilations were made; compressing a few months into a paragraph, it began to seem that a wedding was not such an impossible thing any more -- the time apart had strengthened Tanith enough that she had adjusted to her new limitations (and advantages), and was able to be with him without losing her identity in the process.

Haven was destroyed in a Shadowstorm; it has never been clear what caused it, though there is a suspicion that it was created rather than accidental. Although an evacuation was effected, only a fraction of the population was saved. The reaction of Constantine and his surviving staff was grim indeed. Diony was later to adopt Constantine as her brother, and revive House Uoknor around the two of them.

Tanith and Constantine took up residence in a cabin they built in Iende Falls, a Shadow that had been given to Constantine by his father.

Constantine built new grounds for House Uoknor over the old IlannaWays in Iende Falls; Diony had taken up residence in Ilanna's Ways while she was living in House Aspnes.

Constantine became a candidate for the throne when Jenner I abdicated, went under Black Watch until Arawn I was crowned, and a few months thereafter was stricken with an illness which prevented his residence in Chaos, rumored to be possibly shapeshift-related. Tanith and Constantine took up temporary residence in a Shadow known as Portmerion, returning to Chaos some time after the tragic death of Arawn.

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