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House Uoknor is somewhat unusual both in its method of recruitment and in its composition. While the ties of the members are generally familial, it lately tends to gain new blood not by marriage but by adoption. These new members are often Shadows or Chaosians with blood affiliations to other Houses, and there are links to Amber as well, through several routes.

The House was previously disbanded due to the disappearance or death of its entire bloodline, so although many of the current members are Uoknors by blood, the influx of new members will undoubtedly change the character of the House.

Comparatively speaking, the House has very few employees; a minimal household staff and some farmers for the coffee fields, which are rather far removed from the grounds of the House proper, fill its needs. The townhouse in Chaos is kept staffed at all hours, to allow for visitors.

Current Members and Family

Pets, Staff, and Other Associates

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Autumn Wind Among the Pines

Sister Autumn, Acolyte of the Church of the Serpent, Chaplain to House Uoknor

Autumn is an adoptee into the House; she is not of Chaos blood. Despite this, she has been acccepted as an acolyte into the Church of the Serpent, and serves as the chaplain for House Uoknor. Perhaps unexpectedly for a religious woman, she is fond of strong drink and good laughter; she is known for her capacity for life.

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Lord Aziraphale d'Raniel ti'Uoknor

Aziraphale was a member of the old House Uoknor prior to Patternfall, and spent much time wandering in Shadow. Before returning to House Uoknor, he spent a while as Seneschal of Rebma, and is rumored to have been somehow involved in the Rebman Sorcery Crisis.

He was also involved in a diplomatic incident when Funroy Aspnes replaced some of his internal organs with rubbish and tools, while he was still Seneschal of Rebma. However, Aspnes was destroyed in a tragic explosion before Rebma could seek recompense, rendering the issue moot.

Aziraphale has recently been given the House's accounts to do, which is for him an emissary position to other Houses as well.

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Lord Brennan ti'Uoknor d'Diony

The young Brennan, son of Diony, is the heir to House Uoknor.

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Prince Constantine ti'Uoknor at'Tanith, Knight-Commander of Chaos

Constantine has been a prominent figure in Chaos in the years following Patternfall. His first public service to Chaos was as a General (and co-founder) of the United Chaos Army upon the abdication of Merlin; during his time as General, he repelled a mysterious invasion and aided the forces of Yyvrael in defeating Finndo's attack on that House.

Following a period of absence, Prince Constantine returned to Chaos to find himself exiled by his former House, House Aspnes. He spent some time as ruler of the Shadow Haven before it was destroyed in a Shadowstorm; after a period of mourning he rejoined Chaos as a full member of House Uoknor on the invitation of Countess Diony. He was adopted as Diony's brother at this time.

He was among those considered for the Throne of Chaos in the successions of both King Jenner and King Arawn; he removed himself from the latter for reasons which are largely unknown. He formerly served King Cecilia as Foreign Minister, but then turned that role over to Mirth Sawall. Shortly thereafter, he was made Knight-Commander of the Knights of Chaos.

He is noted as a swordsman, and ranked among the very best in Chaos. He is also a prominent general, both in the service of Chaos and with his private mercenary army, the Red and Gold.

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Lady Diony v'Rozborn d'Katthia ti'Uoknor, Baroness of Cat Meadow

The former Countess has been little seen since the death of King Arawn. The reputation she has left behind is that of a dancer, a skilled politician, and a warm friend to those close to her.

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Eldrik (Family Member)

Eldrik dy'Uoknor d'Sand at'Aldebaran

A long time aide of Constantine and friend of the family, Eldrik is an adopted nephew of Diony and Constantine, and thus the other sisters by marriage and adoption.

He is married to Aldebaran, a Princess of Amber, and has many adopted children: the fae Ary'l (now unfortunately deceased), Shannon, Lucretia, Rosemary, Joshua, and Vincent. The latter four are Aldebaran's children from her first marriage, to Quentin Jesamine. He also has a son with Aldebaran, by the name of James.

Although it is not politically feasible for Eldrik to be a legal Chaos citizen, as Aldebaran is not only an Amber citizen but serving in the Amber Navy, he is still a member of the family. His daughter Shannon is a member of Uoknor, although his other children are not.

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Lord Ghent ti'Uoknor

Ghent is Diony's uncle, long lost to the House and only recently returned. Vanishingly little is known about him.

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Kate (Family Member)

Katherine ti'Lane d'Iera v'Thomas AKA Kate Lane

Kate is Tanith's niece, the daughter of Thomas and Iera Lane.

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Lady Kazuyo Bryn n'ti'Nakadai n'at'Tohru n's'Viola n'ti'Dinesen ti'Uoknor v'Larisa d'Marion

Kazuyo is newly returned to House Uoknor after quite some time in Shadow. She is not well-known in Chaos, but is rumored to be a biologist of advanced degree.

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Lady Marith ti'Uoknor at'Stefan

Marith is another adoptee into the House. She has been a companion to Constantine for several years, since he ruled Haven; she was his confidante and aide there, and appears to have kept that role since Haven fell. Her brief involvement with Deren Usher led to one child, Mercy, who is also a member of the House; she is currently married to Stefan (also a former aide to Constantine), who is not affiliated with House Uoknor.

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Lady Patrecia Liensenne Mercy ti'Uoknor v'Stefan d'Marith

Mercy is the child of Marith and Deren Usher; her adoptive father is Stefan, Marith's husband, and Constantine and Tanith are her godparents. See Marith for more information.

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Lady Shannon de Corentin

Shannon is the adopted daughter of Eldrik. She enjoys hang-gliding.

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Countess Tanith to'Uoknor at'Constantine, Lady Uoknor

Tanith has ruled Uoknor since after the funeral of King Arawn I. Her background is somewhat unusual for a House ruler, as she is not a native to Chaos. Before her marriage to Constantine she was a member of the now-defunct House Lane, as the adopted sister of Iera Lane. After the death of Arawn, Diony abdicated in favor of Tanith, and declared her son Brennan as heir. Tanith will remain Lady Uoknor until Brennan comes of age.

Tanith is probably best known for a willingness to use nonfatal violence to prevent the more fatal variety. Politically she has been very quiet, although she supports the Crown and safety for Chaos as a realm. She is publically not eager for the power her current position brings, and appears to still be finding her feet.

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An experiment of Kazuyo's, Beta is not a clone but an improvement on Kazuyo's structure. She's a younger version of Kazuyo who lives in her lab and calls her creator 'Gamma'.

Diony's Cats

Diony has many cats which inhabit the Cat Meadow, where her laboratory also resides. Most of them are very large; they possess enhanced intelligence and an elongated life cycle, though their metabolism is commensurate with their size and equivalent to that of similar Earth cats.

Hans and Lora

Unable to keep up with doing the housework, especially with Aziraphale's depredations upon the kitchen, Tanith hired a pair of housekeepers. A married couple, they're quite responsible and came very highly recommended by Constantine. They also do the gardening and supervise the doorkeepers when necessary.


A small blue-and-white swirled kitten given to Tanith by Diony shortly after she joined House Lane, she's one of Diony's enhanced cats. She's rather playful, and amenable to sitting on shoulders, though eventually she will grow too large to do so; she is projected to reach full growth in approximately fifty years, whereupon she will be very large indeed.

Littermates were given to Thomas and Iera Lane, and to Arawn.

New Members

We do not currently have a blanket desire to recruit new members, but we are certainly open to new members if they have a good IC reason to join the House. "Missing Uoknors" are probably pretty unlikely at this point, as we have several, but it certainly doesn't hurt to ask members, especially older members, if they have any kids stowed away somewhere, or other kin unlikely to have been previously mentioned or official. You should approach the person you're interested in being most closely related to first, and remember that even if you're kin, it doesn't necessarily mean you're a member of the House and a Chaos citizen -- this needs to happen IC, though this is an easy proposition for blood-kin, those married to blood-kin, or descendents of adopted kin.

We may also hire people at need; this will come up for IC reasons, and we'll probably post ICly and/or OOCly. If you have a character who might be an enhancement, please let us know. Again, we're not going to automatically accept anyone who's interested; it's important to have a group which is capable of playing together, so the best way to approach us may be IC. If you want to run an altchar, let one of us know.

Of course, individual members of the family might do all nature of things and forge any number of links; the above really only applies to people who wish to join the House cold, or be hired by the House in general rather than by an individual, etc.

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