Yatashi: Part 3

Scene III

Varying Viewpoints

This is the action scene. Bleys is still visiting Constantine and Tanith. Only a few minutes have passed.

Bleys sniffs it, dries it and replaces the glass.

Constantine paces further. "I see one obvious conclusion."

Tanith puts her head in her hands.

Bleys takes the empty bottle of uzo, and puts it in the garbage.

Constantine says "He's spent time trying to capture a certain type before, neh?"

Tanith closes her eyes, opens them. "Yatashi."

Constantine says "Mmm."
Constantine says "So...we should talk to him."

Tanith sits up straighter. "Maybe Yatashi gives him an angle on their dad."

Constantine nods. "Or just a power source."

Tanith looks up. "I'm sorry, Bleys. Hello."

Bleys smiles and looks up from cleaning the kitchen.
Bleys says "Hello, Tanith."

Constantine walks over, and leans on the far arm of the couch.

Bleys says "Alrya's clothing isn't quite your style."

Tanith nods.

Bleys looks from Constantine to Tanith.

Tanith stands and walks to the closet.

Constantine says "I have his number."

Tanith pulls some clothes out of the closet and heads for the bathroom. "'scuse me."

Bleys bends, and gathers the puppy into his arms.

Constantine says, a bit distracted, "Bleys, Zodi, vice versa."

Bleys smiles, "We met."
Bleys pets Zodi.

Constantine says "Ah, good."

Bleys says "If you require Dr. Chumksi's assistance..."
Bleys raises an eyebrow.

Constantine smiles a bit. "Yes."

Bleys says "It is available."

Constantine says "I thank you. If it is required, remind Tanith or I to brief you a bit more on this world."

Bleys smiles, "I know some already."

Constantine grins. "Hard to spend time around Tanith and not. But there are subtle things, too."

The phone rings.

Tanith comes out of the bathroom.

Constantine reaches over, and answers the phone.

Tanith busies herself with the closet.

Bleys turns and unplugs the kettle. Holds Zodi with one hand, and pours hot water into a cup.

[Yatashi's voice. Assume you get a mutter, Tanith & Bleys. "Ramada 410. Please come quickly." There's a horrible amount of static on the line.]

Constantine says into the phone, "Hello?"
Constantine hangs up the phone. "Tanith, Yatashi, in trouble."

Tanith says "Call Fay, Constantine?"

Constantine nods, picks up the phone, dials.

Tanith, moving hurriedly, finds a little radio headset in the bottom of the closet and puts it on. "Tiffany? You anywhere near?"
Tanith says "Small hope."

Constantine looks up from the phone. "Trump."

Tiffany isn't in radio range.

Bleys takes the cup, and sips from it.

Tanith says "Oh. Duh."

Tanith stares at a card in her hand.

Bleys carries the cup to Tanith, and waits for her to finish.

Constantine speaks quietly into the phone for a moment before hanging up.

To the image of Tanith, Tiffany is in a library, bent over an archaic book of some sort. A small squirrel is seated on the table.

Tanith establishes contact with Tiffany.

Tiffany says "Hi ho! What's up?" to the image of Tanith.

The image of Tanith says "Yatashi's been grabbed, maybe by Father Brown. Come through?"

Tanith mutters to the trump.

Bleys crouches, and sets down the squirming Zodi.

Constantine stands, and walks over to the closet.

Tanith takes the cup at some point, distractedly.

Tiffany says "Err ... Father Brown?" to the image of Tanith.
To the image of Tanith, Tiffany looks nervous.

Tanith offers to pull Tiffany through.

Constantine pulls out a black leather jacket, and shrugs it on.

Bleys brushes his hands.

The image of Tanith says "Please?"

Bleys says "Some excitement."

Tanith takes a quick sip.

Tiffany says "Maybe I should stay here to pull you out at ... all right ..." to the image of Tanith.

Bleys raises an eyebrow.

Tiffany grasps Tanith's hand, and is pulled through.

Tiffany's Viewpoint

Berkeley -- Apartment
Three walls of this apartment are white. The other is covered with an unfinished abstraction in arrogant green, and blue and brown. The ceiling is about half skylight, half freshly painted soft grey paint. Little furniture clutters the hardwood floor, only a futon and frame, a plain grey couch, a low table, and ample bookshelves. One corner of the room, opposite the bathroom, extends into a small kitchen nook with a breakfast bar separating it from the rest of the room. A door with poster leads out into the corridor.

Tiffany appears, grasping Tanith's hand.
Tiffany looks nervous.

Bleys says "Hello, Tiffany."
Bleys smiles.

Constantine walks over to the kitchen, nodding to Bleys on the way, and rips off a few paper towels.

Tiffany says "Hi ho!"

Constantine says "Hey, Tiffany."

Tanith says "Where was he, Constantine? Did you get Fay?"

Constantine mops off the water remaining on his face.
Constantine says "Answering machine. He's in his room at the Ramada."

Tanith says "Oh. She never listens to it."
Tanith mutters, "At least she didn't shoot the phone."

Tiffany says "You should get a Trump."

Bleys opens his jacket, slides out a *big* pistol, checks the ammo, and puts it back.
Bleys buttons up his jacket.
Bleys smiles.

Constantine says "There's a limit to how many friends I have who are willing to draw perfect strangers."

Tiffany hmms.
Tiffany says "I should learn to draw them. Or maybe Fay can move to somewhere you have a Trump of?"

Tanith hands the cup to Tiffany. "Try some, this is good." She walks over to the closet, grabs a battered black pack. "Got your radio?"

Tiffany thinks. "Someone should be Trump backup."

Constantine says "Doubt Fay wants to move to Chaos, much as I love it."

Tiffany nods. "It's in my backpack."
Tiffany thinks. "She'd love it."

Bleys says "What, if anything, are we likely to be facing?"
Bleys adjust his rings.

Tanith says "Gargoyles. Invisible rat things."

Bleys considers.

Tanith says "I think the riders were the worst. Am I missing anything, Tiffany?"

Tiffany thinks. "Influenza?"

Bleys walks to the closet.

Tanith says "Right."

Constantine says "What kind of backup can Father Brown get? Ticktockwolf, maybe?"

Tanith says "I think he does summonings and wards."

Tiffany looks nervous.

Tanith raises her eyebrows. "Not unreasonable."

Constantine says "I'd like the chance."

Tanith says "For all we know, guys with guns."

Bleys digs around, and comes out with a heavy sword.

Tanith considers briefly, and takes the katana Tane' made her from the wall.

Tiffany says "Constantine, do you have a Trump of me? Tanith?"

Tanith says "Yah."

Tiffany holds out her hand for it!

Constantine frowns. "For backup?"

[Tanith gave you Trump of Tiffany.]
Tanith hands it over.

Constantine says "Bleys, you have Tanith's Trump. Will you hold contact just in case we need out?"

Bleys gives Constantine a look.

Tiffany offers the Trump of herself to Bleys. "You can take it and I'll grab Yatashi and Tanith and Constantine if there's trouble :)"

Tanith belts on the sword and slips into some kung fu slippers. "C'mon."

Bleys says "I'll carry trumps."
Bleys smiles.
Bleys says "If it gets rough, I'll leave and pull you all through."
Bleys says "But I am *not* going to sit in an apartment."

Constantine hesitates, nods.
Constantine says "Bleys, please listen carefully."
Constantine says "When I am in this world, I do what Tanith says. It's not my territory, I don't know it, and there are people here who scare me."

Constantine says "You'll do the same?"

Bleys slips the blade out of its scabbard a few inches, and checks that it is the Pattern Blade.
Bleys slides it back, and quirks a smile. "I submit to her wisdom."

Constantine notices the blade, and smiles slightly. "Hasn't changed since I held it, I see."
Constantine says "Thank you."

Tanith brushes her hair out of her eyes. "It'd be nice to have Tane', or one of the fire projectors, but we'll deal. He's not on his home ground."

Bleys wiggles his fingers. "I have a few spells..."

Tiffany nods. "I'm ready," she says, looking stressed.

Constantine walks to the bed, gets his blade and pistol from underneath it.

Bleys wonders if he needs a domino mask.

Tanith reminds Tiffany, "Radio."
Tanith says "We'd best not get seen with swords and things. They're illegal here."

Bleys hmms.

Constantine says "How far's the Ramada?"

Tiffany nods. "In my pack."

Bleys digs in the closet, and stuffs the sword in a big equipment bag.

Constantine tosses his saber to Bleys, and stuffs his pistol inside his jacket.

Bleys stuffs the sabre in the bag.
Bleys smiles, "I feel like a kid again."

Tanith grins and tops up with a voluminous overcoat. "Walking, thankfully."

Tanith says "'bout 8 blocks."

Constantine says "Great. Let's go...Sardonyx's katana, Tanith?"

Tanith says "No, Tane's."

Constantine says "His is concealable."

Tiffany smiles shakily to Bleys. "I'm glad you're having fun."

Bleys glances at his rolex.
Bleys says "Yes, but time is wasting."

Tanith belts her coat loosely. "Concealable. Let's *move*."

Constantine nods, and heads for the door, letting Tanith go first.

Bleys slings the bag.
Bleys says "Some one has to, Tiffany."
Bleys winks.

Tanith leaves the apartment by the front door.

Constantine leaves the apartment by the front door.

Bleys leaves the apartment by the front door.

Tiffany does likewise.

[Ramada Inn]
The Ramada is typical-seeming; a bland building, with a long driveway, valets, and two white things perched atop, staring down.

Bleys whistles while he walks.

The white things watch you as you approach.

Tanith says, low, "Gargoyles, I bet. Want me to go in from above?"

Constantine says "If you're up to it."
Constantine frowns. "No support. Be sure."

Another one shuffles into view from around the side of the building, still on the roof.

Tanith frowns, and glances at Tiffany. "Will they attack if we ignore them?"

Tiffany thinks. "I don't know. Depends on what Father Brown wants them to do."
Tiffany says "They're probably just watching."

Tanith says "Okay. Then in."

Tiffany nods.

Tiffany boldly steps forward towards the door of the Ramada.

Constantine shadows Tiffany, alert, hands free.

Tanith says "Constantine, I think I'm best to deal with the fliers."

Tiffany doesn't show up through the glass of the revolving door as she goes in, vanishing completely once inside.

Tanith watches the gargoyles, staying to the back.

Constantine goes through the revolving door silently.

Bleys steps into the Ramada.
The door doesn't want to admit Bleys. Sorcery, probably. Shouldn't be a problem for him.
Bleys eyes glitter, and he brushes aside the spell with the Pattern.

Tanith glances at Bleys, then returns her watch to the gargoyles.

Bleys tries again, muttering about headaches, and advil.

Tanith draws her sword, keeping it under her coat.

Tiffany and Constantine are suddenly visible through the glass.

Bleys can get in.

Constantine hugs the entrance wall, scanning the lobby.

One of the gargoyles drops from the roof towards Tanith.

Tanith points her sword at it, sidestepping.

It brakes in the air, claws extended. A wing beats furiously at Tanith.

Bleys tosses Constantine his sabre, and pulls out his own blade.

Tanith ducks under the wing, slashing at it.

Tiffany turns around in the lobby, looking over.

Bleys checks for someone at the desk.

Constantine fields it in his left hand, and flicks once, catching the hilt of the saber in his right hand to finish the draw. Watching still, he hooks the scabbard to his belt.

The person at the desk looks zoned.

Bleys says "We want room? 401 was it?"

Constantine says "410. I'll lead."

Tanith can duck the wing, if she goes flat or crouches, and can most likely hit the wing.

Bleys walks to the desk, and picks up the key to 410.
Flips it to Constatine with the passkey to the stairs.

Tanith crouches and slashes.

Constantine heads for the stairs, moving in a half-run.

The gargoyle takes a moment to recover from the thrust, and a thick line of green opens along its side.

Tiffany looks around confusedly, and then heads out towards Tanith.

Gargoyle drops slightly in the air, a pair of hindclaws with far more reach than they ought to have grabbing for Tanith.

Another gargoyle drops from above.

Tanith scrambles out from under the wing, blocking with the sword.

Bleys follows Constantine.

Tiffany hesitates, looking back and forth, not sure what to do.

Tanith says, hoping Tiffany's wearing her radio, "Backup, Tiffany."

The third gargoyle drops from the roof. A couple cars slow down, and then speed up, as if staring, even as Tiffany expands an arm in a stream of goop towards the first one.

The air around Tanith is filled with wickedly serrated wings and claws.

Tanith dodges out, unexpectedly, *up* and to the left, walking on the air.

In the Hallway, up the Stairs, Constantine and Bleys come upon a doorway guarded by evil minions ... slick and odd of skin.

Constantine advances on the minons, eyes confident.

Bleys draws his blade.
Bleys says "Find your friend."
Bleys says "I'll deal with these."

Tanith is limping a little, in midair. She tries to get the building to her back.

Tiffany has more or less isolated one, and is squeezing it.

Tanith can get the building at her back. On the other hand, that's less room to maneuver.

Constantine nods, working towards 410.

The minions move slightly outwards, to block the hall.

Bleys steps forward, and engages the Faceless Minions of Father Brown!

Tiffany makes an odd sound.

Tanith is willing not to have the other one come in from behind. She's trying to get into the doorway, anyway, so they can't both come at her.

Constantine says, calmly, "Cover me," and rushes the left-hand minon with a burst of speed, trying to cut around it at the last second.

Bleys follows on Constantine's heels with a blurring sword. The minion can stop 'Tine and die, or deal with the sword.

The Faceless Minion whips a ropy limb at Constantine.
Apparently, it chooses death. It's close to Constantine in strength ... d'you have good stuff just now?

Constantine flicks his sword tip up, not as cleanly as he would if he wasn't moving, just trying to keep it between him and the limb.

The limb is cut by Constantine and maybe Bleys and is mostly blocked, just the tip touching Constantine; burning like acid.

Constantine hisses, refusing to stop moving, heading shoulder-first for the door.

Bleys mutters about ruining his suit, and attempts to muscle aside the minions, to make room for 'Tine.

Bleys' Pattern Blade cuts across it. There is a sickening burning smell, and the top half topples to the floor. Both halves spin out, unfurling into whole minions with a frightening speed ... although a large section of each is blackened where the blade cut through the original.

The other advances on Bleys.

Constantine gets through to the door, which is, of course, locked.

Tanith pulls out a white ceramic spike. The first one that comes for her gets a wing pinned to the wall, if she can manage it. Then she drops.

Bleys ahems.
Bleys says "May want to hurry it up a bit, 'Tine."

Constantine hits the door without stopping, aiming for a shoulder-hit above the handle.
Constantine has left.

Inside, Constantine sees Yatashi's form leaning against the wall, and Father Brown staring at him amusedly.

[The levellers are closed, and slanted light and dusk drifts into the room. The bed doesn't look like it's been slept in, and the bathroom light is on. There is a sense of disquiet here, from the speckled ceiling to the mauve carpeting.]

Bleys attempts to run one of the minions through the chest.

Tanith actually has a weapon bind maneuver.

2 2 2. You've got it. You can get to the door :)

Tanith woos. And gargoyle distracted by spike. :)

Tanith backs into the doorway. "Tiffany, go in!"

Tiffany looks completely dazed, although her gargoyle isn't moving. You're not sure why; its claws weren't even piercing her skin.

Tanith says "Tiffany, *move*."
Tanith slashes at the other one, assuming it's coming for her.

Tanith and the gargoyle spar for a bit as Tiffany pulls herself to her feet, looking completely blank. She staggers towards one of the doors Tanith isn't standing in fighting a gargoyle.

Bleys starts to whistle a rousing little tune, as he hacks and thrusts at the Faceless Minions of Father Brown! and their stupendous pseudopods!

Faceless Minions continue to split and reform, becoming an annoying mass in the hall, blackened crisp and their original colors. They seem to be dividing their function fairly well: only the parts that have been actually touched have stopped drawing on whatever their energy is.

Tanith holds the door until Tiffany gets in, then goes through herself, quickly.

Constantine jams his blade into the scabbard, his left hand reaching for the small of his back.

The carpeting boils up around you, climbing your legs. The bedspread lashes for your face. The ceiling falls ... there are eyes everywhere ...
That's the pose for a psyche attack. Enough surprise for it?

Constantine nods, certainly. Go ahead.

Bleys makes a concession to the minions, and unbuttons his jacket.

The Gargoyle slams against the glass, and tries to work its way through the revolving door, wings tucked low.

Tanith and Tiffany are now in the lobby.

Tanith braces the door with a foot.

It begins to claw its way through the glass. Hopefully, you're bracing on the side it's not. :)

[Constantine has a moment to resist. But there are things all over him and eyes everywhere. Reality is warbling ..]

Tanith turns and stabs it right through the glass.

It makes a screeling noise and backs away.

After a moment, it looks frustratedly inwards, and then backs away a step, waiting.

Tanith says "Tiffany. Tiffany?"

Constantine leaps for Father Brown, pulling out his knife from the small of his back, holding it reversed and ready for a pommel punch.

Suddenly, he is alone in the room.

Bleys begins stabbing the minions in various locations, testing to see if there is some central spot they draw power to.

Tiffany looks dazedly at Tanith. "There's something in ... Daddy ..."

Constantine stumbles, almost, instinctively putting his back to a wall.
Constantine takes a moment, if he has one, to tuck his knife in a pocket and pull his blade again.

Tanith says "What, Tiffany?"
Tanith glances towards the stairs.

Tiffany says "Something's in my mind where Daddy is."
Tiffany says "Let's go up to where they are?"

Tanith looks at the gargoyle and nods. "It can't take us in these quarters. Take the stairs first."

Faceless Minions have no apparent hearts.

Tiffany nods.
Tiffany climbs up the stairs.

Bleys begins to slap, punch, shove, and otherwise work over the faceless minions with his sword and fists.

Fists don't work terribly well ... the things are mildly acidic. The blade is working wonders with the flat, however, the creatures no longer dividing ...

Tiffany enters the hallway, and peeks out the stair door.

Tanith waits until Tiffany gets to the stairs, then follows, getting close to Tiffany and backing.

Bleys again mutters about his suit, and uses his sword like a cricket bat.

There are now lots and lots, but Bleys is driving them back handily.

Tanith pegs something under the door and turns to help Bleys; she's bleeding from a few places, but not badly.

Bleys makes his last concession to the minions, and loosens his tie.

Tiffany peeks out nervously.
Tiffany calls out, "Need any help?"

Bleys steps over a charred, black body and starts working over another while keeping the rest at bay. "Sure, if you can."

Tiffany nods, and steps forward nervously, attempting to grab one.

Tanith comes in to help keep them at bay. "Just the flat?"

Bleys says "They seem to multiply if cut. Stab or flat seems to work best."
Bleys elbows a few to keep them back, small tendril's of smoke rising from the suit.

Tiffany gets her hands on one, and sizzles slightly but doesn't appear harmed. She looks at a loss, and attempts beating it against the wall. The wall looks unhappy.

Bleys glances around for a window...

They're falling faster, now; by the time there got to be any number, almost all of them were severely wounded.

Tanith turns and kicks through a door on the even-numbered side.

No windows. There's a stairwell?

Bleys says "Try tossing them down the stairs, Tiffany."

Tiffany nods.

Tanith disappears into room 406.

Tiffany holds it in two hands and opens the stairwell door with another, to the great annoyance of her sweater.
Apologies for fast-shifting; I go by the Champions writeup in the Champs Shadow :)

Tiffany tosses it down. The black part cracks and oozes as it hits bottom.

Something glass breaks from the room Tanith went into.

Tiffany grabs for another one ... and then frowns. Her clothing suddenly goes tight against her front, and splayed out in the back, as if pulling her.

Bleys stops whistling, and concentrates on pushing the Faceless Minions of Father Brown away from the door to 410.

Tiffany struggles with her costume.
Tiffany is dragged backwards into the stairwell. There are only about 10 minions left, on the verge of death all.

Bleys picks his way over and around the bodies of the dead minions, and concetrates on finishing them off.

Tiffany vanishes into the stairwell.

Tanith crashes in through the window of room 410.

In 410, there doesn't seem to be anyone but Father Brown.

Tanith swings around, sending a skein of broken glass flying, and levels in stance, pointing her sword at Father Brown.

Father Brown glances over at Tanith, from a kneeling position on the floor.

Faceless Minions are all dead.

Bleys glances at the stairwell, then 410.

Faceless Minions will annoy the maids no end.

Bleys has arrived in 410.

Tanith says, dangerously, "Where is he?"

Father Brown looks about with a slightly strained expression.
Father Brown enunciates clearly, "He got away. I don't know where he is."

Tanith takes a step closer. "Where's Constantine?"

Bleys leans against the door, and straightens his tie.
Bleys says "What did he get away from, Father Brown?"

Father Brown says, even more clearly, "I don't know where Constantine is. Everything went wrong. For all I know, he's dead."

Bleys tsks. "Not a good answer."

Tanith stalks closer, sword moving restlessly. "Talk and fast."

Father Brown says in a broken tone, "The bloody Voice exploded. They can't do that."

Tanith says "What happened when he exploded?"

Father Brown glares at Tanith. "You're supposed to threaten me with a _sword?_" He laughs bitterly. "I wouldn't even feel it."

Bleys glances at his hand. "Then she threatens you with more then a sword, Father.

Tanith says "Want me to get creative, then? Keep talking."

Bleys tucks his sword under his arm, and uses a torn hankerchief to bandage his hands.

Father Brown shrugs. "Leave me alone."

Tanith grabs Father Brown by the collar and lifts him. "Talk."

Father Brown backhands Tanith. (Or attempts to)

Tanith shrugs the blow aside and puts the blade to his neck.
Tanith says "Talk or I feed you to Tiffany."

Bleys adjusts his rings, flashes a grin, and points with a sparking hand at Father Brown.
A flashing, multi-hued curving beam of light begins swirling about his hand. Bleys casually points, and the beam spirals out towards Father Brown.
Bleys closes his eyes as the spell connects to Father Brown's forehead.

Father Brown winces, his face contorting.

The beam of light connecting them pulses, and shimmers.

Bleys furrows his brow.

You paged Bleys with 'In, in ... hmm. There's something already filling his mind ... a dark resolve ... something too horrible to think of or even admit could exist ... and then he shuts off, and his mind goes completely blank.'.
Father Brown relaxes suddenly, falling completely limp in Tanith's grip.

Tanith lowers him to the floor. "What'd you do?"

The light dims, the pulsing slows and stops... the beam winks out of existance.

Bleys opens his eyes, and regards the fallen form of Father Brown.
Bleys says "It would seem he has had a rather bad experience."

Bleys and Tanith go off and talk to Tiffany. She mentions that there's something else in her mind where 'Daddy' should be. Bleys wanders off; Tanith & Tiffany return to the apartment. Meanwhile, scene 4. Then scene 5.

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