Tiffany's Amber

Tiffany's Amber #1: New Names for Stat Levels

'Cause, well, the 'Human, Chaos, Amber, High-Ranked Amberite' progression is kind of boring...

Level 0:Basic Amberite (You don't get picked on in Amber City.)
Level 5:Yuppie (Young up-and-coming Amberite.)
Level 10:Simply Pulp (You could outwrestle the Goddess of Flowers.)
Level 15:Trained Amberite (You can drive a stick ... wait, wrong system.)
Level 20:Castle Amber Servant (You could be.)
Level 25:Little Big Gun (You could outdrink the God of Fools!)
Level 30:You're Special (And you are.)
Level 35:Clearly Superior (And you are.)
Level 40:Scary (And you are.)
Level 45:Must Drink & Smoke (The 'elder Amberite' curse kicks in.)
Level 50:High-Rank Amberite (Hey, gotta keep backwards compatibility.)
Level 55:Higher-Rank Amberite (Right?)
Level 60:Swollen Head (You're not really a 60+, are you?)
Level 65:Woo (Woo)
Level 70:Complete Mastery (You can even eat with a spoon.)
Level 75:Legendary (You could outthink the North Wind.)
Level 80:Grandmastery (You can even eat with a big spoon.)
Level 85:Shocking (You gain electrokinetic powers.)
Level 90:We're in Awe (And we are.)
Level 95:All Power (Shift-X)
Level 100:Feature-Rank (Woo.)


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