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Tiffany's Amber #4: Shortly Before the End ...

This column business is more complicated than I thought! Tiffany's Amber has been flooded with suggestions for new powers, stats, and article ideas. This makes it time to do a 'contributions issue', but there simply isn't room to include more than one idea! Don't let that discourage you, though; if you have any ideas you'd like to see in Tiffany's Amber, send them on. You never know how many contributions issues I'll have ...

Anyway. The following articles contain a proposal for a new 'stat level', costing -35 points, and titled 'Nebbish'. Thanks to Daevros for the idea.

Nebbish Stats

Sometimes, a character will be lame at a field of endeavour even by human standards. Such a character is known as a 'nebbish'. Note that a nebbish is not automatically the loser in a straight +cmpattr. Rather, they go beyond +cmpattrs, into being losers, straightforwardly, at the game of life.

Nebbish Warfare (-35 Points)

At this level, people are embarassed to be seen fighting with you. You are familiar with every weapon, and can hold them in a variety of positions that would be menacing coming from anyone else. In general, you may not attack effectively, but you may flail against someone's defenses for as long as you wish. You will most likely have a stupid laugh.

Nebbish Psyche (-35 Points)

Zelazny's Merlin is the ultimate definition of nebbish psyche. It is clear that Dara and others considered him to be somewhat higher, at Human or Chaos level perhaps, but he sank below even their expectations for him. Characters with nebbish psyche must wear glasses and have a bad haircut and buckteeth, unless they are also a shapeshifter.

Nebbish Strength (-35 Points)

It is painful to watch someone with nebbish strength attempt any kind of physical labor. It's not that they can't ... it's just that Gerard has the bad tendency to walk out of Shadow, help them with whatever they were trying to do, and walk away again muttering. Characters with nebbish strength often sweat profusely and have bad body odor, although this is not invariably true.

Nebbish Endurance (-35 Points)

Characters with nebbish endurance are fond of saying things like "I can keep it up all night," but, really, no one ever knows if they're telling the truth. In general, such a character will keep going until forcibly tied down by their fr ... er, acquaintances, and made to sleep.

Nebbish Connectivity (-35 Points)

Characters with nebbish connectivity care entirely too much about their net connection. They are frequently logged on at all hours of the day and night, and will babble at great length about the lag they were forced to endure several days ago. Such a character will take their connectivity entirely too seriously, but will not be able to do anything effective with it. Their players may have nebbish endurance.


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