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Tiffany's Amber #5: Well, They Were Debating Features, See ...

Are there enough Features? This is the burning question of our times, and I can only answer it with a ringing 'no!' I want to see a MUSH where every last player can be a feature, and unlike others, I am not afraid to cap my teeth and put my brain where my mouth is, suggesting some new ones ...

Janet: Lost Child of Oberon

Janet was an ordinary 1950's housewife, until one day she realized,
"Hey, I'm five times stronger, more tactical, and more enduring than the average person, not to mention that I can psionically dominate them on sight."
She went on to become a legend in the Shadow Earths, although her name was changed to Betty Crocker in some adjacent Shadows. Now, she's found Amber ... and the worlds may tremble.

Borel: Dead Lord of Chaos

Borel was killed in Patternfall, and unlike everybody else, he seems to have stayed dead. This makes him an incredibly unusual person, and in my mind doesn't restrict his roleplaying potential at all! Think about it: someone who is actually dead. He can experience the full cycle of rot and disintegration, cracking jokes that no one except priests from AD&D shadows can hear while the worms crawl in and out. Give him his own personal Shadow Hell, or keep his living head in a jar in Hendrake, and he'll be all set for some exciting roleplay.

Tremere: Vampire Lord

For all of you Vampire: the Masquerade characters out there, here's a chance to play Tremere, of House Tremere, Vampire Lord of Shadow! Er, the 0-point version, of course.

J. R. "Boberon" Barimen (credit to Eric; replaces Brand's Good Twin.)

Some features found a House, or rule a Shadow. Others create a movement. J.R. "Boberon" Barimen is the creator of the Church of Amber, known in some other Shadows as the Church of the SubGenius: the basic principle of this Church, where Shadow has not distorted it, being that one should worship those one considers more depraved than yourself ...

Edward: Captain of the Chaos Armada

It's not an easy job, running the Chaos armada. There's no Chaos sea, so Edward's retainers usually have to carry the ships around. And they don't like it. They complain an awful lot, and use maritime words like "Arr!" that translate as frightfully offensive Chaosian insults. If you were going to put up with that kind of job, you'd have to be a feature, now wouldn't you?(*)


I have discovered that this is incorrect. The captain of the Chaos armada is, in fact, not a feature. Thank you.

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