[Uoknor Seal] House Uoknor

House Uoknor, a Minor House of Chaos

The County of Uoknor is a commital fief of the Courts of Chaos, which fief was reinstated as a baronetcy under Baroness Diony to'Uoknor in the second year of King Jenner's reign and shortly thereafter raised to a County.

It is currently ruled by Countess Tanith to'Uoknor at'Constantine, to whom Countess Diony abdicated after the death of King Arawn I. The heir to the House is Lord Brennan ti'Uoknor d'Diony.

The House crest is a crimson tern in downswept flight, upon a circle of cream.

Herein is kept a list of the current members and associates, with links to their homepages where those exist, as well as the Uoknor family tree. A rough history of the house is also kept, with logs embedded in historical order.

A description of the lands and other resources possessed by Uoknor is not yet available, but a copy of the local help as seen on AmberMUSH is.

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