TamLin's Dream

Along the western wall is a row of cots that are neatly made and ready to be used. This infirmary is well stocked and shows the influence of Aspnestech in the instruments used. There is a diagnostic computer against the nothern wall, along with two tables that resemble operating tables. The drawers and cupboards in this room are all clearly labelled and hold a plethora of medicinal goods.
There is a door in the southern wall that leads to a hallway. The hallway leads to the library. Also found in the hallway is the gym.

Tanith comes in, the cloak bundled, and catches her breath.

TamLin lies on a bed and looks remarkably dead. Although that may be a result of the silly hospital gown he's got on.

His eyes are closed, his body is completely still. There seems to be no breathing or heartbeat. A clean blue and white hosptial gown covers his body. His blond hair is braided in the back to keep out of the way, although since it is so long, it still tends to be everywhere. His frozen expression seems calm, although there are traces of crowsfeet, and there is a small scar visible above the collar of the gown.

A smattering of freckles, running across her pale skinned features. The flash of red, thick tousled curls crowning her form. Neatly clad in a steel grey velvet doublet and a pair of blue hose, she allows her hair to flow freely about her shoulders. White peeks out at the seems of the doublet, betraying the shirt beneath. On her feet is a pair of comfortable black suede boots. The doublet is trimmed with delicate strands of gold, and flashes of blue and gold can be seen at her ears. With a bold look, hinting of challenge, her deep brown eyes show intelligence, and stubbornness. She is lean, lithe, and young, though not so trusting as she once might have been.

Tanith murmurs to Iera, nervously, "Ready?"
Tanith swings the cloak around her shoulders, hooking the clasp.

Iera closes the book, and nods to Tanith, expression solemn.
Iera says quietly, "What are we going to do?"

Tanith says "We need to start from Sur. Rand gave me some ideas, but we should get there first."
Tanith says "Are you safe in Sur? It's Arcadia, too, but mine. I don't want Ladril for this."

Iera stands up, placing the book by Thom's bed, on top of a copy of TamLin. She nods, "I think so. I'll have to be, won't I?"

Tanith smiles confidently. "You will be."
Tanith finds a trump. "Can you carry him?"

Iera nods slowly, closing her eyes and concentrating. After several long moments, her form twisting and melting, she emerges a white dragon.

A smallish dragon looks back at you, eyes swirling colors on a milky background. The almost snake-like body moves quickly, gracefully. Glittering scales cover the back and head of the dragon, their color like opals. Jointed plates cover the belly and inner legs, a soft purplish color. Strong wings sprout from the back, and fold neatly when not being used. Two small arms are scaled and plated, as are the strong legs. Wicked, milky white claws are found at the tip of every finger and toe. As the mouth opens slightly to let out a hissing breath, you can see rows of sharp teeth.

Iera says "if you help me get him up, then I'll have no problems."

Tanith picks up TamLin, carefully and a bit hesitant, and sets him on Iera's back.
Tanith stands close to Iera's side, bracing Thomas a little, and reaches for the base of a wing, turning to examine her trump.

[As you stare at the image before you, it slowly becomes more real.]

Grassy Rise
A gentle rise slopes down to the foggy forest, grass all tawny gold, edges feathered pale with green. Near the crest a young ash grows straight, leaves spring-soft and new; a spring bubbles up near its foot, filling a rock-lined pool green with algae and duckweed. A creek trickles from the pool, cutting a shallow gully, a lusher line: sedge, horsetail, soapweed, and fuzzy mint, a quiet chuckle of running water. Live oaks fan out, widely spaced, from the spring, and boulders scatter the hillside.
The sky is light grey, overcast, though luminous. It's darker to the west, perhaps threatening rain, and a light breeze blows.

Iera lets her form melt back to human.

Tanith helps take TamLin off Iera's back, settling him just downhill of the spring.
Tanith says "Rand says we need to get his dreams back first; it's safer."
Tanith says "And that you can find them, because he loves you. We dream, you find his dreams, and we lead them back."

Iera bites her lip and nods...a touch hesitantly. "Does that mean I have to fall asleep on command?"

Tanith stands, frowning a little.

Iera manages a somewhat weak smile.

Tanith grins. "It'd help, but I think I can get you to sleep, here."
Tanith says "You should dream, and I'll go with you."

Iera says "Okay...."
Iera kneels down at Thom's side, taking his hand in hers. She looks up at Tanith.

Tanith draws the black dagger and says, "Bought and paid for, a wedding gift, a friendship gift. I think it's fitting, for protection." She stoops to cut the turf in a circle around Iera and Thomas.

Tanith gets all the way around and leaves about a foot uncut. She sheathes the dagger and walks to the spring.

Tanith dips up water in cupped hands and steps back, carefully using the break in the circle. Droplets fall bright from her fingers, and her eyes are wide and clear.

Tanith kneels before Iera, offering the water. "Drink, and sleep, and dream well."

Iera cups Tanith's hands with her own and sips the water. As her hands close around Thom's once more, her eyes close...her breathing slows.

Tanith takes a sip herself and opens her fingers, letting the rest scatter. She rises, with a look of concentration to her, and draws the blade to close the circle. Then she resheathes and seats herself.
Tanith puts her hand on top of Iera's, and her own eyes close almost immediately.

Iera's frame loses some of its tension as the circle is closed and she sighs quietly, slipping into a more steady pattern of breathing.

Tanith's breaths become long and slow, almost meditative.

There's a glade, trees all about. One in the center, hung heavy with ripened fruit.
The glade rests on a hill, overlooking a landscape. A red river. A thorned path. Hills that have no path, and a path leading up a golden stair.
Tanith sits, a nimbus of cool soothing light all about. Iera stands near her, white scales clad her form, wings and hair of flame, deep brown eyes. The wedding band about her finger glows with its own radiance.
A small snake fades in on the seventeenth step of the stair and begins to descend.

Tanith rises, faint afterimages following, and looks about searchingly.

Iera touches Tanith's arm lightly, nails opaque like claws and points at the stairway.

Tanith climbs partway up the stairs, nearly floating, and stops and leans, holding out her hand for the snake to crawl onto.

Iera walks after Tanith, a bit more slowly. A trail of sparks in her wake.

The small serpent does not change its path, which leads through Tanith's hand. This does not stop it from continuing down the stair.

Tanith looks back at Iera, questioningly, and moves to let the snake by.

A second snake appears on the same step the first one appeared on.
The first reaches the base of the stair.

Iera watches the snake, brows drawn together.

The second serpent remains on the step it appeared on, while the first one curls into a cirle at the base of the stair.

Tanith speaks to Iera, voice ghostly. "Do you feel him?"

Iera says quietly, "The stair leads nowhere..." She points upwards.

Tanith floats back down, feet barely touching the steps.

Tanith jumps aside at the last three and takes a place beside Iera.

Iera climbs the step to where it ends, looking at where it used to be.

The small snakes remain in their places, remaining still

Tanith turns in a slow circle.

Iera passes back down the stair, glancing at the fruited tree.

Tanith spreads her arms wide. "Love, Iera. Where is your love?"

The snake on top of the stairs slithers into a circle, ending with its tail in its mouth. The one at the base of the stairs does this too.

Iera's hand goes to the glowing ring about her finger and she turns to look at the snakes once more.

Tanith looks at her own hands, unringed. "The serpent, the circle?"

The two serpents do not move.

Iera holds out her hand to Tanith, showing the ring.

[Iera's wedding ring]
A slim band, fashioned like two intertwined serpents. They face opposite directions and each holds a tail in its mouth. Halfway between the two heads is a small blue stone.

Iera says "Thom's ring is a single serpent, twined. Tail in mouth. Emeralds for eyes."

Tanith smiles, sudden. "It's your dreaming. Make it the same?"

Iera looks thoughtfully at the nearest snake. Cocking her head, she leaves a faint trail of sparks.

The small serpent at the foot of the stair seems to lengthen, as it slowly begins to spin its own tail about itself.

Tanith fades somewhat, though the soft nimbus about her remains the same.

The small serpent completes a cycle, and stops, and then the eyes turn green.

Iera allows herself a tiny smile, bittersweet. She locks the form, and turns her attention to the other snake.

Tanith grins wide delight, her form near transparent.

Iera chews on her bottom lip thoughtfully and scans about the glade for a blue stone.

The other snake has taken on this form, too.

Tanith looks from one snake to the other, tilting her head.

Iera looks thoughtful and slices along the palm of one hand with the hardened, sharpened nail of the other. The blood that pools is quickly shaped to a circle, the color swirling and finally settling on a faintly purplish blue. Her palm is perfectly healed. She walks to the first snake and attempts to pick it up.

Tanith lets out a quiet breath and floats past Iera, up the stairway, just her toes touching.

It is easy to retrieve, although it retains its form.

Iera picks up the snake, then climbs the stair, being sure the form stays locked. She pushes through resistance to place one snake on top of the other, heads opposite. The blue stone between them and centered on the curve so that each head is equal distance away.

Tanith slows, almost hanging, finally, in midair a few steps up. She looks up at Iera.

As you near the top, the stair begins to wobble and perhaps appear a little more translucent.

Iera forces the two shaped snakes into such a form as to hold the stone steady.

As the snake approaches the other one, the stair tilts more and more, fading out even more.

Iera ...though maintaining their original shift.

Tanith continues floating up, shedding silver light. The nimbus brightens a little and she touches Iera's sides, between and below the wings.

Iera frowns, placing the first one down at the base of the stair, then climbing again to take up the top snake.

Tanith follows behind Iera, hands still touching her back, weight and pressure very faint.

As Iera picks up the ring at the top of the stairs, they collapse and disappear.
The two rings remain firm and in their forms.

Tanith flashes silver.

Iera floats down to the other ring, and proceeds to join them together with the blue stone to be like her own ring, while still holding the unique qualities of Thom's ring.

Tanith lets go, fading back.

The two rings flash silver, blue, silver, blue, black, then disappear completely.

Iera whispers quietly, "His colors."

A short and weak earthquake shakes the entire region.

Tanith murmurs back, "And what does he dream of, when he dreams?"

Iera's expression saddens, and she gazes out across the hills and the thorned path. "I do not know. He...He used to have nightmares...of the last time."

A fruit falls from the tree and rolls down the bank to a pond.

Tanith whispers, "Thorns."

Iera's gaze flickers towards the fallen fruit. She follows its path.

Tanith drifts along behind.

The pond is shaped like two ovals, one smaller than the other, and the edges are ragged. A small stream exits from the smaller oval, opposite where the two ovals connect.
The fruit has stopped rolling approximately two meters from the edge.

Iera kneels down at the edge of the larger pond and looks at the surface.

It is solid black. The floor of the pond is impossible to see.

Tanith asks, a whisper, "Shape or color or feel?"

Iera says "'Tis black."
Iera turns to regard the surface of the smaller pool.

It is the same.

Iera picks up the fallen fruit.

[a white apple]

Tanith says softly, "Silver, blue? Or a different path?"

Iera chews on her bottom lip. "Blue, black and white."

Tanith laughs softly. "Cut open the apple."

Iera nods, a faint smile. A ghost smile. Her nail lengthens, long and sharp enough to service. She slices open the apple.

The earth shakes strongly, and several more fruits fall from the tree to land with a squishy thump on the ground, breaking open and spilling their rotton green insides.

Iera looks down at the apple in her hands.

This one is a normal apple, it seems.

Tanith says calmly, "White, then."

It begins to rain on the far side of the pond. The squall is very short lived, but violent. Where the water touched, the plants have turned blue, and become twisted mockeries of their original form.

Tanith narrows her eyes.
Tanith bites her lips and looks to Iera. "Blue, it is..." she trails off.

Iera drops one half of the white apple into the larger pond.

It disappears without a ripple.

Iera stretches out her hand, until the palm is just above the surface of the pond but not quite touching.
Iera lets her palm touch the water.

Tanith watches with confidence.

Her hand seems to just pass through the surface. It is not blanked out by the color of the 'liquid'

Iera's brows draw together. "Nothing...."

Tanith says "No? Your dreams are touching his somewhere..."

The other half of the fruit in Iera's hand falls out.

Iera stares at the other half, the crease of a frown on her forehead.

Tanith says simply, "Dream him."

Another faint tremor shakes the plants all about.

Iera closes her eyes, throwing herself through memory after memory, finally settling on the memory captured by the holostone. Thom at the wedding.

In the center of the larger half of the pond, Thomas appears, although more a ghost than a real person. He is looking down the length of the pond to the stream.

Tanith breathes, "Ah..."

Iera pushes the other half of the apple into the smaller pond.

It too disappears without a ripple. The ghost form turns his head to stare at where the fruit went in.

Tanith's lips form the name, "Thomas," silently.

Iera says it aloud, "Thom." Her voice solid, full.

[You feel a tingling sensation in the back of your head. Type 'answer' to receive it, or just ignore it.]

The strongest earthquake yet shakes the entire region. The fruit tree falls silently. The blue plants on the far side of the pond rustle ominously. A rock jams its way out of the ground at the edge of the pond farthest from the stream mouth.

TamLin does not move or stop looking at the place he was staring at before.

Iera stands, moving to stand by the stream's mouth. She holds a hand out, towards Thom. "Thomas."

[To the image of Rand, Tanith is disjointed, gone, earthquake, blue. A snatch, merely.]
[You break off the Trump contact.]

Tanith wavers suddenly, then the glow brightens, firm.

A pair of rocks jut up along side the previous one.

Tanith turns towards the rocks, her hands spreading wide.

They seem to be making a wall around the pond.

Iera plunges her hand into the small pond.

There is no response, as before.

Tanith shouts, insubstantial, "No!" There is a lightning-flash, about her.

Two more rocks slowly force themselves out of the ground, again along the edge of the pond. They move at a snail's pace.

Iera cries out, her voice a wail of anguish and concern, "THOMAS!"

Tanith flashes again, and says almost inaudibly, "Quickly!"

TamLin turns around without moving and stares at the rocks.

Iera steps into the small pond, gaze fixed on Thom.

This pair of rocks finally reaches their position, and the next pair begin to force out of the ground at the edge of the pond. A few of the blue plants are uprooted, but fall outside the wall of rock.

The pond does not seem to want Iera, as she seems to be blocked by something.

Tanith floats forward, and presses translucent hands upon the rocks, angry now.

Iera lifts her feet from the ground and she attempts to cross to the side with the blue plants.

There is no resistance.
The rocks slow a little more, but are still moving.

Tanith pushes harder, nimbus flaring, then fading to dim.

Iera gathers two blue plants, then wings back towards the ponds. She drops one in each pond.

The earth cracks and roars, and both of you are thrown to the ground (even if you are flying). Around the pond, a wall has formed of large rocks. The earth continues to shake.

A huge crack forms where the base of the tree was.

The crack widens, and begins to head towards the pond.

Tanith wails, "No!"

Iera pushes herself up, eyes filled as she watches. She cries out, "Birth, Thomas! Push damnit!!"

The shaking continues, but the crack stops growing, and Tanith flares again.

Iera throws herself upon the nearest rock in the wall, tearing at it with her hands. "PUSH YOURSELF OUT, THOM!!!"

Another crack forms at the base of the wall of rock..right under Iera's feet.
This crack under Iera's feet spreads quickly for a split second, then slows considerably.

Tanith stands utterly still, lightning bright. Her toes are a few inches off the ground.

The crack from the tree begins to move again, slowly, and splits off to form two branches, one slowly wending its way towards the wall of rock and Iera, the other towards Tanith.

Iera beats on the rock with her fists.

The cracks widen and lengthen, becoming chasms in the ground.
Finally, the two cracks form one, and the one under Tanith widens as to be broader than her stance. Slowly, the one under Iera does the same.

Tanith floats slowly downwards, her toes entering the crack. She seems unawares, lightning somehow soft beginning to dance from her fingertips.

The crack under Iera suddenly shrinks by about half its width. However, the rest of the landscape suddenly shatters.

Iera cries out Thom's name, and Tanith's.

The rocks surrounding the 'pond' smash into pieces, and then disappear.
The ground opens widely in many places, then becomes more islands in a sea of blackness, then to dust. The chasms go to swallow up Tanith and
Iera, but the ground surrounding them is too soft to injure or even approach.

Tanith continues sinking, slowly, calm across her transparent features. Lightning plays about her, arcing towards Iera and Thom, not touching.

TamLin is not visible.

Soon, it is totally dark.
(except for the glowing forms of Iera and Tanith, which are still visible to each other)

Iera reaches out to Tanith, a long stream of sparks behind her.

Tanith trails a long silver arc, and floats to Iera.

Iera grasps Tanith's hand, tightly.

Tanith shifts her transparent hand to Iera's wrist, spinning slowly, and touches the wedding ring.
Tanith murmurs, "Hope, and faith. We were very close."
Tanith says "Dream us a place, and make him anew there?"

Iera carefully attempts to construct the grassy rise that Tanith brought them to, and an awakened Thom.

The rise forms, but there is no Thomas.

Tanith fades, more, helping, knowing that rise from somewhere deeper than her soul.

You both wake up.

Tanith straightens, startled and tired.

TamLin says "You know, it's a real pain sitting here in a hospital gown with two beautiful babes sitting asleep in front of me."

Tanith laughs! "Thomas!"

Iera blinks open her eyes, rubbing one with her fist. She lets out a squeal and launches herself at Thomas.

TamLin says "No, Francisco, but I'll let you call OOF me that."
TamLin hugs Iera.

The place where the sod was cut by the knife is now a ring of poppies, yellow-orange and bright even in the overcast.

Iera kisses Thom and beams at him, "You're awake!!!!"

TamLin says "Well, with this headache, I couldn't sleep."

Tanith says "You're awake!"

TamLin turns to stare at Tanith half accusdely.

Tanith is grinning ear to ear!
Tanith says "What, what?"

TamLin says "You were pushing me back in, not pulling me out."

Iera looks almost hysterical, caught between laughter and tears.

Tanith bites her lip. "Oh, I'm sorry."

Tanith says "But it felt like Mab!"

TamLin shrugs, "Don't ask me, that's what I felt." TamLin says "You know, I feel like shit. I need to go home and sleep."

Iera kisses Thom again and hugs him tight! "Shall I trump us?"

TamLin says "Yes, you shall."

Tanith grins brightly. "It is so good to see you!"

TamLin says "Yeah, yeah, welcome back party in three days."

Iera pulls a trump, pausing to hug Tanith!! "Are you coming back with us?"

TamLin says "Let's get the hell out of here. I feel sick."

Tanith hugs Iera and Tam both!
Tanith says "No, I'm staying."
Tanith says "Sleep well!"

Iera says "Okay. We'll see you soon!"
Iera takes Thom's hand and concentrates on the trump.

Lady Tanith ti'Lane ar'Constantine -- the section of history this log takes place in.

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