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I got the idea for this page from the wonderful Amber family tree which Mercedes keeps for AmberMUSH. I've made links to her pages in the obvious places.

I've also made links to other people's pages where it seemed appropriate, or where a page for a character's player existed and mentioned the character.

The image is large, but more readable than the previous. Refer to the text below if you find it confusing, and if I hear many howls of dismay I will partition it off so that it is not on the main page. The image is also somewhat out of date, due to constraints in creation. Look at the ASCII version below for the most current information.

[Family Tree]

Uoknor Family Tree

A text-based version of the above image.

Name in this style indicates that the character is dead.
Name in this style indicates that the character is in play.
'm.' indicates a marriage.
'by' indicates a child out of wedlock or that the marital status of the parents is unknown.
Adoptions are not necessarily as children of the adoptor.
Godchildren are listed as appropriate.

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Amber Tiffany Yatashi

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