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The local help for House Uoknor falls into two parts: that for the Townhouse itself, and that for the Shadow where the House proper is actually located.

Uoknor Townhouse

The townhouse, bought by House Uoknor when Constantine joined, is in the Courts of Chaos on the Grand Avenue Divergent. It has also inherited the local help for Chaos, and all of the laws that reign in the Courts.



This is a townhouse in Chaos, owned by House Uoknor. It consists mainly of a reception room, with various amenities and facilities provided for visitors. Upstairs there are various other rooms, including some guest rooms; these are not normally accessible to any but family, staff, and guests of the House. The laws here are the same as those for Chaos proper; see the non-Uoknor lhelp for help on that. House Uoknor proper is in a different Shadow, with different lhelp, so if you go there you should read at least the summary (+lhelp Summary).


Theme: Small townhouse in Chaos.
Powers: As per Courts of Chaos.
Magic: As per Courts of Chaos.
Psionics: As per AmberMUSH rules.
Tech: As per Courts of Chaos.
Time: As per Courts of Chaos.
Pole: 0.
Contact: Tanith. (+lhelp Coordinators)
Hazards: Very few for family or non-aggressive guests. (+lhelp Security)


House Uoknor's OOC contact points, in order, are: Tanith, Constantine, Diony, Autumn, and Eldrik. If you have a plot which requires OOC consent or cooperation from House Uoknor, please get in touch with one of those people.

The House Uoknor Home Page is located at: http://www.flick.com/games/MUDs/amber/uoknor/


House Uoknor has good security, if unobtrusive. Visitors to the townhouse will be met by a servant in House colors, who will inquire as to the nature of their business and proffer coffee and strawberries with balsamic vinegar. Other comestibles are available as well.

If armed attack is made, it will be met with force in a surprisingly short amount of time; please assume that the attack is driven off unless you have discussed the matter with a House coordinator OOC.

If someone attempts to use the Trump painting at the end of the hallway without clearance, it will quietly recede into the wall and a panel will close it off.

House Uoknor Proper

The Shadow which Uoknor resides in is also known as Iende Falls. Diony lives in what used to be known as Ilannaways, in Iende Falls, and the House is built over those Ways. Not far off is the waterfall that gives the Shadow its name, a favorite picnic spot for Constantine, given to him by his father, Iello Aspnes. A small cabin is built by the waterfall, where Tanith and Constantine lived before moving to House Uoknor proper.



House Uoknor's Shadow is not in particular exceptional. It is not located in the Black Zone, which is one reason it's not valuable real estate; the other reason is that the specific world on which the House is located appears to be an alien artifact of unknown origin. It's toroidal in shape, large enough to provide gravity downwards from all surfaces, although the tides are strange; they are made stranger by the twin moons, each smaller than Earth's. Orbital calculations imply that the entire thing will break down in a few ten thousands of years.


Theme: Pastoral sculpted world.
Powers: Shadow-walking is blocked, otherwise normal. (+lhelp Powers)
Magic: Internalized magic works normally, external poorly. (+lhelp Magic)
Psionics: As per AmberMUSH rules.
Tech: High, but no deus ex machina. (+lhelp Technology).
Time: Real time.
Pole: 2 (outside the periphery of the Black Zone).
Contact: Tanith. (+lhelp Coordinators)
Hazards: Very few for family or invited guests. (+lhelp Security)


Identical to +lhelp Coordinators, in the Townhouse local help.


Major Powers behave as per AmberMUSH rules. However, the fabric of the Shadow has been altered to prevent anyone from walking in, or using the Logrus to gain access. Trumping in is still possible. Contact Constantine or Tanith if you plan to try breaking through, circumventing, or modifying the applied blocks. See +lhelp Magic for details on Sorcery; Conjured and Shadowfound objects might or might not be impaired depending on their special effect.


While magic works in this Shadow, it is heavily aspected towards "internal" magic. Creatures of a magic nature will not have difficulty functioning, but spells defined to affect other beings will work poorly. Those with Pattern or Logrus will have better luck with such spells. Conjured magical items, or Shadowfound items with a heavily magical rationale, will probably be somewhat impaired by this if their effect depends upon altering another creature or their owner. Armor is likely to work if its main effect is upon itself, but a magical ring that makes the wearer tougher will function very weakly, though it will still protect itself. A tattoo with the same function would not be so impaired, as it is more integral to its owner.


The Shadow in which the House is located is hospitable to technology. We have not specifically defined a technology level, but we look down upon super gimmicks, and approve of technology that is subsidary to plots and stats. The Shadow is favorable for tasteful biotechnology, but not nanotechnology. Force fields are possible, with a prodigious power source. In general, it's safe to assume a level of technology generally found in science fiction novels by authors such as Larry Niven and C.J. Cherryh.


House Uoknor has excellent security. Please do not assume that you can beat it, even with Advanced powers; bear in mind that Constantine, who created the security system, spent centuries honing his mercenary skills. We are not absolutists, and the system is beatable, but we do require that you negotiate with us first.

Specifically, it is normally impossible for anyone not on the access list to enter the House proper. The House keeps track of the location of its inhabitants; on demand, any family member can monitor public rooms. Tanith and Constantine can monitor private rooms (although this is certainly not common practice). Various lethal and non-lethal security devices are available to all family members for handling intruders.


Out exits exist, leading to the Trump which leads to the Townhouse in the Courts of Chaos. This may not always be perfectly intuitive, since the exits will not always lead outdoors. We have tried to provide good exit aliases and clear exit names; if any area proves too confusing, please let us know.

Success messages will be used in rooms to indicate one or two things: the presence of things to be +view'ed, or the presence of 'new' changes, or both. Dark exits will as a rule be viewable, and many viewed objects will also be dark exits; context should make it clear when that is appropriate.

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