Countess Tanith to'Uoknor at'Constantine

Tanith d'Mieko v'Hiroshi s'Fay dy'Iera to'Uoknor at'Constantine

Tanith says "You can do whatever you like, so long as you ask him for permission first and he gives it, with no coercion, manipulation, mind control, drugs, magic spells, or other tricks."

Kazuyo pauses. "Did you come up with that just now?"

Tanith says "Right off the top of my head. I've been dealing with Thanlis-bait."
Tanith says "So it just kind of rolls off the tongue, at this point."

Some time after Arawn's death, Diony abdicated and made Tanith Countess of House Uoknor, naming her (Diony's) son Brennan as Tanith's heir. Tanith was rather reluctant, but is finding the job interesting as well, despite her wishes not to.

Tanith's hair is vividly blue, shaggy and cut short; it accentuates her fair ivory skin and slanting eyes of brilliant violet, the pupils slitted catwise. Apparently in her mid-teens, she's taller than many men but boyishly skinny, her movements transforming angles to curves, bones to clean grace. She wears a blouse all of cream silk lace, a shade darker than her skin, figured in a delicate rosevine pattern. The sleeves and cuffs are full, and over it she wears a narrowly tailored waistcoast of crimson velvet, belted in black and worn over slender black breeches. Her boots have silver buckles up the front. The lace shrouding her throat is fastened by a large brooch of fiery dark opal, formed like blown glass into the shape of a rose. A ring of gold braid rests next to her silver wedding ring, the seal a cream sea-bird on crimson.

She still has time to meddle in the affairs of others....

She formalized the adoptions of Autumn and of Marith, including Marith's daughter Mercy. She also formalized Aziraphale's return to the House, after his service as Seneschal of Rebma.

She currently spends much of her time with the children: Mercy, Brennan, and often her young brother Kevin, whom she is training in the Miramoto technique. Much of her time is also occupied with the vagaries of running a household, though with Uoknor's family setup it isn't as time consuming as most Chaos Houses. Outside that, she is attending classes at UC Berkeley in her home Shadow, attempting to finish her degree; she also serves as an official liaison between Chaos and that variant Earth, in a treaty set up during Constantine's term as Foreign Minister, though the duties in that respect are light.

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