Formatting Logs

This is an attempt to make logs fairly readable, by indenting such things as descriptions and semi-private dialogue, so that it doesn't obscure the public play. Of course, there's a lot of judgement calls to be made: for instance, if most of a log took place at a table or other kind of place, perhaps it would be simplest to make a note of the place at the beginning and then delete the prefix.

The point of view of the logging character is changed to give a somewhat more omniscient view; i.e. 'You say' becomes 'Name says'.

Key to format:

[Editor's notes.]

Out of character comments, compressed IC happenings, setting information, etc.

FirstPerson says or poses.
FirstPerson says or poses again.

SecondPerson says or poses.

FirstPerson says or poses.

If a person is telling a very long story, it may be necessary to break at appropriate dramatic points to provide for readable paragraphs.

Name of a person or area.
Description of the person or area.
List of Contents

[IC knowledge in a somewhat OOC format, or something evident to only one or a few people. Usually information gained by pages, or the text contained in a mutter, or a whisper.]

Concurrent roleplay not witnessed by everyone present, such as a discussion at a table or a Trump conversation.

This can potentially go several layers deep.

Usually there is public dialog mixed in with tabletalk.

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