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Tiffany's Amber #2: Shortly after the Stat Gap Rules ...

It's hard to know how far is far enough. Will the recent 'stat gap' rules completely restore balance to the MUSH? Or should we continue onwards, on and on until the system is perfect, and there is nary a twink to be found?

One of the simplest ways to reduce the numbers of excessively high-warfare or high-psyche characters is to create more options: more places where points can be spent. The following messages contain some thoughts for new characteristics and powers that don't interfere with the 'domains' of those that already exist.

New Statistic: Connectivity

This statistic measures the quality of the net connection that the player would like to have when playing the character. Characters with low connectivity are the old school, who talk about the days when bits had to be carried by hand rather than transmitted by phone, and who gladly take advantage of lag to do Important Things. If, on the other hand, you want to complain about lag, downtime, crashes, and so forth, you should choose a high connectivity.

Characters with a high connectivity may 'switch places' with other players on the WHO list, with a successful +cmpattr.

New Statistic: Importance

This statistic measures the importance of the character and player to AmberMUSH. Characters with a low importance are peons, forever a part of the faceless masses. In the bar, they never quite connect with anyone, and their plots never quite find participants. With a high importance, on the other hand, the character and the character's player is entitled to special treatment from both the wizards and the mass of players as a whole.

Characters with a high importance may force a wizard to give them feature-level points, with a successful +cmpattr. As a corrolary, most wizards have over 100 Importance, but this is not true for all of them.

New Power: Pretend Logrus Imprint

Characters with this power have walked an 'imaginary Logrus' ... sort of like imaginary ice cream, but not as tasty. They can wiggle their hands around, and pretend to summon things: if they have a major psyche advantage, then other people will believe that they have actually conjured something, albeit something very small and difficult to see. If they have Trump and some skill at sleight of hand, they may pretend to Shadow Walk away, and in any case they are capable of producing an imaginary Logrus Lens that shows them whatever they want to see.

Pretend Logrus Imprint costs 30 points.


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