Tanith and Constantine's Wedding

[Posted in the usual places, cream linen paper, brush-calligraphed in Thari.]

Tanith s'Fay v'Hiroshi d'Mieko ar'Constantine, sister of Iera Lane


Constantine v'Iello d'Liebe ti'Uoknor ar'Tanith, brother of Diony to'Uoknor

will be married the Saturday following this one. All friends are welcome.

The plains roll on forever, and there's a feeling of peace about them. On one side, there might be tumult, and the same to match on the other, but this places stands as refuge. To the west, not far at all, the plains end in a bluff, looking down on a river valley. Far to the east, there are mountains. Here, not ten feet away, the oldest tree in all the worlds stands as mute and powerful anchor.
Benches have been set up ringing the tree, rough-hewn and somehow natural to the place. There's room inside them for those that prefer the grass to sit on, and for a few to stand by the tree.

His hooded eyes are calm, and quiet; the lines of his face are strong, chocolate brown skin smooth over well-defined bone. He is graceful, and his movements are intrinsically precise. His garments are silk: crimson, a loosely cut tunic, fastened with black and gold buttons, and cream, silk breeches, worn close with intricate abstract embroidery in black and crimson all up and down the legs. The patterns are mirrored in the cream traceries on his black vest, which gathers his tunic in tight, letting the fabric of it billow at his arms. Across his chest he wears a cream sash, bearing the emblems of Uoknor, of the Red and Gold, and of a Knight of Chaos. Around his neck hangs a silver pendant, depending into his vest and tunic. Another sash, this one black, belts him, and into it is tucked a richly ornate ceremonial dagger; Elegy, crystalline bastard sword, is scabbarded at his back. A golden ring, shaped like woven grasses, graces his left hand.

Vivid violet eyes, hardly human, slanted and with slitted pupils, they are amethyst set in pale ivory. Her hair is intensely blue, eyebrows and lashes matching; it's brushed to gleaming, falling nearly to her knees. Ropes of shining oval moonstones twist through in heavy and intricate array. She is taller than many men, and thin, quicksilver grace scarcely repressed. A gossamer gown swirls to her ankles, silken strands like a spider's web sparkling with tiny diamonds and sapphires. The sleeves trail, nearly hiding her hands, and she is covered overall with a diaphanous veil of the same shade of moonstone pale gossamer, fine and sheer and airy. Kahl drapes himself like a necklace, living emerald circling her slim throat; and a black silk scarf, painted in gorgeous vibrance, is mostly hidden behind hair and moonstones.

Rand releases Tanith and 'tine's hands at once and stands back.

A thin young man, a bit over six feet tall, with unruly brown hair desperately fighting the order imposed upon it by a comb. He is dressed in a black tuxedo with a longcoat, with a red plaid bow tie and cumberbun. His left sleeve hangs empty as his arm is drawn across his chest under his coat by a sling. He is unarmed, save for the cane which he seems to be leaning on for support.

Random straightens, smiling at Tanith.

Random is a wily looking man with a sharp nose and a shock of straw colored hair. Hazel eyes gleam, seemingly far older than the 30 years his face and body suggest. He's dressed in something like a Renaissance costume of orange, red, and brown with long hose and a tight-fitting doublet. Gloves fit comfortably on his hands and a short cloak falls to his waist behind him, clasped to his neck by a small, silver Unicorn pin. There is a beautifully crafted saber and a pouch belted to his side. (Basically, he looks like his RPG picture.)

Tanith beams at Constantine.

Constantine says, after a very long moment, "My love."

Michael takes a picture of Tanith and Constantine (and anyone else near them).

A broad-shouldered man, hugely elegant in a tuxedo with a blue cummerbund. His red hair has been carefully combed, and he has an easy smile. He's wearing a blue silk handkerchief in lieu of a flower, and he's carrying a small camera, that looks even smaller in his wide hands.

Darian smiles at Tanith and Rand's arrival.

A soft sheen covers the flowing mithral halo that spreads down from head to spill out around shoulders, setting off the sharp, white-blue china of his eyes. A flowing garb of teal enfolds his torso, coppery strands glittering as it shifts and shimmers with his movements. Tightening at the cuffs, the shirt ends at his wrists, leaving delicate, skillful hands open and unfettered but for the ring of bronze on his right hand. Caught at the waist by a belt of some light, coppery fabric, his shirt slips smoothly into the satiny midnight pants which float down his legs and into the lips of his crisp, polished black boots. A bronze half-mask covers the left side of Darian's face, concealing it from scrutiny.

Constantine smiles, enormously.

Eldrik smiles faintly.

Eldrik is lean, roughly six feet tall, attractive but for the claw-shaped scars on his left cheek. Short jet-black hair tops a clean-shaven face. His eyes are dark blue, almost bored, but he moves with the efficient energy of a coiled spring.
A forest green tunic molds itself to his shoulders, then falls down his body with the distinctive subdued shimmer of silk. The sleeves hang loosely around his wrists, trembling faintly as he moves. Silvery-grey pants emerge from beneath the tunic's hem, ending tucked into calf-high boots that seem soft even to the eye. From left shoulder to opposite hip sits a baldric of a silvery-grey to match the pants; the scabbard of his katana hangs from the baldric. Around his head is set a thin circlet of silver. Hanging off his left ear in a simple setting is a small, perfect emerald. Upon his right ring finger is a metal band, plain and dark.
Eldrik is wearing some kind of headgear, keeping his jaw mostly shut and immobile. His speech is slightly slurred.

Random lets his arms fall to his sides.

Mieko grabs Hiroshi, then walks up to Tanith and Constantine.

She's about 5'8", and looks to be in her middle twenties, though her violet eyes are ageless. She wears an impeccably formal kimono, a huge sword, and a severe expression. The kimono is rose and white, with a pattern of peonies, the wide sash of an intermediate shade and perfectly tied. The sword's hilt alone is a foot and a half long, poking up over her shoulder with red tassels; the scabbard is in brilliant red dragonscale with gold highlights and silk sashes. Her black hair is elegantly coiled, with numerous combs, and her flawless makeup shows hours of work and attention to detail.

A tallish Japanese man with a bit of premature gray at his temples, his expression is somewhere between pleased and nervous. He looks somewhat uncomfortable in his tuxedo, a white rose at the lapel. His brown eyes shine when sunlight hits them, and he is always very, very quiet.

Tanith is speechless.

Mieko says "(to Tanith, in English) You look very nice, dear."

Rand gets the heck out of the way as gracefully as he can.

Tanith stares at Mieko in astonishment.

The reptilians seem very complimentary of Tanith's apparel, especially her necklace.

Hiroshi smiles proudly at his daughter.

Despil takes in the two lovers, then focuses on Caine.

Rough-hewn features lend a cast of weather-worn age to an otherwise youthful complexion; beneath functionally trimmed bangs of dark blond hair a pair of crystally green eyes measure things present with precise calm and quiet command. Presently he wears a doublet of deep green, the texture rippling in the ambient light like glittering, liquid jade. His hose are deep blue, and from his shoulders swirls a silver-edged cloak of grey. Faint rose-shaped scars are barely visible on his right forearm, and on one thick finger glints a silver-framed sapphire.

Tanith finds her voice, and says in English, "You came!"

Mieko gives Hiroshi a sharp look.

Sekhmet watches Tanith for a moment, then grins in admiration and winks at 'tine.

Brown skin, the shade of walnut worn smooth by old age. Black eyes, flickering from face to face. All lines and angles, beak of a nose, long gangling body, elbows and cheekbones sharp.
He wears white linen, vivid against his dark skin, and a single chain of gold and lapiz lazuli.

Deirdre steps out of a rainbow sparkle, next to Constantine's man.

You see before you a tall, graceful woman, dressed in a stunning gown of rich deep blue silk and black velvet, elaborately cross-tied at the bodice and worked with silver embroidery. The gown is belted tightly at the waist with elaborately linked silver, splendidly setting off the silver tiara which crowns her hair; her hair is long and so black as to almost shine blue, and is bound up in the tiara, in an intricate and ancient style. A round sapphire glitters in the center of the tiara, just perfectly complementing the deep blue of her dress. At her left breast is a silver pin, the Unicorn of Amber rampant on a crescent moon.
She looks to be somewhere in her third decade of life, although the sardonic glint and dark brooding in the cold ice of her blue eyes belies this apparent age. A faint, cynical smile plays at her lips, and there is a resigned set to her sharply sculpted jaw. On her right hand is the heavy signet ring of the Regent of Amber; on the ring-finger of her left gleams a brilliant blue star sapphire, set into a slender silver band.

Mieko says "We had to be here."

Constantine says, glowing, "They did."

Diony quietly finds seats for herself and Arawn.

A tall, slender woman, moving with a simple economy too precise for grace. Her eyes are golden, hints of liquid honey set deep in a strong-boned face that seems entirely made of planes and angles. They are luminous against her chocolate skin, promise of warmth in an otherwise controlled expression. Her long hair is the colour of molten gold, wound into an intricate braid that falls to her waist; tucked behind one ear is a white flower. She is dressed in a sheer sheath of polished, ankle-length white satin, ruched in dovetail pleats on the right to hip-length above a starkly azure watered silk panel. Delicately curled, five-petalled gold flowers decorate the top of the ruche and decolletage. A shawl of gold-threaded white lace is laid on top, and her feet are bare, nails painted the exact gold of her hair. Smoky gold rests at her throat, the necklace a tapered array of tangled spears. Tiny eyes glint from between them, sapphire and emerald. A feline figure carved from ice-opal rests among the dark, golden blades, pale form catching fire from the burned gold and spitting it in shattered rainbow sparks.

Arawn is a slender man of medium height. His narrow, pale face is set with deep, blue eyes beneath thick hair of glossy black in a pronounced widow's peak. Arawn appears to be in his early twenties. His hands are long and thin, the fingers spatulate, and his movements are gentle and languid. His tunic is thick black fur, soft and flexible, loose around the chest and arms, but coming in to tight white satin cuffs and a similar collar, piped in black. The trousers are cut severely, but are cloth-of-gold, and black seamed. Arawn's slippers are plain black, trimmed in white. On his right ear hang faceted citrines, yellow-brown with hints of gold, glittering their honeyed light.

Tanith looks around at everyone, blinking.

Random clears his throat.

Hiroshi looks at his wife, then looks at the ground.

Darian nods to Deirdre as he moves to find a place to sit.

Arawn sits down, grinning.

Tanith looks to Random, and grins!

Constantine shakes himself, and turns to Random.

Random says "If you all will find seats, we can get this thing rolling."

Rand sneaks away from the scene and finds a seat by Janier.

Her green eyes are hollow, radiant with a purity that brings to mind stained glass. Hollow, yes, but startingly clear, spirit shining in them like ethereal flame. Moongleam hair falls across her face, a gentle rain that accentuates thin in a simple dress the colour of moonstone; pure white with an undertone of shimmering blue. It's sleeveless, the skirt long and straight to mid-calf. Pink primroses are twined through her hair, light blossoms striped with violet. Indigo rests against her collarbone, a small pouch of silk. Across the palm of her right hand is a small reddish mark; golden gleam on the left is a ring, simple band of solid amber.

Mieko and Hiroshi sit down in the front.

Random motions for Tanith and Constantine to come forward before him.

Deirdre appears alone; she flashes a quick, small, smile to Constantine and another to Random, and walks to stand beside that younger brother; as she does, the smile widens, as if by reflex, slowly turned on each person present.

Caine sits nigh the aisle.

Michael gets a seat in the rear, center, where he can get a good view of everyone.

Tanith looks at Constantine, and takes his hand, moving forward.

Deirdre, seeing Random otherwise occupied, walks over to Caine instead, actually.

Constantine swallows, and turns to step towards Random, slowly; his face is alight.

Random smiles at the couple, amusement dancing in his eyes.

Despil takes seat near the back, quietly.

Mieko and Hiroshi shift their seats so they are on Tanith's side, as close as is polite.

[Caine slips a small stuffed toy unicorn, which happens to be a sorcery blocker, into Tanith's pocket.]

Tanith glances sidelong at Caine, and gives him a brilliant grin.

Darian slips into a seat, a few rows in front of Despil.

Caine grins back.

Random glances out over the crowd, "Welcome one and all..."

Mieko folds her arms

Sekhmet takes a seat on one of the side benches, long legs stretched out in front of him, amused gaze on 'tine and Tanith.

Michael takes a photo.

Mieko slips her hands into her sleeves

Random says "We are gathered here to witness the joining of Tanith and Constantine in the bonds of holy matrimony..."

Despil's left eyelid twitches.

Michael takes another photo.

Constantine steals a quick look at Tanith, and back at Random.

Eldrik gets a slightly distant expression.

Random's gaze sweeps the guests, "If there is anyone against this joining, speak now, or forever hold your peace."

Eldrik holds his hand out to mid-air.

Mieko left hand is holding something bright. The hand blurs and something flies toward the wedding party.

Hiroshi says "Mieko NO!"

Mieko stands, drawing her sword in the same motion.

Constantine spins, somewhat too late, catching a knife in his upper left arm.

Michael takes a photo.

Stefan appears in a rainbow sparkle, grasping Eldrik's hand.

A tall, thin lad who seems to be in his mid-twenties. His pale blond hair is short and neat, almost a military cut, and his eyes are of the deepest blue. He wears a simple white tunic trimmed with red and orange over which is a utility belt that bears a longsword and something that appears to be an oversized tuning fork, among other items. A silver bracer covers his right forearm; a particularly expert observer may note a form of body armor worn under the clothing. He appears alert, yet relaxed. A black armband bearing the design of a golden pegasus is wrapped around his left arm.

Random reaches out, grabbing Tanith and pulling her toward him,

Rand says "Christ on a crutch."

Random draws his sword in a smooth motion.

Despil calmly turns his head towards Mieko.

Tanith spins too, astonished. "Mother--urk"

Eldrik blinks looking up.

The reptilians fan themselves expansively. A show!

Despil focuses on Mieko.

Darian blinks, rising to his feet.

Stefan makes an effort to get the grass clippings off and he looks around.

Diony narrows her eyes, half-rising.

Random says "So much for a tame ceremony..."

Constantine drops back, looking somewhat stunned, reflexively looking for stance, although his expression is pained.

Mieko starts moving toward Constantine, murder in her eyes.

Arawn blinks.

Eldrik stands fluidly.

Hiroshi weeps.

Despil pauses as if thinking hard about something. He furrows his brow . . Mieko. then unfurrows it, expression clearing.

Random steps forward to interpose himself between Mieko and Constantine, sword held defensively.

Sekhmet comes off the bench in an explosive motion, moving toward the fight.

Constantine says, stressed, "Don't hurt her!"

Tanith says "Mother, stop!"

Mieko says "Get out of my way, this is a matter of honor! (in English)"

Random keeps his eyes on Meiko, "I won't."

Despil puts a coatrack spell upon Mieko.

Arawn chews his lip.

Darian glances back to Despil, quietly.

Caine says "Random, hand your sword to the nice man, and let him prove his worth."

Mieko freezes, sword held up dramatically.

Michael takes another photo, then stops and looks at his camera, surprised.

Despil looks to Constantine. "Frozen."

Despil says "Suggestions?"

Arawn looks at Diony, confused. He mutters to Diony, "... happening?"

Deirdre watches the scene in what appears to be a combination of mild surprise and amusement.

Marith stands tensely aside, hand on her sword.

Thin, tall, with just a trace of awkwardness left in the long limbs. Her face is narrow and angular, already too deeply lined for more than grace and a certain purity of expression. Marith's black hair is bound into a plain net, its length unguessable, and topped by a simple black velvet cap. Her dress is high-necked, formal silk of a violet only a few shades lighter than black, the narrow skirt as plain as the bodice. The jacket over it is velvet of the same hue, but stitched in gold with long, trailing feathers curling about the edges and the puffed sleeves. Incongruous and jarring, a plain longsword swings at her side, below the somber black armband with its stylized golden pegasus. A silver-braided ring rests on her opposite hand. Despite her obvious uneasiness with the blade, Marith looks to be almost smiling to herself now and then. A long, thin white scar is scored across her right palm.

Hiroshi looks up, sees his wife, then resumes weeping.

Random says "Someone disarm her, please."

Diony mutters to Arawn, "... about..."

Tanith says "I'm sorry!"

Diony looks at Constantine, then at Tanith.

Constantine says "Um."

Tanith says "I didn't know she'd ack are you all right Constantine?"
Tanith struggles away from Random.

Stefan glances around, then starts heading to the armed woman.

Darian turns to look at Constantine, "Do you wish to fight for your bride?"

Constantine carefully puts a hand to his arm, pressure on the wound.

Random releases Tanith, glancing back at Constantine, "Your show. Your call."

Arawn blinks at the sight of blood on Constantine's arm.

Constantine says, bemused, "I did already once. Someone disarm her... Mr. Miramoto, are you alright? Is she alright?"

Sekhmet looks to 'tine, one dark brow going up. "You need help?"

Random lowers his sword, but stays near.

Rand begins moving forward and stops abruptly.

Despil murmurs, "Coatrack."

Arawn says "He's hurt!"

Caine ahs to Constantine.

Despil stands and walks towards Constantine.

Diony says "Tanith, she give up without fighting him?"

Tanith says "Uh she better."

Despil murmurs something to Constantine when he's reached him.

Rand gets back in his seat and sits real low

Emilio is forced to console the reptilians after it seems that there isn't going to be an honor bout.

Emilio's gone all out today. Much of the olive complexion of his flesh is visible, though his face is anointed with bright yellow tear lines outlined with blue and the definition of his stocky, barrel-chested musculature is highlighted with filmy golden posing-oil. He wears a lavender orchid over his left ear amongst his short, curly, black hair to set off his rutilated green eyes. Girt around his neck is a choker of long bleached bone beading alternating with small spherical silver fluting. An intricate harnesswork of white buckskin clings sheerly to his wide, heavyset, slablike axeman's hips; winding upwards to cross at a bright metal pectoral and slip over his broad shoulders. From it in back hangs two circular fans of red-tailed hawk feathers; radiating out from between his shoulderblades and the other dangles over his hamstrings. His dark green loincloth is embroidered with golden thread and belted with bright shells. In his right hand is a fan of feathers, and in his left is an exquisitely carven short staff headed by a hawk. Though Emilio's feet are bare, his arms and legs are wrapped about with glittering bracelets and spiky plumes, making his every motion into a barbaric dance.

Eldrik sits back into the bench.

Darian moves away from his seat, walking to stand a few feet behind Despil.

Diony says, mild, "Don't suppose you're happy leaving her like this?"

Tanith says "No."
Tanith is distracted by Constantine's wound.

Constantine says "No."

Random moves over to Mieko and pries the sword from her fingers.

Stefan puts one hand over Mieko's hand and attempts to relieve her of her weapon. He then proceeds to check her over for further cutlery and other untoward items.

Diony lets out her breath. "Well. Storage, then, or unfreeze her now and hope she doesn't get any ideas?"

Deirdre is apparently valiantly trying to avoid laughing. Her shoulders shake, though.

Mieko turns out to have three poisened darts in her hair, six throwing knives, a steel bracer in her right arm and nunchucks concealed in her left sleeve. A short sword is wrapped in the bow of her kimono.

Random says "Jesus. H. Christ."

Stefan mumbles something about an arsenal.

Constantine says, bemused, "I can't do sorcery. Stefan, will you... Lord Despil, will you tell Stefan that, and Stefan, will you watch her?"

Tanith looks devoutly embarassed.

Eldrik blinks.

Tanith says "She's, um, I guess she really was mad."

Arawn grimaces.

Diony says "Yah, looks like it."

Despil looks over at Stefan.

Darian smiles slightly as Mieko is disarmed.

Sekhmet watches the pile of armaments grow. "'tine, my friend. You may be marrying the right woman after all. With a mother like that."

Despil crooks his finger.

Random sheathes his sword.

Rand mutters to Janier, "... hell..."

Stefan glances back at Despil, turns and walks to him.

Tanith hides her face, muttering to herself.

Darian nods to Stefan as he approaches Despil.

Janier touches Rand's shoulder.

Despil murmurs something to Stefan, his words precise but faint.

Janier mutters to Rand, "It's... are like..."

The reptilians seem to be of the opinion that Mieko would be an excellent shawl-dancer.

Constantine makes a slight face. "Can someone lend me a bit of cloth?"

Hiroshi gets up and walks toward Random.

Stefan nods, once, in response to Despil.

Rand mutters to Janier, "... Sworse."

Random glances at Hiroshi.

Darian nods and draws a length from his pouch, moving to Tine.

Despil nods in kind.

Hiroshi says "Excuse me, sir, but is she going to be all right? (in English)"

Diony resumes her seat.

Despil makes way for Darian.

Constantine takes the cloth, and binds up his wound, his expression tinging on stubborn.

Despil heads back to his seat.

Diony mutters to Arawn, "... .hell.... Tanith... up... with... like..."

Marith looks down at herself reflexively, hand going to an absent belt, then relaxes as Darian steps forward.

Darian gives Tine a pat on the shoulder and a whispered word.

Random says "I think so."

Tanith says "She'll... father how could you let her?"

Random says "She's just frozen."

Hiroshi looks at the ground.

Tane' steps out of a rainbow sparkle, next to Constantine's man.

Tane' is impressively gravity-defying in more than one way: her legs, although quite long, would not meet with Lincoln's approval. Besides the curves, she has thick straight violet-black hair, enormous slit-pupilled hyacinth eyes, and a mischievous grin. Her gown is nominally crimson, but in practice composed mostly of cascading creamy lace which ruffles elegantly but hides almost nothing.

Janier mutters to Rand, "It'll be okay. It has to be, they're getting..."

Hiroshi says "I thought she was just going to make a scene. I did not know she would actually attack him."

Random runs a hand through his hair, smirking wryly, "Another bloody wedding."

Constantine manages a quick smile to Darian, and blinks at Tane', somewhat surprised.

Deirdre mumbles to herself, "Talk about good reasons for not getting married.."

Janier blushes, and drops her voice.

Caine elbows Deirdre politely.

Tanith says "Well she can't stay if she's going to try to kill him!"

Despil considers Tane.

Hiroshi looks embarassed and upset.

Stefan looks to Meiko, over to the engaged pair, over to Marith, as if attempting to derive some sort of proper protocol for these sorts of occurences.

Darian steps back, turning to walk back to a seat.

Michael moves over to the party.

Constantine says "Stefan, unfreeze her."

Tanith says "Michael will you, um, sit next to her? If she'll stay?"

Michael says "If you want, I will sit on her for you."

Tanith says "I mean, well, you know... yes."

Constantine says "I would be greatly appreciative."

Random keeps a wary eye on Meiko.

Michael grasps Mieko's arms

Rand rests his face in his hand and shakes it slowly, muttering under his breath.

Tanith bustles over to Mieko and inspects her worriedly.

Stefan makes his way over to Mieko.

Darian pauses by his old seat, then continues on back, looking from Despil to the seat next to him.

Mieko tries to follow through with the swing, and is lifted off the ground by michael.

Diony looks away from Arawn, over to Roxann, then motions to a pile of gifts behind a bench.

Tane' springs up into the air, standing with her feet and head-height to look around! "Tanith! Where are you?"

Michael says "Mrs. Mirimoto, please behave."

Stefan moves back immediately after disengaging the spell.

Eldrik glances at Tane'.

Constantine says, rather firmly, "Carrodre, it's our wedding day. Let's."

Tanith says "Yipe Tane'!"

Mieko struggles a little, looks defeated and calms down. Michael does not let go.

Tane' says "Tanith!"
Tane' swoops down and throws her arms around Tanith!

Random drives the point of Meiko's former sword into the ground behind him.

Despil watches this Tane' individual as if considering whether or not another spell would be appropriate.

Tanith glares at Mieko, caught short by Tane'. "Ack."

Random says "Okay. Okay."

Sekhmet resumes his seat, grinning broadly.

Deirdre seems to have managed to control her amusement, and is now sitting down, hands folded primly, waiting for the wedding to proceed. The corners of her lips still twitch from time to time, however.

Caine says "May we resume?"

Random glances at Constantine and Tanith, "I assume you'd like to continue."

Hiroshi says "(in japanese) I will tell him if you are about to try again. Please stop."

Iera appears in a rainbow sparkle, grasping Rand's hand.

A smattering of freckles, running across her pale skinned features. The flash of red, thick tousled curls crowning her form. A heart shaped bodice of white fur, a pelt of smooth satin, covers her to the waist, where a flowing skirt of gentle white material flows about her legs. White and blue beads and feathers are plaited into the fur of her top. The same beads and feathers are also plaited into her hair. Her eyes are a curious amber color today, resembling those of a white falcon. With a bold look, hinting of challenge, her deep brown eyes show intelligence, and stubbornness. She is lean, lithe, and young, though not so trusting as she once might have been.

Tane' kisses Tanith fondly! "What's all the hubbub?"

Tanith disengages Tane' from around her neck and moves back to Constantine's side, looking extremely apologetic.

Rand sits up, whistles very loudly and trys to wave down 'tine's attention

Despil nods to Darian, after the distraction passes.

Mieko, Hiroshi and Michael sit down again on Tanith's side.

Random says "All right, everyone. Nothing to see here. Sit back down."

Kahl looks disgruntled at being squashed.

Darian slips into the seat next to Despil, his features composed and smile returned.

Constantine grins, suddenly bright, to Iera, and then turns to Tanith.

Rand helps Iera to the front

Random exhales a soft breath, "Take two..."

Despil leans towards Darian, the faintest hiss of words falling from his lips.

Michael smiles at Tane'.

Mieko glowers, but sits still.

Random steps up in front of Tanith and Constantine.

Tanith beams over her shoulder at Iera, and takes Constantine's arm, glancing at the bandage.

Tane' says "Michael! Hi!"

Despil unleans.

Iera looks sheepish as she moves to where she's aimed.

Michael waves Tane over.

Random glances at Tane, gesturing towards the seats, "IF you'd sit, I'd highly appreciate it."

Darian nods to Despil as he watches Constantine and Tanith with a broad smile.

Tane' throws her arms around Constantine and plants a kiss on his lips, then springs over to sit in the air by Michael.

Constantine maintains calm.

Random mutters something under his breath.

Diony .looks. at Tane', then shrugs.

Random says "All right, then."

Tanith gives Tane' a look.

Despil considers the hyperkinetic Tane'.

Rand sneaks back to his seat.

Tane' grins at Tanith!

Tanith returns her attention to Random, and takes a deep breath.

Stefan returns unobtrusively to his prior location, nearer Marith than Eldrik.

Danyea appears suddenly from shadow.

Random looks at Tanith and Consantine, smiling wryly, "You sure know how to throw a wedding."

Despil notes Danyea's arrival with a vague ascension of the eyebrows.

Michael mutters to Tane', "... Mirimoto caused... help..."

Mariko waves to Diony, Rand, Eldrik, and Stefan.

Random says "Shall we begin again?"

Tane' mutters to Michael.

Tanith says devoutly, "Please."

Deirdre looks around, apparently having given up on being startled and amused and ended up just settling on being stunned and bemused.

Constantine says "Yes."

Cirda steps out of a rainbow sparkle, next to Constantine's man.

Mariko looks around.

Marith reaches out a hand to take Stefan's, not taking her eyes from the couple.

Cirda searches through the crowd, then slips over to Darian's side once she spies him.

Darian glances back, breaking into a warm smile as he sees Cirda.

Random looks out over the crowd once more, "I welcome you all here today to witness the joining of Tanith and Constantine in the bonds of holy matrimony..."

Tanith mutters to Random, "... line... objections."
["You might want to skip the line about objections."]

Janier shivers slightly, scooting closer to Rand.

Random takes Tanith's hand and places it in Constantine's.

Constantine swallows, eyes bright again, face alight; that touch of the stubborn has fled.

Random gives Tanith a wry look, "That's probably a good idea. We'll just skip that question."

Random grins.

Tanith looks at Constantine's face, and smiles, eyes bright.

Random says "As the couple has written their own vows, I turn the ceremony over to them for the moment."

Iera watches quietly, face without expression. She seems a bit more pale than usual, wispy with overcoming illness.

Stefan takes Marith's hand. He appears to be paying as much attention to the guests as he is the ceremony.

Random leans forward and murmurs something to the couple.
[Random grins, "All yours, folks."]

Constantine swallows again, and says, voice soft but true, "Tanith, I stand here today because there is nothing in all the worlds I wish more than to stand with you for the entirety of my days. I have found, with you, a peace and contentment deeper than I ever knew I sought after; you bring me joy."

Constantine pauses, still a moment, and says simply, "Will you take me as your husband?"

Mieko's face is stony.

From afar, Rand's finger cross

Iera looks down, eyes closed.

Tanith takes a breath, and says, "I will."

Hiroshi has tears rolling down his cheeks, but his eyes are bright.

Mieko glares back at the people looking at her.

Constantine takes Tanith's hand, eyes bright, and gently slips a silvery ring upon her finger.

Despil meets Mieko's glare easily.

Despil looks back to the couple.

Tanith says "Constantine, I want to live with you for all my life; you bring me the greatest happiness I can know. Will you take me as your wife?"

Constantine says, perfectly soft, "I will."

Tanith looks down at her hand and smiles, softly, and then pushes her veil back, leaning forward to give Constantine a kiss.

Tane' says "YAY!"

Michael looks at Mieko, shrugs and takes a photo of Tanith and Constantine kissing.

Sekhmet lets out a laugh, incredulousness and amusement mixed.

Random places his hands over the couple's, "I now pronounce you man and wife."

Darian grins, reaching out to take Cirda's hand and give it a squeeze.

Constantine leans in, and kisses Tanith, simply and sweet.

Despil's lips purse at Tane'.

Random says "You may kiss....nevermind."

Despil looks toward Darian, then Cirda.

Cirda smiles at Darian, quietly.

Random pulls away, chuckling.

Mieko says "(to Michael in english) How do we get out of here?"

Tanith leans back and grins ruefully at Random. "Oops."

Constantine says, with utter contentment, "Nothing wrong with impatience."

Random winks at Tanith.

Mariko smiles.

Michael pulls a trump out of his vest pocket.

The reptilians, and Emilio them, all clack their carven sticks against one another's twice.

Tanith grins!

Random says "Congratulations."

Mariko leans on Danyea.

Mieko takes the trump from Michael.

Arawn grins and squeezes Diony's hand.

Darian chuckles as he listens to Constantine, and turns to Despil, "Cousin-Lord, I do not believe that you have met my intended, Lady Cirda."

Janier beams.

Hiroshi has left.

Constantine hugs Tanith, grinning immensely.

Tanith beams, and hugs Random suddenly! "Thank you!"

Diony grins brilliantly, squeezing Arawn's hand.

Tane' springs forward to catch up Tanith and Constantine together! "YAY!"

Constantine hugs Random too, impulsive.

Iera removes something from her hand, then looks up finally to regard Constantine and Tanith again.

Mieko glares at Constatine, then stares into the trump.

Despil inclines his head towards Cirda. "Lady Cirda."

Mieko stares at a card in her hand.
Mieko moves forward and vanishes in a rainbow sparkle.

Random stumbles back a pace, grinning as he returns the hug, then almost gets bowled over by Constantine. He laughs, "You're welcome! You're welcome!"

Cirda nods politely to Despil. "Greetings."

Danyea smiles at the couple then smiles at Mariko softly.

Rand mutters to Janier, "That's..."

Marith leans her head against Stefan's shoulder, grinning contentedly.

Constantine hugs Tane, and points her at Random. "Hug him, he deserves it."

Tanith slips under Tane's arms with a grin, and takes a step towards Iera.

Michael wanders over to Tane'

Darian laughs at Constantine and Random, turning back to Cirda again.

Despil offers Cirda and Darian a faint smile.

Janier mutters to Rand, "It..."

Tane' pounces on Random! "Okay!"

Constantine looks around, expression only a little dazed. "Thank you all."

Rand starts milling about.

Michael watches Tane' in amusement.

Cirda's gaze holds a vague wanting as she looks at the newly wed couple, then she turns and slips her arms about Darian in a light embrace.

Tanith says "Yes."

Janier hugs Rand before he starts to mill.

Deirdre shakes her head slightly at the antics, but her smile is polite.

Iera nods quietly to Tanith, offering a somewhat lopsided smile.

Sekhmet stands as well. "My congratulations. Chaos shall be reeling with unbelief."

Despil murmurs, "Date set?" to Darian.

Tanith touches Iera's arm, and says softly to her, "I'm really glad you could come. You okay?"

Rand winces slightly, and mills as best he can away from Chant.

Darian chuckles as he is hugged, and leans over to whisper to Cirda.

Random chuckles, hugging Tane briefly, then disengaging himself.

Michael approaches Constantine.

Constantine says "Thank you, Sekhmet. If you'll be around, we should take dinner, sometime."

Michael says "Do we get to kiss the bride?"

Tane' spots Michael! "Hey! You have to tell me now!"
Tane' says "Ooh! Good idea!"

Michael grins.

Darian turns back to Despil, shaking his head, "Not for certain. Just that it will happen."

Diony rises, crossing to Constantine.

Constantine laughs. "The bride's her own, but I don't mind."

Deirdre stands, giving her gown a casual twitch to set it into perfect place, and walks towards Constantine

Constantine turns, and offers Diony an embrace, smile huge.

Tane' throws her arms around Tanith again and smooches her thoroughly!

Rand bounces off the crowd around the bride and groom.

Arawn grins.

Despil holds the faint smile, nodding.

Diony hugs her brother gently, kisses his cheek. "Congratulations."

Eldrik twists the ring on his finger absently as he watches the crowd.

Despil says "Inform me, Darian?"

Tanith says "Tane'."

Michael mutters to Tane', "Tanith's Mom... Tine... where... and..."

Iera grips Tanith's hand for a moment. "I'm sorry I was late. I had to...attend to something. It couldn't be put off. Congratulations."

Darian nods, "Most assuredly."

Sekhmet nods to Constantine. "And my congratulations to you, Lady Tanith." He inclines his head to her.

Michael kisses Tanith chastely if she lets him.

Tanith keeps hold of Iera's hand, gently, and nods. "I figured. And thank you for coming."

Tane' hugs anyone within reach before darting back to Michael! "I guess that counts as an objection!"

Constantine looks over. "Thank you very much, Iera. I -- thank you."

Tanith grins over at Sekhmet, and gives Michael a kiss.

Mariko grabs Dany's hand, and heads towards the couple.

Despil nods a final time and turns back to survey the others.

Constantine says "Tanith! This is Sekhmet; he's an old friend from the days when I was fighting for a living."

Tanith says "Oh!"

Deirdre stands politely near Constantine, flashing Random a quick smile.

Iera looks at Constantine, the emotion in her eyes unreadable but strong. "I wouldn't have missed it."

Diony turns to Tanith.

Diony says "Hi."

Tanith says "I'm happy to meet you, Sekhmet!"

Michael takes more photos of Tanith and Constantine with their friends.

Darian smiles, "I should worm my way in to congratulate the couple."

Despil nods. "I will accompany."

Despil stands.

Constantine nods to Iera, expression thankful a moment, and turns to Deirdre with a smile.

Tanith bounces at Diony and hugs her firmly.

Lady Tanith ti'Uoknor at'Constantine -- the section of history this log takes place in.

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