Tiffany's Amber

Tiffany's Amber SPECIAL EDITION (during a rather odd dbase rollback ...)

Dateline: February 16th, 1994

Looking out over the newly risen Amber, I can see already that this has been a natural disaster of a magnitude not seen since the Los Angeles earthquake devastated the nation, or, well, a small part of California anyway. Trump Flamewar Artists stagger about, uncertain: how will they live? How will they go on? Every public record of their existence has been wiped away. Even the wizards on Mt. Olympus look somewhat concerned, as their pronouncements on divers topics have been washed away by the rising tide of history.

'The Big Crash,' as already it is being called, was of approximately magnitude 4.8 on the Chupchups Scale. This means that veterans of Pern or Two Moons may find it nothing to be concerned about, but people whose primary experience has been small private MUDs will be shocked and dismayed by the aftereffects. President Clinton has promised that relief will be gotten to any Amberites who lost their Trumps in the Crash as quickly as humanly possible.

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