Yatashi: Part 4.5

Yatashi Log 4.5

OOC Discussion & Unlogged IC Events between Scenes

It may interest you to know what Yatashi found in his first probe of Constantine's mind ...

Note: this is a slightly edited version of a conversation the players of Yatashi and Constantine had.

-- Constantine [Part I] --

"Constantine: born to a minor House of Chaos, very little to distinguish him from a hundred others of his generation. Which rankled him greatly.

"His driving goal for the first, oh, 600 years of his life: to be the best.

"It got pretty clear by the time he was 100 or so that he wasn't gonna be the best fighter in Chaos.

"He learned Trump from Solitude, his greataunt, in order to get an edge.

"Eventually, he 'gave up' and wanderered, or ran, out into Shadow. Easier to be the best there.

"And he did feel like he was giving up. So, for a very long time, he was the best damned merc general in Shadow.

"Five hundred years of it.
He bred his army to be the best possible.
He knew tech very well, and how to use it.
The Trumps gave him the kind of communication most generals dream of.

"He might have kept on getting better and better forever if it wasn't for two things.

"a) He fought a war against Dalt.
It was *close*.
It was very close. Dalt's a much better general,
but 'Tine had the advantage of Trump, and it helped enormously.
But...'Tine lost.
Making it clear that no, he wasn't the best.

"So, that was one. The second was meeting Ilanna.
Who he met, dated for a while, moved in with.
Fell in love with.
Got overbearing with.
She kicked him out; it was a painful shock. Back into Shadow.

"And, a few years later, he cautiously came back to Chaos, to see if his family would take him back, only to find ... the results of Patternfall.

"His father's House died entirely at Patternfall, used as a sacrifice ploy.

"And, 'Tine being 'Tine, he thinks he could have changed things.

"His family still took him back."

-- Part II --

"[One day] Ilanna showed up in the bar.

"Things progressed incredibly quickly; they shacked up in Aspnes; got engaged. Ilanna's being a Shadow began to force him to shed his old arrogance about those.

"Next big event involved Jayce Denevan.
A truly honest man, a Shadow, well-worthy of respect.

"His unspoken anger at Constantine calling him 'just a Shadow' forced a *big* change in 'Tine's attitudes.

"Next big event -- Ilanna turned out to be an Iende, a member of his father's old House. For some reason, it was a distancing thing between them.

"Then, of course, there was Tanith.

"He'd met Tanith a while back, during [some] Kenjiro thing. She started as a lost puppy -- 'Tine tends to adopt lost puppies, people who seem to need help. She became a friend. They meshed. She understood [the things 'Tine needed someone to.] She became a good friend. One day, they went on a picnic. And kissed.

"This started a two week period in which he was caught between Tanith and Ilanna, and she was caught between 'Tine and Rand. Constantine loved Tanith and Ilanna both, and Tanith loved both Constantine and Rand.

"'Tine did indeed fall in love again, just as deeply as he was with Ilanna...[maybe] a bit more so. Because Tanith fit him better.

"And he chose Tanith, without knowing what her choice would be. A few days later, she chose him.

"Since then he's been changing a lot. The Shadow/Real arrogance is almost completely gone. He's gotten more pacifistic, but it's a struggle.

-- Part III --

"His loyalties are divided, in a way...
He started out as considering his family human, and everyone else sacrificable.
He shot someone for touching his mind, once.

"[Then] he slipped into respecting Chaos as worth protecting, and from there into protecting outsiders.

"Tanith...to him, she's family, in a way. But there are people who are clearly non-family he'd fight for. That's a big change.

"The biggest pivot point for this, oddly enough, is Finndo. Because he knows that if he kept on keeping family above all else, he'd end up *just* like Finndo.
One reason why he's so preoccupied with De'alund.

"[T]hat scares him a lot, that potential in him.

"Becoming general, that was important; it vindicated him.

"He stopped trying to be the best, and then got acknowledged as being the best, and he's really content with that area of himself for the first time in his life.

"And he's gotten acknowledgement from everyone on that, really. He thinks Finndo shows signs of respect, and Eric; he feels he's earned and been granted his place.

"Big big hate: the redheads of Amber. Patternfall was *their* fault, in his mind.

"Painting! One of his lifelines.
Emotional release, creation of beauty; an integral part of him that he doesn't show many.

"Coffee's his indulgence in personal pleasure.

"Fears. Losing Tanith.
By death, by her leaving him.
Death for himself isn't a fear.

"He's one of those disgustingly noble people, really. Not doing a good job of protecting is his fear.

"People in Aspnes getting hurt, that's a fear.
Getting exposed as a Trump Artist is a minor fear.

"Peace is [a] big [hope.]
He likes to help people. He wants to coax some of De'alund out of its isolation.
He's not the most honest person in the world by a long shot, but he tries to be seen as someone with integrity.

"And he tries to keep his word."

Yatashi missed a bet, it's been generally concluded. It would have worked better if Constantine had known that Aspnes was being attacked ... and then, for all his trying, Trump couldn't get him there, and he had to watch it die. Having it a done deal didn't hurt nearly as much as it could have.

Okay. At this point, Yatashi has Constantine's mind. Unfortunately, the situation is still up in the air ... too many people knew what was going on. Later, Constantine tells Yatashi about Tanith and Bleys; enough that he concludes that controlling Tanith is safer than leaving her to talk, while the opposite applies to Bleys.

And so ...

-- Keely!

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